Monday, 5 September 2016

Run- Kody Keplinger BOOK TALK

I was a bit disappointed with this read because Kody Keplinger is one of my favourite authors and it just didn't meet my high expectations. I don't know if this is because Run isn't really centred around a romance and I love how Keplinger writes her romances. It was still a good book but it just didn't wow me like I was hoping it would.
The story was a bit slow and didn't amaze me like I wanted/expected it to. Sadly, I found it to be a flat story in comparison to her other books though it did still deal with fragile topics such as; sexuality, disability.
It was an average book, in my opinion; okay, but not mind-blowing.
If I was to recommend a Kody Keplinger book (and I will) I'd definitely suggest going to The DUFF or A Midsummer's Nightmare. They're absolutely the stories you should read first.

In the beginning, I found Bo and Agnes' relationship to be very controlling but as I read on, I understood the dynamic of their friendship more and how they support/care/love each other and yada yada.

Bo and Agnes were 'okay' protagonists but I never grew an over-whelming love for them.. That kinda makes me feel bad but I couldn't really relate to them and the bond just didn't work for me.
I did, however, love the relationship between Agnes and Colt. I'm very much a sucker for romance and this pairing was super cute. It wasn't really explored too much in this book which I understand but it added a sweet aspect to the story.
One thing I really did love about this story was the structure. I liked it switched POVs and time with each alternate chapter. The two plot-lines weaved together nicely in an interesting and different way.
As much as I've complained about this book, I did enjoy it (hence the 3 star rating) but it definitely wasn't my favourite Kody Keplinger book.
Keplinger dealt with topics like sexuality, disability, overprotective parents, alcoholism as beautifully as she always does and I totally appreciate how she highlights these subjects in every single one of her books. It brings a depth to the characters and plot that I'm sure a lot of people can relate to.

Thank you for reading! Comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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