Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Game of Thrones 2x02 'The Night Lands' TV TALK

This was a good episode and was very character based. We're starting to build up lots of different sub-plots that will no doubt intertwine and strengthen as we move on through the series which is exciting.


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Season 2:  2x01

Starting with Stannis- because he's the most boring of the lot. One of his henchmen, Davos, has secured 30 ships for the war from pirates... the most trustworthy of people.
Stannis is also busy cheating on his wife with Manipulate Melisandre simply to gain a son- an heir. Because I needed yet another reason to love this character....
Over with the Starks' side, we had Theon doing our bidding and trying to secure some ships as well! The only difference was, Theon was crappy at it. He made a pass at his sister, his father refused him ships and basically vowed a battle on the Starks lead by none other than Yara- Theon's sister that he flirted with!! Honestly, Theon just made everything worse for us in this episode, poor guy.

And yet, Theon isn't the only one making matters worse for themselves.... Sam's here too! And trying to get himself and Jon killed for messing with Craster's wives! But, bless Sam, he's practically fallen in love with Gilly just because she's spoken to him and was quickly making a case about smuggling her away from Craster because she's pregnant.
Jon, at least, had his head screwed on straight and told Sam that he was insane but... in the end, I can totally see Jon doing it. Especially after him sneaking a peak at what happened to the sons... death.
Over with Daenerys, things aren't going great either (what a happy and victorious episode...). Rakharo returned to Daenerys' group. Well... his head did. The rest of his body was nowhere to be seen! Poor Daenerys is losing more and more people but she'll power through. I know she will.
Tyrion was the comic relief of the episode and he was having a whale of a time! He had a bit of subtle threat come from Varys' direction but remained completely unfazed and went along with his life as usual. He arrested Lord Janos and appointed Bronn as the new Commander of the City Watch because... bromances are stronger than everything.
Tyrion also had a little conversation with Cersei and she sure isn't happy that he's here. After a heated discussion, Cersei basically blamed Tyrion for their mother's death and left. Poor Tyrion- I hate seeing him down!!
And, finally, we have Arya. Two members of the City Watch come for Gendry (he's the last of the King's bastards) but he's managed to remain unscathed- though, I'm surprised no one turned him in.
Gendry already knew that Arya was a girl but... did she have to tell him that she was Lady Stark- daughter of a 'traitor'? Because, it may just be me, but you shouldn't go around trusting a random person that you don't really know properly. Just a thought.

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