Saturday, 15 July 2017

ACOWAR Predictions and Theories || ACOWAR WEEK Day 6

I've been looking forward to reading Wings and Ruin for over ten months of my life and, with that time, comes a lot of thinking. And predicting.
Sarah J. Maas books are notorious for being unpredictable despite the maasses (*wink*) of foreshadowing dipped into every chapter.
But we're going to try.
I have a few theories and predictions about what I think (or hope) will happen in Wings and Ruin.
Obviously, don't read this post unless you read Mist and Fury.

Sarah's mentioned on her twitter that Calanmai happened whilst Feyre was in the Night Court so my bet would be that Ianthe was the one that Tamlin had sex with. Also, I think there's a big possibility that Ianthe's pregnant because of this.... which would be absolutely entertaining.

There's also the possibility that Feyre's pregnant! When we came back after the hot and steamy Chapter 55 of Mist and Fury, Feyre said that she'd take the contraceptive tonic but... did she do it?!?! I would perfectly happy for them having a child. I mean, Feyre sees the Bone Carver as her kid, right? I think a Feysand child would be the most adorable thing and can you imagine Rhys as a dad? It'd be perfect!
Lucien will obviously be able to see past Feyre's glamour because of his mechanical eyes but won't say anything because of Elain.
Mor and Azriel will get together by the end of this book because... come on! They're Moriel and the whole fandom has been waiting for them to get together!

This is more of a want but... when Rhys finally comes to get Feyre he will bow down before her saying 'My High Lady' in front of everyone!! It would be such a Rhys thing to do something like that.
Feyre will have to sleep with Tamlin..... please not. Maybe she'll think, 'if Rhys can do it for nearly fifty years with Amarantha, I can do it for my court'. I really hope she doesn't do this but it's distinctly possible!
We'll definitely see Amren become her true form which... will be like a cool dragon or something. Maybe a wyvern.
Nesta and Cassian will get together. No doubt.
I think that we may have dual POVs.... at the end of Mist and Fury, we briefly flicked to Rhys and back to Feyre and, because our characters are split between business in the Spring Court and Night Court, we'll need to follow multiple characters.
And, finally, we'll all live happily ever after with all our ships in tact? Please, please, please...

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts- what do you think will happen? Stay amazing!

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