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Unravel Me- Tahereh Mafi BOOK TALK

This was such an amazing sequel- it was miles better than the first!!!! This is the second book in the Shatter Me series and, boy, did it impress! It was so much more gripping, complex and exciting than the first book. I'll link my Shatter Me BOOK TALK here in case you missed it- the full synopsis is in the non-spoiler section for you!
It picked up right where we left off which I loved and the plot twists into amazing directions to create a  'jump up and down in your seat excitement' feeling.
Tahereh, like I've said before, has such a beautiful and succinct way with words that makes it completely poetic. It's so easy and fluid to read and I fall in love with every sentence she creates. It's truly stunning.
I'd definitely suggest reading this trilogy as it is all-consuming, fast-paced and beautiful. The characters are lovable, witty and strong which makes it all the more easy to pick up and love.

Team Warner. Team Warner. TeamWarnnerTeamWarnerTeamWarnerTeamWarner!!!!!!
I like Adam, I do. He's kind, loving, loyal and super sweet. But....of course my heart naturally goes towards the murderous psychopath with raging daddy issues.
Warner is the definition of perfection! Yeah, he's misunderstood (cliché alert!) but his heart is in the right place and he truly loves Juliette! I ship Warner and Juliette so freaking much even though I know I shouldn't- my heart will inevitably be broken. But I can't help it! Every time they talk or kiss I have a beaming smile on my face because I just love them so damn much! I think Warner understands Juliette more than Adam ever will- he accepts every part of her whereas I think Adam only loves the quiet, shy girl that she used to be.

I have a theory (exciting, right?!?). Could Warner potentially permanently extract someone's gift from them? So they could no longer use it? Could he do that to Juliette so that her touch doesn't kill anymore? Oh, the possibilities!!!
No matter whether you're team Adam or Warner, everyone must love Kenji- there's no question about it. Kenji is my favourite character in this series because everything he says makes me chuckle. He helps Juliette by snapping her out of her sad phase over Adam and he's the best friend anyone could ever ask for. I love him to pieces.
I wish James had been in this book more. He's so freaking adorable and I thought his conversation with Juliette was so damn sweet.
The action sequences in this book were so well written and I found myself gripped and unable to turn the pages quick enough to see what happens.
And we got a few bombshells during this book!
Adam's gift! I think he should've been more open to Juliette about his gift when they'd first found it but I understand why he didn't. I also completely agree with Juliette's decision to keep away from Adam at the risk that she could kill him- though my opinion may be skewed slightly due to my Team Warner loyalty.
The thing that shocked me most in this book was probably when we found about Adam's father- the supreme commander. This was such a huge surprise- I hadn't even fathomed the possibility- who would? I'm so excited to see how this plays out in further books and how Warner will react when he finds out.
My favourite part of the book was probably the section when Warner was in Omega Point captivity. His conversations with Juliette lifted my heart and made me love him even more. It's obvious that he's lonely and keeping all his emotions inside- we see such a vulnerable side of him when he's with Juliette. I so fangirled when he was reciting her journal from memory- the feels!!! He sees himself in her and can relate to all the bad things that she's been through in her past- making them the perfect couple to help each other through their pain!
It was so dang intense when Juliette was shot but, honestly, I wasn't too worried because it's obvious she's not going to die. The most painful part is seeing Warner panic so much that he could lose her- it broke my heart.
And what a bastard his dad is! It just shows what a horrific childhood Warner must have had- increasing my respect for him even further!
The book finished off really well and made me desperate for the next book! Juliette has finally grown into herself and has developed into this beautifully strong woman- what we've been waiting for all along!
And now it's time to kick some ass!!!!

Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. Stay amazing!

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