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A Court of Wings and Ruin- Sarah J. Maas BOOK TALK || ACOWAR WEEK Day 7

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Of course this was five stars. No question.
This is going to be massive (massive) review so, I'll skim over the non-spoiler part very quickly.
This is the third book in the ACOTAR trilogy. There will be more books in the Prythian world but they'll follow different characters and plot lines... some maybe opened up in Wings and Ruin.
This series is an epic whirlwind of romance, action, Fae and everything right and amazing in the world. I'd definitely recommend it (obviously, because it's my favourite ever series).
Interestingly, I preferred Mist and Fury to Wings and Ruin but that doesn't mean that I didn't love Wings and Ruin. Reasons will obviously be explained in spoiler section.
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I'll try my best to go through everything.
Going into this, I was so pumped! Feyre was just painting casually in the Spring Court like a freaking boss! She had Tamlin wrapped around her little finger and it was a beautiful victory! The way she talked about Tamlin was so gloriously bitter as well and I loved it.

'That was his new favourite word; try.'

Of course, Lucien completely saw through her bullshit and yet... he wasn't as suspicious as I thought he'd be. At times, it sounded like he truly believed Feyre and it confused me! It was still hilarious to watch though.
Julian decides to come along to make all of our lives more difficult and he brings the Daemati twins, Brannagh and Dagdon with him. I was so scared when these two came on because they had abilities like Feyre does and it put me a bit on edge around them. Two against one isn't fair!
I was super surprised to find out that Tamlin didn't do Calanmai! I was predicting that he'd had sex with Ianthe and that she'd end up pregnant! But, in reality, poor Lucien was left to pick up the pieces and sacrifice himself for the night... oh, Lucien.
I really took the time to appreciate the role of Alis. I'm really happy that we followed her and Feyre's friendship that they've grown from book one. They've grown a trust that I adore. And Alis outright says that she thinks that Rhys is better than he lets on and she's willing to keep her suspicions of Feyre a secret. Thank the Cauldron for Alis' beautiful presence. The only problem was that I was worried that the Daemati twins would tear apart her brain for those suspicions... but they didn't. Amateurs.
All through Feyre's time in the Spring Court, there was beautiful Feysand telepathy to get me through and, let's face it, most the time it was sexting. It was painful to read because they were still split apart from each other but it was too perfect at the same time. I was in a major Rhys withdrawal and simply hearing tiny sentences from him and had me giddy and grinning uncontrollably.
Feyre's confidence and scheming was so infectious! Every time she was plotting something, I just had to flap my hands around in joy and excitement because she's so epic! Her plotting and schemes are so genius and I couldn't help jumping up and down at every clever thought she had.

'A nightmare, I'd told Tamlin. I was the nightmare.'

I loved it when Lucien and Feyre set the Bogge on the twins for harassing those humans... it was so cute that they were working together and it felt a bit like kids playing a prank on the people they didn't like. It was pretty bad-ass. 

'I'd given them both a length of rope. I supposed now would be the moment to see whether they'd hang themselves with it.'

I love this quote- it's so vicious!
Ianthe is a much more important character than you'd ever think she'd be when we meet her in Mist and Fury. She's always behind Tamlin, trying to manipulate his decisions and control him with his fears... and she does it well! 
But Feyre owned Ianthe when she smashed her hand and told her never to make unwanted advances on people ever again!
When we find out that the twins poisoned Feyre with that apple... I was so annoyed! I went into this book knowing that it had Snow White parallels and yet I still didn't guess it!!! It was so frustrating!! Why didn't I even twig about the damn apple?!?
And yet, even with weird poison in her system, she still beats and kills the twins! I think that this was maybe a bit quick... those twins had been alive for a thousand years and Feyre just killed them that easily.. well, not easily but easy in the grand scheme of things.
I also think that Feyre left the Spring Court quite early but, I do understand why. To be fair, it was a good 100 pages in but that just isn't far into this massive book. Plus, as there wasn't dual POVs, we needed to be at the Night Court to know what was happening with battle plans.
It didn't really surprise me that Lucien ended up coming to the Night Court. When push comes to shove, he is great friends with Feyre and... they also have Elain, so.
I hated that Feyre couldn't use her powers to contact Rhys! I just wanted a Feysand reunion already but that damned apple ruined everything!
And Lucien's brothers were a pain in my ass. Especially Eris. Leave the High Lady of the Night Court alone, okay? Mind your own business!
But Cassian and Azriel come to the rescue and it's amazing. They're fighting for their High Lady and... Cassian's wings are repaired and strong!! The wave of relief that washed over me with that sentence was absolutely beautiful. I think the entire fandom was worried for Cassian's wings and to know that they're repaired is the biggest happiness in the world.
But the scene with the Inner Circle swooping in to save their High lady- their friend- was so beautiful and it brought a tear to my eye (I cried a lot in this book- I wad very emotionally unstable).
The reunion at Velaris was beautiful and it made my heart so happy through my tears.
I also loved how tripped out and confused Lucien was. He must have seen all the colour and happiness and... absence of screaming children and he looked as shocked as anything!
But then Rhys came in and... my heart exploded. They're so perfect together and their reunion was perfect! They're not only lovers and mates but best friends and.... I was a snivelling mess.

'I missed you. Every second, every breath. Not just this... but talking to you. Laughing with you. I missed having you in my bed, but missed having you as my friend even more.'

I didn't like how grouchy Amren was. There was a very tense meeting with the Inner Circle and I hated it! Everyone was snapping at each other and it was nothing like their usual love and banter. I loved Mor's loyalty to Feyre when Amren was being a bit cruel, though. The whole Inner Circle was under a lot of stress and it was so tense and horrible!
We saw Nesta and Elain once more and... neither are my favourite characters but, I live with them. Nesta and Elain can fix the wall which is a handy thing but Nesta is too spoilt and grouchy to do anything whilst Elain is busy paying a long visit to crazy town.
We have a dinner with the Inner Circle and it's lovely banter once more and all is right in the world! I also loved the moment when Nesta and Cassian were flirting and Feyre telepathy begged Rhys to save her and he did!! It was hilarious.
Feyre began flying lessons with Az because she's now got these awesome wings but she doesn't know how to use them! Learning to fly was a lot harder than I ever thought it'd be.
I liked seeing more of Az in these lessons because he can sometimes get drowned out in the Inner Circle meetings. If I'm anyone- I'm the most like Az- quiet and keeping to the shadows. But these flying lessons really brought him out if his shell and it grew a nice bond between Feyre and Az that wasn't there before.
I was so excited when we got to visit a library! I can only imagine how beautiful it looked but I was so desperate to know what was under it! What creature is so terrifying that it scars Cassian? The entire time, I just wanted to see it.
I was so pumped when we decided that getting monsters on our side would be the way to go.
I loved seeing the Bone Carver!! I loved him in Mist and Fury and even the thought of him fighting with us was awesome... a sign that this final battle would be epic.
Feyre realised that she pictured the Bone Carver as her and Rhys' future son and I love it! I predicted that it'd either be their son or a young Rhys. I love how Sarah is confirming so many fan theories and tying up every loose end. I'm also super happy that Rhys found out what Feyre saw the Bone Carver as... Rhys was just smitten with the idea of them having a son and I was so giddy!!!
But the Weaver is his sister! Boy... that's some family tree. My first thought was that maybe the monster under the library was his brother.
We first hear about this mirror called the Ouroboros and it instantly clicked that it was the mirror in Snow White... who is the fairest of them all and all that jazz. After I missed the apple parallel, I was determined not to let anything else slip over my head.
We have Lucien's first meeting with Elain and... I feel sorry for the guy- his mate's unhinged! I do feel sorry for Elain as well because she's just been thrust into this world and here's this guy who's said to be your mate- the person you're supposed to end up with. That's gotta be a lot to take.
It makes me so happy that Rhys kinda detests Nesta a little bit because so do I! He's said before that he can't get over the fact that, when Feyre was human, Nesta left her to provide for the family when she did nothing. and I totally agree! So, when Rhys is flying Nesta around and makes her vomit... I'm hysterically laughing.

'She complained that I was flying deliberately slow. So I went fast.'

I love that Rhys has no tolerance for Nesta- it's hilarious. 
We go to the Court of Nightmares once more and... it makes me think of the last time they went and I just swoon! But this time, Feyre didn't go as a whore... she went as a freaking High Lady!! I felt so victorious.
And we all know that Rhys is the biggest feminist ever so, when he lets Feyre sit on the throne and he just perches on the arm... I internally squealed in delight!! Rhys is so gorgeously dramatic.

'They outright gasped as Rhys simply perched on the arm of the throne, smirked at me, and said to the Court of Nightmares, "Bow."'

That sentence alone gives me so much satisfaction!!
And then Eris shows up... and Rhys bargains Keir and his court to enter Velaris. And my heart shatters at Mor's utter heartbreak. I hated seeing Mor upset because she's always so perky... I've never seen Mor so upset and it broke me!
But not as much as this line broke me;

'I could almost hear it. The crack I knew was about to sound amongst our own circle.'

This may be a reason why I preferred Mist and Fury. The circle just wasn't as tight and amazing to read about as they were in Mist and Fury but I completely understand why. They're in war... it'd be unrealistic if there wasn't a strain on their relationships but... it's just painful to read. 
From this point, I could just see that Feyre was going to end up looking in the Ouroboros- sacrificing her sanity for the whole of Prythian? Rhys would do it- and Feyre would do it to stop Rhys from always sacrificing everything. It's great that they would both do so much for their court but... it scared me because I kept waiting for them to do something stupid and permanent for the greater good!!
I also had the idea that maybe Elain could look into the Ouroboros... she's already crazy so would it make a difference? I was pretty sure at this point that Elain could tell the future which was cool but... not, because she came out with a lot of stuff I didn't like.
Because Elain said that twin ravens were coming...
And then Feyre and Nesta were in the library, were trapped and fae-baned by twin ravens and nearly taken!! But the resident library monster saved us with the help of Cassian and Rhys.
We then had the Hybern attack on Adriata in the Summer Court which was mean- poor Tarquin. I did love Mor and Feyre being all bad-ass, though, and slicing through Hybern's forces.
But I had the scare of my life when Feyre did the weird telepathy thing with Rhys and he was trapped on the ship with the King of Hybern. My entire thought process was 'Rhys don't do anything stupid!'. I was terrified the entire time that Rhys was going to make a deal and sacrifice something. I mean, come on! It's something that he'd do!
I hated that Hybern was a shade because that was amazing shot from Rhys that could've killed the guy! Damn Hybern for being forward-thinking!
We then had the meeting with all the High Lords and it was a long time coming!
Feyre looked stunning in her Starfall dress with her crown and Nesta kicked ass as the emissary to the human realm! The Night Court walked into that meeting looking freaking awesome!!
I momentarily wondered where Lucien was because I completely forgot that he'd gone off to hunt for the sixth human Queen. I bet that he would pop up with the sixth Queen and her army! That'll be really useful in battle. Also... what's the betting that one of the novellas will be Lucien's journey to finding the Queen?
I was so shocked that Tamlin showed up to the meeting! But. heck, he sure made the whole thing difficult... and entertaining. No one trusted him enough to discuss or disclose any real plans (despite him claiming that he wasn't really loyal to Hybern) and Tamlin just kept butting into the conversation to slag off Feyre and Rhys. The amount of times that he brought up Feyre having sex with Rhys.... it was impossible!
It was truly then that I realised how much Tamlin has changed. Yes, he was obsessive and conniving in Mist and Fury but it was all because of his love for Feyre- the obsessive love that poisoned his heart. Now, it's hatred and revenge that poisons his heart- he's deliberately causing trouble.
But my heart soared when Azriel defended Mor when Eris called her a slut! That was when I was still a hardcore Moriel shipper... awkward.
And then with Nesta defending Cassian! It was too much for my heart!
I also appreciate how the Inner Circle came to the meeting as themselves- no more masks or pretending to be evil. Everyone can finally see how amazing they all are!
I was shocked to find out that Lucien is Helion's son! Good for Lucien! I mean... it changes nothing but it's nice to know that Lucien isn't related to those ass-hats in the Autumn Court.
Plus, this is just an assumption that Feyre's made. Because Feysand gossip about scandalous affairs as well as ships... Morial, Nest and Cassian. I love how Feysand just gossip and fangirl over their friends' pairing!
I was super sad when Mor slept with Helion because.... at the time .... it made my Moriel heart hurt and I just wanted Mor to admit her love for Az...
I found it a bit pointless that Amren and Nesta spent so long training to fix the wall and.... after all of that stress they were too late!
Where would be in this series if it wasn't for good classic bargains! Bryaxis the library creature is now helping and I was getting so excited! I desperately wanted to know what Bryaxis was, though, and I'm not sure we ever got a solid answer.
Jurian showed up in the human realm and.... honestly, I'd forgotten that he'd even existed. We found out that Jurian wasn't actually loyal to Hybern- just like Tamlin wasn't. I didn't like how judgemental Jurian was of Rhys and the others not seeing past his lies. He constantly pretended to be against us and he blames us for not trusting him?
We had a small drama between Elain and Grayson and my heart broke for poor baby Elain. Grayson rejected her so harshly and poor little Elain didn't deserve that!
I was just about to kill someone when Tamlin ran off to Hybern once more. This was obviously before we knew that Tamlin was still on our side but... he should freaking tell people what he's doing!
And then, the battles started. Because war isn't one big battle- it's a consistent fight and struggle and this was portrayed beautifully.
We have out first battle and I loved seeing Tarquin, Varian and Cresseida fighting with us! It was like one massive team and it was awesome!
I was a bit surprised that the girls were just sitting out and letting the boys fight but, soon enough, Mor gave a little help and it was epic! We always see super perky and kind Mor but, on the battlefield, we saw The Morrigan and it was so empowering!
Feyre went off in search of the Suriel and I was so happy! At this point in the book, the Suriel was such a calming and needed presence. But her discussion with the Suriel made me anything but calm. I started thinking that she'd sacrifice herself to nullify the Cauldron or go insane when looking into the Ouroboros.
And then, Ianthe shows up and I want to strangle the bitch! How dare she hurt our beloved Suriel! My heart melted when the Suriel didn't betray Feyre to Ianthe, told Feyre to run and leave him to save herself.... the Suriel cares about Feyre! It's so strong because the Suriel has always been there, helping Feyre at pivotal moments and they actually grew a bond!
When Feyre trapped Ianthe in with the Weaver... it was the most satisfying thing ever! I've been wanting to see the end of Ianthe for so long and the beautiful method of her being ended by our beloved Weaver... it was too great for words.
But then we went back to the Suriel and he was dying!
I love that he told Feyre how he meant Rhys in book one when he told her

'Stay with the High Lord'

Yet again, Sarah confirms a fan theory that has been going around like crazy!  
But I did nearly cry at the Suriel's death because Feyre was crying as well and it was so much more painful than I ever would've thought!
Feyre came back from seeing the Suriel and heck we had a Cassian scare! I thought that he was dead for a moment and it terrified me!
I'm then made to feel even sadder because Mor and Feyre start arguing and it's horrible! I never want to see these characters fight again because it's not normal!
Varian and Amren finally get together which I love and I have to admire Varian because he has some major guts to try anything with Amren. But it's nice that she has someone.
But then Elain is taken. And while I don't care massively about Elain, everyone freaks out and now our priority is to get her back. But at least we know where the Cauldron and Hybern are!
Feyre disguising herself as Ianthe is epic as she goes into the heart if Hybern's forces. I was so scared but so excited at the same time.
Jurian helped Feyre and this was where I really started to trust him- he earned my respect and trust by helping us.
Of course Feyre has to be an overachiever ad bring home another girl as well as Elain. But poor Az- he has to carry the two girls whilst his wings are being shredded slightly whilst also giving advice to Feyre on how to fly!! Respect and love for Azriel because what the hell would we do without him!!!
So Tamlin came through in the end and helped us... so I suppose he redeemed himself but... that doesn't mean I have to like him. It was interesting, though, that he became the Nephelle Philosophy for Feyre- her weakness turned into a strength as he ultimately helped her fly. I find that so interesting!
Though I don't really like Elain and Nesta, the sisters' reunion was such a beautiful moment! We don't usually see so much love between them so it was lovely a moment between them all snuggled up with each other.
And then we have the reveal that shocked me the most in this book and I think I'll leave my note as it was because it totally sums my feelings up- a mixture of pride, confusion and hysterical laughing!
I fully support Mor, though and hope that she can be happy and show her true identity in the future. Because I shipping Elain and Azriel now, anyway so....
I kind of shipped them from way back in the novel but I was a bit hesitant because of Moriel but after finding out about Mor... I am totally aboard this ship.
But poor Mor- losing her love, Andormache! It break my heart that Andromache was the mother of the six queens and that Mor saw the same spirit in the Golden queen... who is now also dead.
I also can't wait for Feyre to fix Mor up with someone! Mor deserves nothing but to be happy.
There's a lot of controversy surrounding who Elain should be with; Lucien and Azriel. I get that Lucien is her mate but Sarah specifically added a scene into Wings and Ruin where Feyre is asking Rhys what would happen if someone rejected the bond. Sarah wouldn't include that for no reason!
The way I see it: Elain was forced into becoming Fae- the last thing she needs is to be forced into a relationship for eternity just because someone's her mate. She needs Az who is quiet and kind and constant. Plus, I think there may be a story behind Lucien and that sixth queen. That will probably be one of the separate stories.
And then... the inevitable comes. I knew it! I knew that Feyre would look into that damned Ouroboros!
I was a bit surprised that Feyre didn't go crazy but we explore it a bit more later when she explains the whole thing to Rhys.
And then we have the final battle. And I am terrified!!! The speech that Rhys made to the Inner Circle made me cry because the thought of that being the last time with all of them together was too much to handle. I was convinced at least one of them would die... I'm still surprised we didn't.
I love that Feyre and Rhys both have tricks up their sleeves and make a grand reveal of their genius- they're so alike it's hilarious. Feyre brings along the Bone Carver and Bryaxis whilst Rhys' plus-one is the Weaver! They're both so sneaky and I freaking love it!
So, we were doing well... until the Cauldron got involved. And because of it, the Bone Carver's dead, Cassian nearly died (talk about giving me a heart-attack) and all the shields are broken. I kept waiting for someone to die and it was excruciatingly painful. And when the rest of Hybern's army came and everyone started saying goodbye while Rhys told Feyre to run.... I was in tears.
I was so shocked that their father found Vassa! I was so pumped when he came in and when Drakon and Myrium joined as well. It was so epic!!!
We head off to find the Cauldron and Feyre and Amren find it but I was gobsmacked when it looked like Amren betrayed them! I was so annoyed and was cursing Amren left, right and centre.
We had a bit of Nessian action (and not the sexy way) when they teamed up to fight Hybern! It was pretty epic. Though, we did have another Cassian- death scare that had me very very worried.
As well as an actual death. It was sad that Feyre's father died with the sisters having to watch but.... I'm just so thankful it wasn't one of the Inner Circle, I didn't even care.
I love that Elain was the one to come to the rescue! And she stabs him with Az's blade, Truthteller! Shipping it!! Because, then, at least she has a use. Nesta finished Hybern off but.... I just would've preferred Feysand to kill Hybern once and for all because I like them more than the Archeron sisters- those two are my least favourites really....
We find out that Amren didn't really betray us (biggest sigh of relief ever) and she turns into her true self to win the war! I don't specifically know what her true form is but I've seen that she's a Death Angel or something... which sounds pretty cool, so we'll go with it. We basically thought she was dead and, while I felt sorry for poor Varian, I would've been able to deal with Amren's death... she's my least favourite member of the Inner Circle if we don't count Nesta and Elain.
But the next part was the event that nearly killed me.
We were preparing the Cauldron and.... Rhys died!! I was balling my eyes out at this point and practically screaming that Rhys couldn't be dead! Sarah J. Maas would not do that to us!
And she didn't. Rhys was pulled back together the same way Feyre had been in Thorns and Roses and I was still crying but of happiness this time. And with him, Rhys dragged Amren back as well- she's truly a High Fae now.
We have a snippet of negotiating a new treaty and then, finally, we go back to Velaris and the Night Court!
What a beauty of a book!
I am a bit surprised that all of the Inner Circle survived but... I can't complain because I would still be sobbing if one of them had actually died.
I prefer Mist and Fury simply because I think that it's more character (and Feysand) based whereas this book is pretty much war and strategy- orientated. It was still stunning and epic, though. I'd expect nothing less from Sarah.

Thanks for reading! Honestly, if you made it through this whole review, I want to give you a massive hug. Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!


  1. I just tried to add a comment and then it was gone.. #cry

    I totally agree on this WHOLE DAYUM REVIEW. I loved this book. I agree on Elain and Azriel but I also wish Lucien happyness. So yeah.
    I liked Mist and Fury more as well, because of Feysand. The beginning of this book was GREAT. Had me laughing like a little maniac.
    Gonna miss everyone in this book so bad.. Can't wait to re-read all the books!

    Great review, thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! You're probably one of the only people to storm through this entire monster of a review!! *internet hug*
      I also wish for Lucien's happiness.... hopefully one of the novellas will be about Lucien's journey to find the sixth queen and them falling in love???
      I was an emotional wreck through this book so had to read it when alone because I would've surely been checked into a mental hospital so I totally understand you laughing like a maniac.
      Thanks for commenting! :)

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    Sorry this comment is so late, we just wanted to let you know that we posted the Liebster award. Thank you so much for the nomination!

    1. That's okay :) Thanks for having such an awesome blog xx

  3. This was one monster of a review, haha, just like the book itself. I agree with most things you said. I cannot believe that the whole Snow White parallel went over my head! I feel so silly for not realizing it on my own.
    I still haven't gotten around writing my own review of this book, but when I do, I'll make sure to share a few thought on Mor's character in this book...

    1. Thank you so much for commenting and well done for reading through the review! (I was pretty sure people would take one look at it and run away). *internet hug*
      When you write your review can you comment a link, maybe? I'd love to read it!!