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Game of Thrones 2x05 'The Ghost of Harrenhal' TV TALK

A lot of characters were in this episode- a little happening to a lot of characters. We're building up to a very exciting second half of the season.
Every episode is as enthralling as the last and I'm growing to love these characters so much... which is probably a bad thing cause they'll most likely end up dead.


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Within the first five minutes.... Renly was dead. Sucks to be him.
It's a shame because I did really like Renly and it must have been terrifying to be killed by some weird shadow son of Stannis and Melisandre... but what a way to go, though.
The Tyrells have now gone home and Stannis is preparing to go into battle. Exciting!
Cat is taking Brienne because she's the main suspect of Renly's murder. I find Brienne a bit fickle. She was desperately loyal to Renly- so much so that she cried when he died- she's been in his Kingsguard for only a few days!!! And now, after only hours with Cat, she's pledged loyalty and allegiance to Cat and the Starks. This girl's way too desperate for belonging.

Jon Snow has set up base and met Quoran Halfhand.... which I didn't really care about at all. He and some others are now set off to go kill some wildings! That should be fun.
Over with Theon.... he still annoys me. He's so whiny! He's pathetic at controlling his men but finally makes a friend and has formed a plan to take down Winterfell. He decides to attack Thorrens Square. Bran, of course, defends it without a second thought- leaving Winterfell vulnerable. I swear, if anyone hurts Bran!!!!
At Kings Landing, Tyrion is getting straight into everybody's business, firstly looking into what Cersei and Joffrey wants to do with Wildfire- 7811 cases of it!!! Tyrion decides he wants to use them.... but I have no clue what for. Whatever it is, it's probably a genius plan that'll make me love him even more.
Meanwhile, Arya is... getting along with Tywin Lannister. She's now his cup bearer and, I think he likes her. I think he respects her for pretending to be a boy in order to survive. All we need now is for Arya to gain his trust and start feeding him lies.
We also turn back to Jaqen H'ghar who sets off killing people that Arya wants him to because he's in her debt. That's a handy debt to have. Why doesn't she just say Joffrey, Cersei and Tywin and get everything over with?
Over with Daenerys in Qarth.... the Dothraki don't really fit in with the more civilised folk. It's amusing to watch, though. Daxos proposes to Khaleesi and asks her to share the gold in order to buy armies and ships to attack Kings Landing.
And Jorah's totally jealous. And I love that he so awkwardly rejected. When Daenerys says 'as my advisor' with such emphasis.... it's a subtle but humiliating shove into the friend-zone. Poor Jorah.
But Khaleesi still listens to him and they decide to reject Daxos and take one ship to Westeros.

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