Friday, 21 July 2017

Game of Thrones 1x09 'Baelor' TV TALK

This was another epic episode and has to be up there as one of my favourites. It was a bit of a surprising cliffhanger ending for this episode which will no doubt lead to an awesome finale of the first season.

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Let's start with Jon Snow because his plot line was probably the least dramatic out of everyone's... that's maybe considered a blessing and a curse.
Jon goes through a bit more of an inner turmoil in this episode where he finds out about Robb's plans to go to war against the Lannisters. Jon's main decision is whether to stay at the Nights Watch or break his oath and help his brother... Bet he wishes he hadn't made that oath now, doesn't he?
He also gets given his own sword, Longclaw, (which is a much better name than Needle). He discovers the truth about Aemon Targaryen and is given some advice about love and honour and... it went a tiny bit over my head, if I'm being honest.

Robb was super busy in this episode... mainly making me fall in love with him more and more. After a tense encounter with Cat, Walder Frey allows passage under certain circumstances. Arya has to marry one of his sons (and I'm sure she will be thrilled) as well as Robb having to marry one his daughters... but at least gets a choice!
The Stark army play a clever game of creating a diversion battle while the rest of them capture Jaime Lannister in the distraction. Clever clever Starks.
And during this distraction battle... Tyrion sure holds his own. The battle just starts and he immediately gets knocked out! By his own side!!! I feel sorry for the guy but it was hilarious and probably the only thing that saved him from being killed!
We also got a bit of a Tyrion backstory which was exciting. He disclosed about his first love Tysha and how it was all a scam set up by Jaime and his father... poor guy! I love Tyrion and hate that his family would fool him so!
Switching over to the world of Daenerys, Drogo's feeling a bit down in the dumps. He's on his deathbed and I hate to see how it's hurting Daenerys. She loves him and doesn't want to see him die! I love him and don't want to see him die!
Jorah gets into a fight with another sexist Dothraki guy that doesn't want to follow Daenerys and... ends up dead. Good for you, Jorah!
But now Daenerys' baby is coming whilst the crazy witch is doing a blood magic spell to keep Drogo alive and... you can just tell it's all going to end in heartbreak.
And then we have the main 'mouth wide open in shock' moment of the episode. Ned decides to confess his 'sins' and treason in front of Joffrey so that he can possibly get mercy and be sent to the Night Watch as a punishment. That's what Ned wants, it's what Sansa wants, it's what Certsei wants, it 's what we want... so, naturally, Joffrey does the opposite. Everything Joffrey does makes me want to strangle him but, I assume he evokes that reaction from many people.
It was a nice clean death at least.
I even made a poem!!!

Roses are red,
Ned is dead. 
Creepy King Joffrey,
has mounted his head... on a spike. 

But what killed me (no pun intended) was that Sansa and Arya had to watch it happen! That was the heartbreaking thing for me.
I'm also incredibly annoyed that the truth of Joffrey's heritage died with Ned and that the other Starks don't know! Baelish knows the truth but, let's face it, he's not going to let anything slip. The only person he might possibly tell would be Cat but...
But I am so ready for the Starks to kick some Lannister ass!!!

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    Cool to read your opinion on one of the early episodes, since I'm going to read book 2 this month (hopefully) and watching the new season right now :)

    1. I'm so annoyed that I'm not all caught up for the new season! I've still got a long way to go... but I'll be there for season 8!!
      I really want to read the books but may wait until I finish the show... are the books any good so far?

    2. I've read the first book and I liked it a lot! Plan to read the second book later this month.