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Game of Thrones 1x10 'Fire and Blood' TV TALK

This episode was a bit tamer than I was expecting it to be- it mainly just set up a bunch of plot lines for the next season. So, at least the next season looks like it's going to be epic!

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We start the episode by seeing all the Stark family reactions to Ned's death and... it's not nice. Sansa fainted, Arya was crying, Cat nearly fell to the floor and... Robb broke his sword!!!!!!
Joffrey decided that he hadn't been enough of bastard quite yet so forced Sansa to look at her father's head on a spike. I like that she's starting to talk back to him and defy him a bit- it shows that she's got a backbone under those dresses and fancy hairdos. Obviously, Joffrey doesn't quite like the small defiance but his mother always told him not to hit a girl... so he gets one of his guards to hit Sansa instead. Loophole!

At least Arya is still away from Lannister clutches. She's now a 'boy' and is heading to the wall with a bunch of other people. Hopefully, she'll reunite with Jon Sow and we'll get a nice interaction with Jon and one of his siblings which I've seriously been yearning for!
Jon had a moment of indecisiveness today. He rode off into the night to help his brother, Robb, but is convinced to come back to the Nights Watch by Sam and co... after Sam got attacked by a tree and lost.
Jon finishes off this episode by heading out north of the wall to look for his Uncle Benjen and to find out what's going on with the wildlings and white walkers.
Robb is the new King of the North which I'm happy about and everyone claimed allegiance to him. I also like that Robb and Theon Greyjoy have a bit of a bromance... I love a good bromance.
Cat goes to Jaime and gets him to easily admit that he attempted to kill Bran but not why!! It's so frustrating that they don't know about Joffrey's true heritage and that the knowledge died with Ned!
We keep getting snippets of Bran's dream with the odd three eyed raven. We still don't know much about what it means but it was set up nicely for us to explore in the next season.
We see a bit of Tyrion and he's doing great! His father has appointed him Hand of the King which I think will be extremely entertaining. Tyrion has also decided to bring along his whore, Shae, despite his father telling not to because... he likes being a rebel? Most probably.
And then we have the shining plot of the episode... some good ol' Dothraki drama over with Daenerys.
I have to say, Daenerys didn't have an easy episode.
Firstly, she loses her child because of the blood magic that was used to 'save' Drogo. Then she finds out that Drogo is alive but not at the same time. She goes on to kill Drogo, kill the witch and proceeds to walk out of fire unscathed with a litter of Dragons clutched to her body... Yep. That happened.
I'm super sad that Drogo's dead because I thought he'd last a little longer than the first series and I wanted to see his relationship with Daenerys grow. I'm not too shocked about Khaleesi losing her child because that was what I was expecting anyway. Also, I was expecting the dragons as well... It's impossible not to get even a tiny bit spoiled when it comes to Game of Thrones because everybody talks about it.
I've always said that I'm rooting for Daenerys to take the iron throne but... I'd be happy if it's either her or Robb at this point. Just kill Joffrey already!

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