Thursday, 31 August 2017

September Releases and TBR 2017

Yes, school and college is upon us students for another year but... look at all the new releases! The authors understand our pain and decide to unleash all their new releases on us at once.... making us seriously behind in reading. Yay!
But, it's always a great month when my two favourite authors are both releasing a book.... no sleep for me!

Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass #5.5)- Sarah J. Maas
If There's No Tomorrow- Jennifer L. Armentrout 
Warcross- Marie Lu
They Both Die At The End- Adam Silvera
There's Someone Inside Your House- Stephanie Perkins
One Dark Throne (Three Dark Crowns #2)- Kendare Blake 
The Language of Thorns- Leigh Bardugo
Genuine Fraud- E. Lockhart
Release- Patrick Ness
Invictus- Ryan Graudin

The Bone Season- Samantha Shannon (Book of the Month)
This is going to be September's Book of the Month- the novel that both me and Kailtin (Liber Amoris) read during the month. I don't know much about this book but one skim read of the blurb has me interested.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

August Wrap Up 2017

I didn't do nearly as much as reading as I wanted to this month. It's summer!! I have all the free time in the world! And for some reason I can't bring myself to read! It's the vicious circle where, when I do have time to read, I don't feel like it and when I have no time to read, I'll cut into my sleeping time to get a chapter read. That's how life works.
Another big reason as to my lack of reading is my writing. My head is constantly stuck in my current novel (30,000+ and counting!!) and my love for it is overshadowing my reading. It's a blessing and a curse.

Geekerella- Ashley Poston (Book of the Month)
This was August's Book of the Month. I got straight into it and it was a super quick read. I loved the fandom spin on everything and it was truly a love letter to Geek Culture.
Geekerella- Ashley Poston BOOK TALK

Rarity from the Hollow- Robert Eggleton (ARC)
I was nicely sent this book from the author and publisher in exchange for an honest review.... that's coming soon, I swear. I'm very behind on book reviews right now (I haven't even started writing the Lord of Shadows one yet...). This book was extremely unique and delved deep into mental illness issues as well as having a sci-fi twist. I will say that this book was often confusing and it took willpower to continue reading- sometimes it was too crazy to continue.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Game of Thrones 2x09 'Blackwater' TV TALK

We had a concentrated selection of characters in this episode and we didn't jump between as many as usual. We followed the Battle of Blackwater Bay in this episode and, heck, it was entertaining! Everyone has been preparing for this battle for so long and it was very satisfying to watch it all play out.


Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10

Season 2:  2x01  |  2x02  |  2x03  |  2x04  |  2x05  |  2x06  |  2x07  |  2x08

The episode started with the quiet before the storm. We had Bronn and the men singing and drinking their problems away (because being drunk before a battle to the death seems like the right way to go). We also had Tyrion and Shae spending some sexy time together for the last time before the fight start. I totally ship Tyrion and Shae but I can just see Shae dying at some point and my heart's not ready for it...
As soon as the battle bells start, the women are taken to a room to keep them safe and away from everything which..... I'll keep in my feminist rants for now.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

August Book Haul 2017

It was quite a unsuccessful month but I managed to bag a couple of books to make myself feel a little better.

Because You Love to Hate Me- Edited by Ameriie
I've wanted to get this ever since it was released because I love Booktubers and I love villains.... it seemed like a good anthology to pick up.
This novel is an anthology of 13 villain stories written by a selection of popular YA authors and the prompt for their story came from popular a Booktuber that the author was paired up with. There is a wide range of stories and I can't wait to delve into them when I get the chance.  

The Call- Peader O'Guilin
I've seen a lot of hype over this book and it immediately intrigued me. I don't know much about it but it looks creepy, mysterious and very dark. As Winter is Coming (hehe), I'm always in the mood for dark reads so this will suit me perfectly in the coming months.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Game of Thrones 2x08 'The Prince of Winterfell' TV TALK

We covered many different characters in this episode but only had a brief time with each of them. It was deceivingly slow this episode but, having looked back through, a lot happened. It's shaping up to an exciting end of the season.


Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10

Season 2:  2x01  |  2x02  |  2x03  |  2x04  |  2x05  |  2x06  |  2x07

Let's go from North to South.
Jon Snow's in a bit of a pickle because he's been surrounded and captured by the enemy. But, it's fine, because Quoran Halfhand has been captured too! You know, for a legend and one of the best fighters of the Night's Watch, they're doing terribly.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Bleeding Words- Original Poetry

I thought it was the nice time for sharing a poem that I wrote. Warning: I'm quite a depressing poet and I love incorporating language and punctuation into my poems. This is one of my favourites so.... enjoy!

I am bleeding words.
Pouring out my emotions in incoherent floods.

I am choking on letters, struggling to piece them together,
along with my excuse for a life.
Endlessly searching for a jigsaw fit that doesn't exist.

I am crying punctuation,
desperately trying to catch my thoughts-
confine them into neat lines
to pretend they look normal.

I am breathing sentences,
stuttering on subclauses as I navigate my way around
the synonymous differences of reality-
the lies of the world around me.

I am bleeding words,
my life running out along with every expression.

- Chloe Harris, May 2017

Thank you so much for reading- I appreciate all the support for my personal writing. (Sorry if it was a bit of a downer, though...) Feel free to post a comment. Stay amazing,

Monday, 21 August 2017

Game of Thrones 2x07 'A Man Without Honour' TV TALK

This was a super amazing episode but.... that's a given at this point, right?
We saw a nice selection of characters in this episode and I'm enjoying watching all the growing bonds and interactions between everyone.... it's shaping up to be an epic finale which, again, is kind of a given...


Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10

Season 2:  2x01  |  2x02  |  2x03  |  2x04  |  2x05  |  2x06

We'll start with Theon once more! Theon has instantly set off to hunt Bran and Rickon because his forces are so incapable and let them escape- which is a good thing. Now, at the end, Theon shows the Winterfell people two charred and hanged bodies- supposedly Rickon and Bran.
I, however, don't believe it for a second.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Publishing Interview with Eliza Stopps

Recently, I've been in contact with Eliza Stopps (author of the Leslie Kim Serial) and she was kind enough to answer a few of my publishing orientated questions. As an aspiring author, I'm always looking for more information about the industry and, while Eliza is self-published, she gave me some insightful facts about the publishing process.
Now, I'm nothing if not generous, so thought I'd post the interview on my blog in case there are any other budding authors intrigued about how they might publish a book one day!
I must say a huge thank you to Eliza for taking the time to answer my questions and I hope you guys enjoy!

How many literary agents would suggest sending your synopsis and manuscript to, per time?

I think this depends on the agent. Check on the literary agent's website for the answer to this, because some agents would prefer you don't submit to more than one agent at a time. If that is the case, just send it to one agent and wait for their response before moving on. Otherwise, you can do it in batches.

For me personally, I write in a variety of genres. I might be submitting a children's book, poetry, and science fiction short stories all at the same time. I usually submit to 1-3 agents per manuscript at a time, just so I am personally familiar with each agent. If you submit to like 100 agents all at the same time, you will get your name out there but that in itself can be a negative. If you submit to 3 agents and they all return with feedback saying that your book isn't right, it might be a good idea to read over your synopsis and query and see if there is any way you can improve before sending it to the next batch. If you send it out to many agents at the same time, you will have less time to improve between queries.

Ultimately, it's a personal choice for each author. My advice would be to do enough queries that you get over the anxiety of writing them but not so many that you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the process.

What are the pros and cons of traditional publishing?

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Geekerella- Ashley Poston BOOK TALK

* * * *
This book really was a love letter to geeks everywhere (aka. us). I really enjoyed Geekerella- it was quick, easy, fun and romantic read. The clear involvement of fandoms and the terminology used gave me pride to be such a mainstream fangirl and showed that we should never feel ashamed of what we love.
This is (quite clearly) a Cinderella retelling with the twist of fandoms.... we have Elle- an ultimate fangirl of the franchise Starfield and Darien- a closet fanboy who's set to play the lead in the new reboot. As you might guess, hidden identity and romance is involved.... and a whole lot of fandom references squashed in there too.

All through this book, there were references to different fandoms which was really the icing on the cake for me. Star wars, Doctor Who.... even the Vampire Diaries gave this book immediate extra bonus points. 
I liked the premise of remaking a popular movie and we had some very likeable protagonists to lead us through the story.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Games of Thrones 2x06 'The Old Gods and the New' TV TALK

I really enjoyed this episode. It was fast-paced, action-packed and any other hyphenated praise I can think of.


Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10

Season 2:  2x01  |  2x02  |  2x03  |  2x04  |  2x05

Let's talk about Theon first so we can get him over and done with.... I really dislike Theon.
Theon has now taken over Winterfell because he's a traitorous little idiot! He got a bit carried away with being intimidating to the people of Winterfell and ended up killing Ser Rodrik. Now, I don't give two hoots about Rodrik but it almost brought me to tears when Bran was sobbing and begging for Theon to stop. Theon did it anyway. *internal screaming*

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Lunar Chronicles BOOK TAG

I was in the mood to do a tag so I searched, on a whim, for a tag centred on the Lunar Chronicles because it's one of my favourite series! Lo and behold, there was a tag! I go it from Book Addict Guide so go check out their post!
If you haven't read The Lunar Chronicles, you can still read this tag as there are NO SPOILERS. But, still, what are you doing with your life if you haven't read this series? Get on that.

Cinder | The Cyborg - A book that's often misunderstood or underappreciated
Undone by Cat Clarke
I will forever go on about this book until everyone has read it. This is my Depressing December read which I re-read every year because I feel like it's a wintery book. (Though it has nothing to do with winter...)

Kai | The Prince - A book about royalty
Heartless by Marissa Meyer
This book follows the story of how the infamous Queen of Hearts came to be.
I loved this book- it was clever, gripping and I have never appreciated a final sentence as much as I did in this book. For any fairytale lovers, this is a must. (Plus, Marissa Meyer also wrote the Lunar Chronicles so... of course it's amazing).

Sunday, 13 August 2017

One of Us Is Lying- Karen M. McManus BOOK TALK

This was a murder mystery kind of novel. Five kids walk into detention, four kids walk out. Who's the murderer?
I was a bit underwhelmed with the murderer reveal at the end because I'd considered this person quite early on and it seemed like a bit of a cop-out. It was just an unsatisfying outcome and I wanted the reveal to punch a massive impact on me which... it didn't.
We have our four main characters which I like to fit into little Hogwarts House categories. Each suspect in this novel represents a different house. We have
The nerd, Bronwyn- The Ravenclaw 
The criminal, Nate- The Slytherin
The jock, Cooper- The Gryffindor
The princess, Addy- The Hufflepuff 

Like I said, I was disappointed with the final outcome but it was still an enjoyable read.

Straight off the bat, I was sad that Simon was the one to die because I kind of liked him.
It was so interesting to see all the pieces of information come out- the taken epipens, the app stories, the water bottle stolen and the car crash. The murder was planned so well!

Friday, 11 August 2017

Shadowhunters 1x06 'Of Men and Angels' TV TALK

This episode was mainly flashback orientated which was fine but, as I've read the books and know the backstories already, it was a bit of a slow episode for me.
For me, Magnus shone in this episode (excluding Simon, of course, because he's always the best character out of everyone).

TV TALKS: 1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05

Magnus was set the task of healing Luke today which was the main predicament of the episode.
Jace and Simon were sent to collect some extra ingredients that Magnus needed and I actually loved these scenes (mainly because Alberto Rosende is a fantastic actor and I love him playing Simon). They had a bit of a dispute which inched into a tiny physical fight (if you can call it a fight).
Simon: You treat [Alec] like a lapdog! 
You tell him Simon!!!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Game of Thrones 2x05 'The Ghost of Harrenhal' TV TALK

A lot of characters were in this episode- a little happening to a lot of characters. We're building up to a very exciting second half of the season.
Every episode is as enthralling as the last and I'm growing to love these characters so much... which is probably a bad thing cause they'll most likely end up dead.


Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10
Season 2:  2x01  |  2x02  |  2x03  |  2x04

Within the first five minutes.... Renly was dead. Sucks to be him.
It's a shame because I did really like Renly and it must have been terrifying to be killed by some weird shadow son of Stannis and Melisandre... but what a way to go, though.
The Tyrells have now gone home and Stannis is preparing to go into battle. Exciting!
Cat is taking Brienne because she's the main suspect of Renly's murder. I find Brienne a bit fickle. She was desperately loyal to Renly- so much so that she cried when he died- she's been in his Kingsguard for only a few days!!! And now, after only hours with Cat, she's pledged loyalty and allegiance to Cat and the Starks. This girl's way too desperate for belonging.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Always and Forever, Lara Jean- Jenny Han BOOK TALK

* * *
In all honesty, I was a bit disappointed with this finale and I'm so annoyed that I didn't like it! Ever since I heard there was going to be another book, I was so deliriously excited but... this book was not adorable. It was only cute at times and it actually made me really depressed! So, basically, nothing like the other books. There were moments of the light-hearted and swoony stuff but the rest was just a build up of an inevitable doom. The characters were all acting differently and not like their usual lovable selves which annoyed the heck out of me because their decisions were so frustrating and out of character.
I spent this entire book dreading the next page instead of feeling light, warm and fluffy!
I'm just going to pretend this book never happened.
I will say, though, that I loved all the Hamilton Musical references because there were a lot and it made my heart happy.

I stand by my love of Peter Kavinsky just.... not massively in this book. The painful thing was that there were many moments when he was the usual and lovable Peter Kavinsky- the guy that made me think 'guys like this just don't exist because he's too perfect!' He was just let down by all the times where he acted like the complete opposite of Peter Kavinsky. He made so many decisions that I can't imagine him making and his mood and attitude completely turned his character.
Going into this book, I loved that Peter and Lara Jean had been together for a year because I ship them so hard and it's so nice to see that they've managed to sustain a relationship with no major drama over the year.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Game of Thrones 2x04 'Garden of Bones' TV TALK

This was such a promising episode- a very nice and subtle plot progression. We had a great selection of characters appearing in this episode and a lot happened. And that cliffhanger.... it was perhaps the weirdest and creepy one I've seen.


Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10
Season 2:  2x01  |  2x02  |  2x03

We start off with Robb leading an attack on the Lannisters- he's not wasting time unlike a lot of the others seem to be doing. Robb meets Talisa- a girl that he instantly took a liking to and... I just want to slap some sense into him! Don't go off with any other girls when you've made a deal with Walder Frey to marry one of his daughters! I have no doubt we'll see Talisa again.
Over to Baelish, he was acting a bit suss around Margaery- he totally knows about Renly and Loras but I can't see how! This guy has a super reliable source of information.
Baelish then goes straight to Cat, admits his feelings and gets thoroughly rejected. Poor bloke. He tries to convince Cat to trade Jaime for her daughters but... I don't know if she'll do it or not. Finally, as a peace offering, Baelish gives Cat Ned's remains on behalf of Tyrion.... because Tyrion's a decent guy.
And I love Tyrion.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Game of Thrones 2x03 'What is Dead May Never Die' TV TALK

I loved this episode- the best of the series so far. It was quite a funny episode generally which I really enjoyed and it made the episode fly by! A lot is beginning to happen and is setting up an awesome season... if the episodes are like this now, they'll be epic by the last few episodes. I have high expectations.


Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10
Season 2:  2x01  |  2x02

We didn't have much Jon Snow in this episode but at least we saw some of him.... unlike other characters... *cough* Daenerys *cough*.
Jon got a bit of a beating because he'd been watching a son of Craster get murdered when he shouldn't have and, after a talk with Commander Mormont, we find out that he knew about it all along.
Sam's having a swell time, though. He's getting quite tight with Gilly and, despite them only knowing each other a couple days at most... he acts like he loves her! She's obviously one of the first women to talk to him so he's instantly smitten and giving her his mother's thimble... because why not?

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Shadowhunters 1x05 'Moo Shu To Go' TV TALK

This has to be my favourite episode so far- simply because it focused on my three favourite characters- Alec, Simon and Clary.

TV TALKS: 1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04

We have a nice Izzy and Clary scene which I always love. Their friendship growth is so nice to see. Izzy asked all about Clary's mum which was a perfect segway to introduce Maryse Lightwood. I don't know what I imagined Maryse like in the books but.... it definitely wasn't that strict. I liked that though... it really showed the reason behind Alec acting constantly strict and shows why he plays to to the rules.
We had a short Malec moment which was still so forward!! Magnus straight out asks Alec on a date and then says he 'loves a challenge.' Oh, I'm drowning in cliches!!!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Shadowhunters 1x04 'Raising Hell' TV TALK

This was an odd episode but I'm finding this series oddly addictive in a total guilty pleasure way. It's not the best script, or effect, or acting but... it's entertaining and funny (maybe when it shouldn't be) and I already have an existing love for these characters so I can't help myself.

TV TALKS: 1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03

We started off with Clary having a fitful nightmare (emphasis on fitful) whilst getting snippets of memories back. She then goes off to see Jace and, wow.... we actually have a that cliche scene of a protagonist walking in on the love interest shirtless. *sigh*
After that, we have a bit of a confrontation with poor Simon... who still has and delivers the best dialogue out of the whole crew! Though, he does say the line 'come at me, bro' which.... made me laugh. As it was Simon saying it, I'll let him off.
I hate how they let Simon leave so easily. He's obviously angry and upset and he's just been through a traumatic kidnapping with vampires who have done God knows what with him? I hate that Clary and the others aren't more worried about Simon. They don't even stop to wonder whether he has lasting effects from being taken by vampires!!!!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Game of Thrones 2x02 'The Night Lands' TV TALK

This was a good episode and was very character based. We're starting to build up lots of different sub-plots that will no doubt intertwine and strengthen as we move on through the series which is exciting.


Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10

Season 2:  2x01

Starting with Stannis- because he's the most boring of the lot. One of his henchmen, Davos, has secured 30 ships for the war from pirates... the most trustworthy of people.
Stannis is also busy cheating on his wife with Manipulate Melisandre simply to gain a son- an heir. Because I needed yet another reason to love this character....
Over with the Starks' side, we had Theon doing our bidding and trying to secure some ships as well! The only difference was, Theon was crappy at it. He made a pass at his sister, his father refused him ships and basically vowed a battle on the Starks lead by none other than Yara- Theon's sister that he flirted with!! Honestly, Theon just made everything worse for us in this episode, poor guy.