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A Court of Mist and Fury- Sarah. J. Maas BOOK TALK.... AGAIN || ACOWAR WEEK Day 4

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I loved re-reading this because it's my all time favourite book and I've never re-read it before. I first read it in July 2016 and I've been wanting to pick it up every day since. But I had the restraint to wait until Wings and Ruin came out so.... the time has come!!
I just had to write another Book Talk because I had to pick apart some of the foreshadowing and I simply needed to talk about it again!
And if you haven't read this series? Get on it!!! I beg you!
This review isn't as long as the other one because I don't go into as much depth.... but I'll link the other one that I wrote last year if you want a first-read, first-thoughts review (it's much better, in my opinion).
This review will seem like I'm ignoring and brushing over major plot points but that's because I included them in my original review and don't want to produce a carbon copy review!
A Court of Mist and Fury BOOK TALK (First-read)

Re-reading this book was great but... I forgot the first section was Feyre trapped with Tamlin the Tool so... I had to get through that quickly. The whole book really starts when Feyre goes to the Night Court, let's face it.

Feyre gets smothered by the Spring Court and is having terrible nightmares etc and... bull that Tamlin doesn't hear her puking at night! He has Fae hearing and there is no way he'd ever not notice her getting up each night to puke her guts up. He just doesn't seem to care, though.
It makes me laugh now to hear Tamlin say that there never has been and never will be a High Lady. Say that to our feminist little Rhys then, tool!!!
Another cute realisation was finding out that Feyre's birthday was on the longest NIGHT of the year. Sarah J. Maas is a writing genius.
I detest Ianthe for putting those red rose petals in the wedding (the one thing that Feyre was adamant against) but, if she hadn't, Feyre wouldn't have freaked and could've actually married the tool. *Reluctant appreciation for Ianthe's presence*
And from the wedding onward, my heart sores.
One thing I really love is how Rhys instantly teaches Feyre how to read and how to build a wall in her mind to stop Daemati getting through her mental shields. Rhys is aware of Feyre's weaknesses and helps her overcome them instead of smothering her and locking her up! I'm looking at you, Tamlin!
We learn that smothering powers would eventually make a Fae become insane so, Tamlin was literally driving Feyre to insanity by not allowing her to learn how to harness and control her powers.
We begin to meet the Inner Circle... I just love them. Meeting them a second time was so much better because I could pay attention to all the tiny details about them and learn so much more about them because of it!
Espeically Mor. From the very beginning, Mor knows that Feyre is Rhys' mate and she's just the nicest and perkiest but bad-ass character ever!
It's also interesting (and face-palmingly frustrating) to see all the obvious foreshadowing planted straight in front of our faces! Rhys suggests that Tamlin could be working with the King of Hybern and Feyre replies 'He'd never help the king.' Oh... that's awkward.
Feyre needed Rhys in this book because he motivated her and inspired her to do more with her life than sit around being a High Lord's pet. He brought her back to life and taught her how to be strong and independent.
I also love how Rhys holds his court- especially when comparing it to how Tamlin rules his. Rhys just casually walks the streets and knows everyone by name! He sees everyone (even himself) as equals and they all respect each other. Also... there's no stupid Tithe!
Rhys also comforts Feyre! Instead of pretending she's still asleep (cough cough, Tamlin), he holds her hair back when she vomits... which isn't the most romantic activity, I'll admit, but it just shows how much he cares. And, she in turn, comforts him when he has a nightmare. They're just too beautiful for words.
There's one part, in the Court of Nightmares, where Rhys says the most perfect thing ever and it just proves how feminist he is. It's such an important moment because Feyre has been feeling so down about herself but he just proudly shows how much faith and belief he has in her- it helps her so much. And the quote?

'And if you lay a hand on [Feyre], you lose your hand. And then you lose your head...And once Feyre is done killing you, Rhys smirked. Then I'll grind your bones to dust.'
I just love this! 
We have Feyre finding out about Rhys being her mate and then we have Chapter 55... *swooning*.
But when Feyre gets back from the House of Wind after their sexy time, she mentions that she'll start taking a contraceptive brew but... does she take it?!?! We don't see if she actually does that or not!
Re-reading the attack on Velaris made me cry this time when it didn't the first time round. It just hit me that the Inner Circle have protected Velaris all their lives and have always sacrificed everything to keep this city safe- Rhys especially. And to see such a perfect city brutally attacked and watch the Inner Circle fiercely defend their people's lives is heartbreaking. The love and fear they all feel for that city and those people is just too much to think about.
I always love reading about the trip to the Weaver's cottage. The fact that Rhys got Feyre to fight for her wedding ring... it's pure genius. Because anyone that couldn't defeat the Weaver, couldn't survive a marriage with him. His mum sounds awesome and that's such an amazing idea!
Re-reading the last few chapters were... just as painful as the first time, if not more. My anger knew
no bounds when Lucien and Tamlin stepped in beside the King of Hybern. Just hfefnoeuwbnfjv!!!!
But I did have time to freaking appreciate the manoeuvre that Feysand did when Tamlin reached to grab Feyre. Feyre winnowed out of the way, just when Tamlin lunged so he could fall and land straight onto Rhys' fist behind where she once was. That move was pure beauty from my epic OTP, right there! The synchronisation in that, though!
I'm so worried for Cassian's wings in Wings and Ruin. Bless his soul for saving Az like he did by sacrificing his wings! If that isn't brotherly love, I don't know what is!
The ending breaks my heart every time but it gets me so freaking excited because Feyre is so bad-ass and Rhys knows about the whole things and Feyre's going to take down the Spring Court and Lucien can see through the whole bullshit but can't say anything because of Elain!!!!
It's perfection and torture all in one which I think sums up Sarah J. Maas pretty well.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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