Monday, 8 April 2019

Game of Thrones 6x09 'The Battle of the Bastards' TV TALK

The ninth episode has arrived!! Of course it was going to be amazing!
This is one of the best TV show episodes ever to grace the screen. I know this is a favourite of a lot of viewers and I can totally understand why- it was exciting, brutal, empowering and there were deaths all around! Classic Game of Thrones...

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We'll start with Daenerys before getting into the battle.
Daenerys easily deals with the masters attacking Meereen. She burns one of their ships with all three dragons and kill the masters to stop them from fighting. She quickly retakes Meereen with her supreme power!!
And then... Yara and Theon showed up! And my eyes popped out of my head! These are a bunch of characters that you'd never expect to meet but it works... and yet it's mind-boggling to watch- like two different worlds have been splatted together!
I love this understanding that Yara and Daenerys have, though! As soon as Khaleesi hears that the Iron Islands have never been ruled by a Queen, she's all for Yara to take her rightful place and happy to take down Euron! There's so much girl power and I love it! I'm so excited to watch more of them working together and to watch Daenerys go to Westeros!
Then we had the events in the North: the Battle of the Bastards.
Pre-battle, Davos goes for a walk and finds the stag figure that he'd given to Shireen and the fire wood! He's beginning to connect the dots about what happened to Shireen and I can't wait for that can of worms to explode.
Sansa tells Jon again and again not to underestimate Ramsay- not to play into his hands- and what does Jon do? He underestimates Ramsay and plays right into his hands.
When Ramsay sent Rickon running to his brother, Jon didn't hesitate to get on his horse and charge to rescue Rickon. And why the heck didn't Rickon run all over the place? Running in a straight line makes it easy for Ramsay!
But Ramsay knew exactly what he was doing. He could've killed Rickon with his first shot but waited until Jon was only seconds from protecting him so that it stung so much more.
And, suddenly, the cavalry are charging and Jon's completely on his own and vulnerable in the middle!! I was sure he was dead. Ramsay is so damn clever that way.
The fight itself was so well shot. The fighting was so true to an actual fight and so realistic- manic, mayhem and the camera angles even made me dizzy like I was actually there. It was such an amazing experience.
Clever Ramsay gets his men to form a wall of bodies so that when they go to surround Jon's men, they are trapped. They're getting squashed and killed so easily at this point and it's interesting to see the different attitudes of the leaders; Jon's right in the thick of the fighting with his men and Ramsay's at the sidelines, watching his psychological plans unfold.
And who is the true winner of this battle?
She shows up along with Baelish and his force of the Knights of the Vale and they quickly turn the tables on the Bolton men.
I love how smart Sansa was with this plan. She's always told Jon that she knows Ramsay better and she was right. She knew his weakness; getting too cocky and confident that he'd win. So, when this happens, she ran in with her forces and took them down!
They retake Winterfell and Ramsay is swiftly taken to a cell...
And I'm so happy that Sansa is the one to initiate his death. She let his own dogs eat him alive and it was brutal but brilliant! Sansa definitely deserved to be the one to kill him!
Starks for life!!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!


  1. I haven't watched Game of Thrones yet, but I have been tempted to start it a couple of times.

    1. You should definitely watch it!! It's epic!

    2. I'll give it a try lol! BTW, what are some questions you want on my Q&A post? You voted for that to be my special post and so did a few others- so it won!!

    3. okay, questions... here goes...
      What's your favourite genre to read?
      If you could meet five fictional characters in real life, who would they be?
      What's your favourite book-to-movie adaptation?
      Movie or TV adaptations?
      Series or standalones?
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      Hopefully those are okay :) Obviously you don't have to answer them all- just pick any of the ones you like