Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Beautiful Disaster- Jamie McGuire BOOK TALK

I was not prepared for how good this was!
This is exactly what I needed to read. I didn't realise I was in an all-consuming, dramatic, angsty and steamy romance mood until I read this book.
The characters were fun, realistic and loveable. The story was gripping, addictive and the perfect guilty pleasure. I cannot express how much I love this book enough!!! (But I'll settle for using a lot of exclamation marks!!!!!)
The writing style was very 'to the point' which makes it feel like a very quick read. So much happened within the confines of 400 pages- it was unbelievable.
It's a very dramatic, gripping love story and I was extremely impressed with it. It doesn't have any slow parts and it's frustrating in a great, excitable, desperation way (if you've ever experienced that with a book before...)

A song that I think really identifies with this book is Little Do You Know - Alex+ Sierra so I'll link that for you to have a listen to if you want.

The flirty beginning stages of this book were so darn cute! I was fangirl squealing multiple times and every word Abby and Travis spoke to each other gave me a stupidly wide grin. It was predictable that they'd end up getting involved with each other (it's that type of book) but to read the story of it was so adorable and much more dramatic than I was expecting!
The friendship that grew was sweet but I think it was obvious that they were acting like more-than-friends. The bet was funny and exactly what I wanted to happen really. Yes, it was frustrating that Abby was completely oblivious to her developing feelings but it didn't bother me as such- it was addictive because I wanted to see them finally get together.
Parker was a constant annoyance to me. There was nothing wrong with him- he was a great lad- but he just irritated me whenever he popped up at inconvenient times (which was basically all the time). To be honest, I was probably being jealous on Travis' behalf.
But when they finally did get together, it was great! They really do care about each other and it was lovely to see that.
Abby and Travis fought more than any other couple I've read about. If I'm being honest about their relationship; it wasn't healthy! They were obsessive, terrified of losing each other (Travis...), jealous and too consumed in one another. They are co-dependant and they get in so many fights it's hard to keep track. In a way, I feel like this does add a realistic element to the book because so many romance book have everything perfect and it's just too unrealistic.
I loved when Abby met Travis' family and the poker bluff was just too good! From the very beginning, there is a shadow cast around Abby's past and, in the end, I thought it was a bit under-whelming. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be (though many people would probably disagree with me there).
The Vegas trip was tense but I wanted to slap Travis when he wanted to accept that offer! I don't disagree with what Abby did but I wish she would've explained to Travis why she couldn't stay with him if he accepted.
Their break-up was so painful and heart-breaking because they both took it so badly and it was so upsetting to read! I was full of anxiety on whether they'd get back together or not- I honestly didn't know! On one hand, I figured that of course they'd end up together or the book would be a bit dissatisfying but on the other hand, I had all too vivid visions of them staying away from each other because it was an unhealthy relationship and they deserved better. I don't really know which outcome I preferred...
And then... THE FIRE!!!! I genuinely thought someone would die and it'd be a re-run of another book I've read (no spoilers...). I was terrified and my heart was in my throat through that entire section.
The marriage at the end was all too quick but still very cute. While I do think they rushed into it, the whole sentiment was a long time coming. 
I'm conflicted because I did want them to end up together but it was an unhealthy relationship- even I can admit that. They were too co-dependant and Travis was too obsessed and afraid of Abby leaving him.
Having said that.... they made such a cute couple and I got all the feels over them!!!!
This was a stunning book and gave me a very bad book hangover in it's wake. Very deserving of five star status!

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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