Thursday, 3 August 2017

Shadowhunters 1x05 'Moo Shu To Go' TV TALK

This has to be my favourite episode so far- simply because it focused on my three favourite characters- Alec, Simon and Clary.

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We have a nice Izzy and Clary scene which I always love. Their friendship growth is so nice to see. Izzy asked all about Clary's mum which was a perfect segway to introduce Maryse Lightwood. I don't know what I imagined Maryse like in the books but.... it definitely wasn't that strict. I liked that though... it really showed the reason behind Alec acting constantly strict and shows why he plays to to the rules.
We had a short Malec moment which was still so forward!! Magnus straight out asks Alec on a date and then says he 'loves a challenge.' Oh, I'm drowning in cliches!!!

I loved all the interactions between Clary and Alec. It was so cool when Clary confronted Alec about loving Jace and their dialogue was so good in those moments!
Simon joins in the fun of finding Jocelyn's box which instantly made me happy because Alberto's such an amazing actor! Every scene with Simon or Alec is my favourite.
It was also really funny how confused everyone was at Simon's sudden talents. 'Have you been doing parkour?'  I can't believe no one's guessed! He's recently been kidnapped by vampires, is now stronger, faster and has the sight suddenly. Screw your heads on straight guys!!
They find the J.C box and then Clary and Simon are kidnapped by the werewolves.
Now, I don't know how I feel about these werewolves. They just glow in order to transform? It's all a bit weird.
Meanwhile, Izzy and Jace went to Meliorn to try and get some information about the Seelie's silence. I hate this whole idea of information for sex. I know that Izzy is a very sexualised character but I just think it's a bit too far.
When Jace finds out that Clary's been taken, he's angry with Alec which I hate. Jace doesn't give Alec the benefit of the doubt as his parabatai and instantly blames him! I hate seeing this portrayal of Alec and Jace's relationship. They don't feel like Parabatai at all!
We have a bit of Parabatai tracking again! Yay.... it was just as awkward and weird as the first time.
In the captivity of the werewolves, Clary lies about the location of the cup because Simon's life is threatened. Clever Simon stars a fire which is fine and all that but.... what would he have done if Izzy hadn't found him? Be left in a blazing fire to die?
Luckily, Izzy did come along to save him and my Sizzy heart did a little happy dance.
And Luke sure does more than he's ever done before! He finds Clary and then defeats the werewolf alpha! He's now the alpha of the werewolf pack but is seriously injured from a bite that he received in the fight. What I don't get.... the whole reason that the bite is so life-threatening is because it's from an alpha. But, since Luke is an alpha now, wouldn't that just be cancelled out? Obviously not.
So, we're off to Magnus to heal Luke and no doubt we'll have more obvious Malec in he next episode.

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