Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Septemeber Wrap Up 2016

Despite September being a painfully busy month, I managed to get through a lot of great books and extremely long books (cough, cough....Empire of Storms). And a lot of them happened to be 5 star books (cough, cough...Empire of Storms).

Run- Kody Keplinger
Kody Keplinger is the author of The DUFF and has written some of my favourite books. This probably was a contributing factor to my high expectations but, unfortunately, Run didn't meet them. It was an okay book but it just missed the sass and romance that usually brings Keplinger's books to life. If I was to recommend a Kody Keplinger book, I'd definitely lean towards The Duff or A Midsummers Nightmare. I have a full BOOK TALK on Run and I'll link it here in case you want to check it out.

Beautiful Disaster- Jamie McGuire
This was so much better than I was expecting it to be!!!! An easy five stars to an easy and gripping read. Yes, it was a tad cliché and frustrating at times but it pulled these things off! It was a guilty pleasure for me, personally, just because I melted straight into the story and characters. So much happened in this book that made it feel like I'd read an entire five book series within one book. I have a full BOOK TALK linked here for you to check out all my thoughts.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

September Book Haul 2016

 September's been a quick and speedy month but, still, I managed to score a few more beautiful books for my collection. I've already read a few of these books this month so I'll link My BOOK TALKs for you. I've bought some amazing reads this months and can't wait to get to all of them!

This Savage Song- V. E. Schwab
I have been wanting to read a Victoria Schwab book for so long but she's practically unheard of in the UK!!!! It's difficult to find any of her books. Until now! I saw this book in Waterstones and even though it isn't the one I want to
read the most, I bought it while I saw it- who knows when I'd see it again.
I don't really know what this book is about but I'm sure it'll be great (I have high expectations).

Red Rising- Pierce Brown
Pierce Brown is another author that I don't often see in book shops but really want to read. Red Rising is the first book in a sci-fi trilogy and I've heard so much hype about it that makes me desparately want to read it. It involves action, sci-fi and a lot of mystery (or so I've heard). The last book in the trilogy came out this year so it's not too soon to jump on this bandwagon!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Shadow of a Girl- Shannon Greenland BOOK TOUR REVIEW

***** (5stars)
This book was, in a word: stunning. It was nothing like I thought it'd be in the best possible way. It fulfilled all my expectations and beyond and will definitely be one of the top books of this year. It's an unbelievably swoon-worthy romance with a deep and empowering undertone weaved beautifully throughout!!! What more could you want?!
I loved the perfect balance of eye-opening rawness and cutsie- romance within this book. It gripped me so powerfully throughout, anxiously waiting for the inevitable to happen and for the proverbial poo to hit the fan. It was dramatic and I loved every single aspect about it- there's not one single flaw I can point out for this story.
Below, I'll put the book links, synopsis and author info so that you can check out the book for yourself! Enjoy!

This book jumped straight into the action- and, man, was I grateful for that. It instantly gripped me and had me hypothesizing about what Eve's background was. I liked how we learned what her background was as we read along because, for me, it kept the intrigue going and kept me hooked.
The characters, for one, were great in this book.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Ignite Me- Tahereh Mafi BOOK TALK

Ignite Me is the third and final book in the Shatter Me trilogy and I have BOOK TALKs on both Shatter Me and Unravel Me which I'll link for you to check out!
This book was one hell of a finale. Personally, I loved it; it was the perfect balance of romance, action and drama- all tightly rolled up in Tahereh's beautifully poetic writing style.
This series has some amazing and loveable characters that completely make the book for me. They're funny, sassy, strong and my love for them knows no bounds.
I would definitely recommend this series if you like action, romance, super-heroes and dystopia.

There have been so many books recently (no names...spoilers) where the 'evil' guy has fallen in love with the heroine and has just been misunderstood- allowing me to fall in love with them because of their redeeming qualities. (Though, I have loved Warner since the beginning).
Obviously, I am Team Warner (or should I say Aaron?) without a shadow of a doubt. Warner understands Juliette way more than Adam would and he accepts every part of her- even the not-so-nice parts. Adam only loved the quiet, shy girl that she used to be.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Unravel Me- Tahereh Mafi BOOK TALK

This was such an amazing sequel- it was miles better than the first!!!! This is the second book in the Shatter Me series and, boy, did it impress! It was so much more gripping, complex and exciting than the first book. I'll link my Shatter Me BOOK TALK here in case you missed it- the full synopsis is in the non-spoiler section for you!
It picked up right where we left off which I loved and the plot twists into amazing directions to create a  'jump up and down in your seat excitement' feeling.
Tahereh, like I've said before, has such a beautiful and succinct way with words that makes it completely poetic. It's so easy and fluid to read and I fall in love with every sentence she creates. It's truly stunning.
I'd definitely suggest reading this trilogy as it is all-consuming, fast-paced and beautiful. The characters are lovable, witty and strong which makes it all the more easy to pick up and love.

Team Warner. Team Warner. TeamWarnnerTeamWarnerTeamWarnerTeamWarner!!!!!!
I like Adam, I do. He's kind, loving, loyal and super sweet. But....of course my heart naturally goes towards the murderous psychopath with raging daddy issues.
Warner is the definition of perfection! Yeah, he's misunderstood (cliché alert!) but his heart is in the right place and he truly loves Juliette! I ship Warner and Juliette so freaking much even though I know I shouldn't- my heart will inevitably be broken. But I can't help it! Every time they talk or kiss I have a beaming smile on my face because I just love them so damn much! I think Warner understands Juliette more than Adam ever will- he accepts every part of her whereas I think Adam only loves the quiet, shy girl that she used to be.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hunter- Skylar Heart COVER REVEAL

I'm delighted to be doing the Cover Reveal for Skylar Heart's new book Hunter. The book looks extremely interesting and I can't wait to pick it up! It reminds me of Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire so I'm sure I'll definitely love it! The blurb makes it sound a bit cliché but I get the kinda of guilty pleasure feeling (I'm a big secret- 'not so secret'- lover of romance).
The synopsis is below along with the cover (!!!!!) so click read more to see it and there will also be a link to the Goodreads page if you'd like to add it!!
Thank for reading!!
Chloe x

Skylar Heart
Publication date: September 22nd 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Shatter Me- Tahereh Mafi BOOK TALK

I finally finished! After an eventful read (full story/ rant here) I've finally finished this beautiful book.
Shatter Me is set in a intricate dystopian setting and follows Juliette- a girl with an unusual gift. When she touches someone, she can kill them- and that's a dangerous 'gift' to have. Everyone wants her for their own plans and she doesn't know who to trust. Feeling isolated and alone in the world she learns what freedom feels like and realises that she needs to fight if she ever wants to be free.
This book was beautiful. Tahereh's writing style is so poetic and pleasant to read- it flows onto the page so naturally and invitingly.
The storyline was gripping, unique and, in my opinion, nicely superhero-esque.
This book finishes off nicely with just the right amount of 'oh my God, what happens next?' shoved in. I'd recommend it for lovers of fantasy, superheroes and romance!!!!!

One thing I find really cool and unique about this book is the words crossed out throughout. I think it really gives us a better insight into the protagonist's thought process. It flows really nicely and Tahereh writes so poetically which makes the read so much easier and smooth.
I like Juliette as a whole. She's strong-willed, kind-hearted and, to me, she's just simply likeable. Yeah, she cries quite a bit but I can sympathise with her situation! There's a lot of room for character development and I don't think I'll be disappointed as the books go on.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Contemporary Recommendations!!!

Need a cute and fuzzy contemporary read to pick you up after summer? Perfect! I've listed five of my favourite contemporary reads that I'd definitely suggest you reading. Whether it be a cute romance or heart-breaking read, they're all below. The authors I've included also have many more books out that I love but I've picked out my favourite of theirs- so check out some of there other works as well!

Undone- Cat Clarke
This book is, if I had to choose, my favourite ever contemporary. And I will forever recommend it because not enough people in this world has read it! It has such a raw and relatable concept and pulls me in with every single character, plotline and page. This story follows Jemima- Jem- as she seeks out revenge. Why? Because her best friend- the boy she loves- was 'outed' online as being gay. When Kai commits suicide she is determined to find out who is responsible, infiltrate their group and take them down from the inside. This book is stunning and it will always be a favourite of mine.   

Louder Than Words- Laura Jarratt
Laura Jarratt is one of my favourite contemporary authors simply because she is so consistent with amazing books. Unfortunately I can't list them all but I'd advise picking up any one of her books because they're all stunning. Her novels are the eye-opening, insightful and deep stories that are relatable to so many people. Louder Than Words touches upon so many difficult and relatable subjects and it's a must-read for all these reasons. It follows, among other things, a mute girl who is struggling to get through life and grow as an individual. It's such an inspiring read and I read the whole thing in one sitting.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Beautiful Disaster- Jamie McGuire BOOK TALK

I was not prepared for how good this was!
This is exactly what I needed to read. I didn't realise I was in an all-consuming, dramatic, angsty and steamy romance mood until I read this book.
The characters were fun, realistic and loveable. The story was gripping, addictive and the perfect guilty pleasure. I cannot express how much I love this book enough!!! (But I'll settle for using a lot of exclamation marks!!!!!)
The writing style was very 'to the point' which makes it feel like a very quick read. So much happened within the confines of 400 pages- it was unbelievable.
It's a very dramatic, gripping love story and I was extremely impressed with it. It doesn't have any slow parts and it's frustrating in a great, excitable, desperation way (if you've ever experienced that with a book before...)

A song that I think really identifies with this book is Little Do You Know - Alex+ Sierra so I'll link that for you to have a listen to if you want.

The flirty beginning stages of this book were so darn cute! I was fangirl squealing multiple times and every word Abby and Travis spoke to each other gave me a stupidly wide grin. It was predictable that they'd end up getting involved with each other (it's that type of book) but to read the story of it was so adorable and much more dramatic than I was expecting!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Run- Kody Keplinger BOOK TALK

I was a bit disappointed with this read because Kody Keplinger is one of my favourite authors and it just didn't meet my high expectations. I don't know if this is because Run isn't really centred around a romance and I love how Keplinger writes her romances. It was still a good book but it just didn't wow me like I was hoping it would.
The story was a bit slow and didn't amaze me like I wanted/expected it to. Sadly, I found it to be a flat story in comparison to her other books though it did still deal with fragile topics such as; sexuality, disability.
It was an average book, in my opinion; okay, but not mind-blowing.
If I was to recommend a Kody Keplinger book (and I will) I'd definitely suggest going to The DUFF or A Midsummer's Nightmare. They're absolutely the stories you should read first.

In the beginning, I found Bo and Agnes' relationship to be very controlling but as I read on, I understood the dynamic of their friendship more and how they support/care/love each other and yada yada.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Writing Diary #4 - Finishing the first draft!!!

I've finished!!!! The first draft, anyway...
I'm so excited to have completed a first draft of an entire novel because I've never done that before. It's a massive achievement for me! Yes, it's pretty rubbish right now but I can change what I want- there's no time limit. I need to work on my character development, plot lines and general writing style but it's great to have a written structure that I can work around and tweak.
I have spent hours upon hours each day writing this for eight months! That is a hecka long time, a lot of hours and I'm so goddamn proud of myself for persevering and finishing it.
I know it's not perfect- I'm not kidding myself. I know that in future I'll need to polish it, refine it and probably change every single word of it but, for now, I'm happy- I'm thrilled at where I am.
I'm super excited and let the editing commence!
I'm going to take a month or two off before starting to edit so that I can distance myself from the story and then come back with a blank and objective perspective. I can come back with a fresh mind and read through it subjectively.
Meanwhile, I'm playing around with another idea that I've had for a while and I think I'm going to jump straight into writing that (which I'm super excited about too!)

Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to comment. Stay amazing!

Saturday, 3 September 2016

September Realeases and TBR 2016

Exciting month!!! There are so many amazing releases coming out in September so I'll get straight onto them...

Empire of Storms- Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass #5)
I'm so excited for this book!!!! I cannot wait!!!!! *waves hands around in excitement- extreme fangirling in process*
Leave Me- Gayle Forman
Stealing Snow- Danielle Paige
Tales of the Peculiar- Ransom Riggs
Crooked Kingdom- Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows #2)
The Fever Code- James Dashner (The Maze Runner #0.6)

Run- Kody Keplinger
I've already started this book so plan on finishing it this month! So far, so good.

Empire of Storms- Sarah J. Maas
I am definitely going to read this book in September. I'm planning to get it as soon as it comes out and read it straight away!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Writing Exercises #2- Colour Writing

Forenote: If you haven't read Writing Exercise #1, I will link it here for you to check out if your heart desires it.
I sort of randomly created this writing exercise myself, one random Monday morning and I figured that you might like to give it a try!
Basically, you take the rainbow (this can be as detailed as you wish- I went for easy colours) and create a short story, using those colours in order. I used one colour in each sentence as I went on. It's harder than it looks!
I'm sure I could make up some rubbish about the metaphors and connotations of colour but, honestly, I just blurted out a bunch of words and crossed my fingers that they'd made sense.
I suppose this colour exercise could work in poetry as well as short stories so have a go at whatever you like!
So, here's my example. Try it out yourself and I'd love to see the results! Good luck!

My vision blurs red as I see it. Orange flames flicker over my mind, scorching every part it touches. Only an hour ago, the yellow sun beat down and I'd previously been smiling as the heat of it warmed my skin. But I'm sure my face is green now as I stare at the scene- shock flooding through every cell. It's like an image from a horror movie and my happiness seems so far off now that blue has invaded my thoughts. The first thing I notice is how her purple shirt is ripped, straight down her arm. I'd always thought she looked better in pink but my sister was- was- stubborn with her choices. And she was also caked in mud- the brown seeping into her clothes, face and hair, making her look her like a ragged doll. Black shadows lingered under her eyes and I wondered if it was for the best. I hoped it had been quick and that she'd seen the white light, enabling her to travel to heaven peacefully. A tear slipped free as I thought of the beautiful technicolour she'd brought to my life- now snuffed out as easily as a candle's flickering flame.   

Thank you for reading! I'd love to see your try! Stay amazing!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

August Wrap Up 2016

August, as expected, was a super great reading month for me! I had all the time in the world to read and I read some freaking great books this month! On with the Wrap Up!

A Court of Mist and Fury- Sarah J. Maas
I'm so happy I finally read this! This book has been my favourite Sarah J. Maas book yet by far! It was gripping, fast-paced and I cannot rave about it enough. It deserves all it's hype and I get so excited just thinking about it. I have a BOOK TALK for this book that includes all of my crazy theories on the next book. Check it out here.

The Hunger Games Trilogy- Suzanne Collins (Re-read)
I fancied a bit of a re-read this month and felt the urge to go to The Hunger Games. It was lovely to re-read them and made me feel  nostalgic and homey!