Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Shatter Me- Tahereh Mafi BOOK TALK

I finally finished! After an eventful read (full story/ rant here) I've finally finished this beautiful book.
Shatter Me is set in a intricate dystopian setting and follows Juliette- a girl with an unusual gift. When she touches someone, she can kill them- and that's a dangerous 'gift' to have. Everyone wants her for their own plans and she doesn't know who to trust. Feeling isolated and alone in the world she learns what freedom feels like and realises that she needs to fight if she ever wants to be free.
This book was beautiful. Tahereh's writing style is so poetic and pleasant to read- it flows onto the page so naturally and invitingly.
The storyline was gripping, unique and, in my opinion, nicely superhero-esque.
This book finishes off nicely with just the right amount of 'oh my God, what happens next?' shoved in. I'd recommend it for lovers of fantasy, superheroes and romance!!!!!

One thing I find really cool and unique about this book is the words crossed out throughout. I think it really gives us a better insight into the protagonist's thought process. It flows really nicely and Tahereh writes so poetically which makes the read so much easier and smooth.
I like Juliette as a whole. She's strong-willed, kind-hearted and, to me, she's just simply likeable. Yeah, she cries quite a bit but I can sympathise with her situation! There's a lot of room for character development and I don't think I'll be disappointed as the books go on.

But lets talk about Adam... Adam, in word, is a saint. He's so kind, loyal and sweet.
In a way, it was a bit insta-lovey- the fact that they loved each other without ever really talking to each other- but I'll blindly brush over that because.... why not? Love is love.
The new dystopian world Tahereh's created is very unique if a bit confusing for me. I don't really know the ins and outs of what happened to make the world like that but it's an interesting concept nonetheless.
I love Warner.... let me explain myself. Villains that are so one-dimensional don't do it for me- the antagonists who only do what they do because their evil. Villains should be so much more complex and Tahereh delivers in this. Warner is one if those antagonists that I love because he obviously didn't have a very good upbringing and he genuinely doesn't think that he's doing anything wrong- it's a necessary evil to him. He's doing all he's ever known and my heart bleeds for him. He does what he needs to survive and he just wants love- that's obvious when he told Juliette that he loved her. I admire when authors can make their antagonists so well developed and that's pretty much why I love Warner.
But the million dollar question? Why can Adam and Warner touch her? I think that they either have their own gift or it's because of the radioactive field thingy that they were both exposed to- somehow breaking the power of her touch.
But those are just my theories- which are never usually right.
James is another character I adore. He's so cute and adorable!!!! I will be super upset if he ends up dying later on in the books- it would freaking my heart.
But, out of everyone, Kenji has to my favourite. He's the comedic-relief character and damn, is he hilarious!!!! He's so cool and my love for him is growing and growing with every sassy and humorous thing that comes out of his- so, basically everything he says. He'd be my best-friend in real life because he'd be the best person to be around.
This book seems to be leading and building up to very exciting things in the future which I'm pumped about. I'm a bit suspicious about the Omega Point at the moment but I'm suspicious of everything and everyone in books like this.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment any of your thoughts!!! Stay amazing!


  1. I hadn't even considered your radioactive field theory. That's a really good idea. I guess you already know the answer but I will find out soon!

    1. Hahahahaha! I do know all the answers and, may I reiterate, I LOVE Warner!
      It's weird re-reading this review... some of my opinions have changed greatly...