Monday, 10 July 2017

A Court of Thorns and Roses- Sarah J. Maas BOOK TALK || ACOWAR WEEK Day 1

I first read this book years ago but I did write up a review and I've decided to post it simply because I want to compare it to another Book Talk I'm going to write when I reread it after having read A Court of Mist and Fury. If that made any sense.
Mist and Fury changes the entire way you see the first book- you can never read Thorns and Roses the same way again. So, as I'm re-reading the series ready for ACOWAR (!!!!), I'm going to write another Thorns and Roses Book Talk because my thoughts and opinions are completely the opposite from what they originally were. That's the beauty of Sarah's writing- she can set something up so perfectly and then completely change your view a minute later- and everything still makes sense.
If you have read Mist and Fury, please don't judge me on this next review... I hadn't read ACOMAF when I wrote it so I may have very wrong views.... very very wrong views. I'm so ashamed of myself when I read this...
An updated review of this book will come tomorrow for ACOWAR Week where I'll basically be fangirling over a certain character that I hate in this review... Enjoy!

I loved Feyre as a protagonist- she's feisty, stubborn and kick-ass, might I say! I'm not a massive fan of her sisters, though. Elain is alright but Nesta seems like a bit of a bitch. Nesta is so spoilt and ungrateful that I couldn't bring myself to like her.

I love Tamlin. It took a while to really get to know him but I appreciated the slow-burning romance that is so often forgotten in the midst of so much insta-love in YA.
I also love Lucien. He was the comedy relief and I always love those funny side-kick characters.
And then there's a matter of Rhysand. I don't know how some people can like him! He's so sketchy and cruel; he drugged Feyre each night and made her dance for him... he's so sleazy.
Amarantha scared the crap out of me but I have so much respect for Feyre going through those tasks! She slayed the Middengard Wyrm so epically and when she threw the bone at Amarantha and the end. Yes, Feyre!!! It was so bad-ass!
The next book should be so interesting with Feyre as Fae now!!!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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