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Game of Thrones 1x08 'The Pointy End' TV TALK

This was another amazing episode because the plot is thickening now and things are getting super spicy! We had a lot happen in this episode and it's all really exciting to watch.

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Ned has got himself into a bit of a situation. He's helpless and just stuck in prison. We don't see much of him in this episode but that's just because we're more interested in seeing the consequences of him being arrested- specifically the Stark family reactions.
Arya is nowhere to be seen. She was cornered by the Lannister army when training with Syrio and he managed to buy her time to get the heck out of there. And Syrio held his own! He only had a wooden sword and he fought super well! Until his sword was chopped in half, that is...
But Arya's safe and by safe I mean not in Lannister hands. Who knows if she actually is safe wherever she is?

We follow a bit more of Jon Snow- with comedic remarks by Sam the Sidekick- and we see white walkers! Before this point, we knew that white walkers existed but the people of Westeros were still pretty unconvinced that they were back. Now, though, Jon's seen one with his own eyes- with a little nudging in the right direction from Ghost.
I also feel even more sorry for Jon because now, not only is he a bastard but a traitor's bastard. It's not doing wonders for his reputation, that's for sure.
And moving on to my other favourite character; Daenerys. She saved a bunch of slaves in this episode because... she's a feminist? You go, girl! (I really can't pull that off- even in typing).
I love how Drogo defends her decisions and defends her! It's so cute and I'm really starting to ship them. I love how he calls her 'moon of my life' and she calls him 'my sun and stars'. It's like the ultimate pair of pet names!
And when Khal Drogo fought against another Dothraki to defend Daenerys' decisions? That was so cool. Why would anyone go up against Drogo- he has super long hair, if you know what I mean!! Drogo didn't even need any weapons and he thrashed that Dothraki guy- it was pretty epic.
Tyrion set off to return to the Lannister camp and... it was a bit of a bumpy journey. Tyrion and Bron stumbled across a group of people led by Shagga, son of Dolf (titles, etc) and clever little Tyrion knows exactly how to get around this obstacle! He does what he always does: he pulls the 'I am rich and can give you money' card. It's his go-to technique to get out of sticky situations. All he has to says is 'I'm a Lannister and we always pay our debts!'. He does like to pull that card a lot and it amuses me to no end.
And Tywin Lannister was thrilled. Obviously. Because he'd do anything for his least favourite child! (Sarcasm...)
Cat's still at the Vale when she learns of Ned's fate. She tries to ask her sister, Lady Arryn, for an army to help fight against the Lannisters but... Lady Arryn just isn't interested. And... her son, Robin, still remains creepy! I don't even want to think about him- it makes me shudder.
Robb really took the limelight in this episode for me. We've never seen too much of him but I loved that he was the centre of attention in this episode. It's really interesting to see him step up to his responsibility and even the growth he had in this episode was impeccable- I can't imagine what it'll be like over future series. He steps up to his power position and masses an army to go against the Lannisters. Robb really grew on me in this episode- he seems just and fair in his rule. I must admit: I think I'm quickly developing a bit of a crush.
I find it quite funny how everyone is saying that Joffrey is the King because, to me, it seems like Cersei's controlling everything behind the scenes. It's actually amusing at how selective and obvious she's being. Hand of the King? Let's appoint a Lannister. Captain of the Guard? Appoint a Lannister. Any power position in existence? Sure, a Lannister can do it!
But Joffrey will still be left with the biggest decision... what to do with Ned.
We had a meek little Sansa asking Joffrey for mercy when it came to her father. I'll admit, it was a nice attempt... she even pulled the 'If you have any affection for me...' card!
But all Joffrey wants is an apology! How sweet and naive! If Ned apologises, then Joffrey will show him mercy... We'll see how that goes down.

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