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Shadowhunters 1x02 'The Descent Into Hell Isn't Easy' TV TALK

The second episode was a lot better than the first, I think. We've moved past the chore of introducing every character and can really focus on the plot and character interactions which I prefer. So much happens in each episode- they shove so much in!!!

TV TALKS: 1x01

What really shocked me in this episdoe was how quickly Clary has adjusted to this whole supernatural/ Shadowhunter reveal. She's certainly taken it into stride quickly and suddenly knows everything about everything about Shadowhunters... enough to give Simon a 101 session and act as if he's a dumb mundane to her expert Shadowhunter powers...

Another minor issue/worry I have is how confusing this must be to people who haven't read the books. The plot isn't confusing to me because I've read the books and know who and what everything is but... what about people who've never read the book? There's such a huge offloading of information that doesn't faze me but I can imagine that it'd confuse new fans quite a bit. I don't know- I'm not in that position but it just seems like it would be a bit overwhelming to newbies.
Now that, that's out the way.
We get a bit more of a look around the Institute and... there's a lot more technology than I thought there'd ever be. Because I imagined no technology at all. Times have changed, though, I suppose.
Sizzy was very prominent in this episode. Simon's first word at seeing Izzy is 'hot' which had me in hysterics while Izzy described Simon as 'kind of nerd hot' which I can't help but wholeheartedly agree with.
And I almost died in gratitude when they made cooking jokes in regards to Izzy! My life is complete. We met Hodge and... I completely forgot about him! In the movie, he's this older posh guy but I love that he's a bit younger in the show and is still up and fighting.
I found it a bit bizarre that we had a snippet of a title sequence seven minutes in! Did they just forget about it and shove it where they could?
I liked how we had more interactions between the characters as we can start to form bonds between people. We had a nice Izzy/Clary 'girl power' talk which I liked and I love how we're beginning Alec's dislike of Clary- him calling her little girl was everything to me.
The only thing we saw of Magnus was him portal-ling Warlocks away and running.... Well, he hasn't met Alec yet so we'll give him time to redeem his cowardice.
Dot was taken to Valentine and eventually killed after a lot of useless experiments and refusal to give information... I can't say I'm too sad that she's dead- I had no interest in her.
We went to the Silent Brothers which I thought would be a lot more exciting then it was. They kept building it up... 'Clary, you do realise that it's gong to be excruciatingly painful' and, in the end, it didn't really look painful in the slightest. Clary just came out a bit teary eyed because she found out that Valentine is her father.
We had a nice Clace moment where Jace showed Clary the witchlight but... he totally ripped off Harry Potter! 'It reminds us that light can be found even in the darkest of times.' I didn't realise they were recycling scripts now.
I did find the whole Clace thing to be moving pretty quickly. Clace were holding hands when going to see the Silent Brothers and it was so casual and natural! They've known each other a day and Jace is supposed to be an emotionless GI Joe! This isn't what I signed up for!
Simon still had the best dialogue out of everyone and was still the most entertaining and brilliant actor!
Izzy: Are you afraid?
Simon: Are kidding me? I was born afraid. 
I have to say that this show is a lot funnier than I ever expected it would be and that makes me so happy and excited for it to continue- it's what keeps me going.
We had another event that would never happen in the books- Izzy was stupid, lost Simon and then couldn't do anything herself so helplessly told the others. Izzy is strong- she'd never make a mistake like that.
But Raphael.... or who I'm assuming is Raphael!!! Simon is sure getting a taste of vampires quick into the series but this is fine by me because I want Simon to have as much screen time as possible.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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