Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Elephant Picture || Nostalgic Creative Writing

I'm a very nostalgic and sentimental person. Plus, I want to become a writer. So, when it came to creative writing tasks at school, I kept everything (so I may type up some more in the future). I've been digging through the old archives and stumbled across something that is actually quite significant to me for a multitude of reasons.
It's a small piece that I wrote with one of my best friends when we were 13 years old. This is special because we wrote it at the beginning of our budding friendship and have grown closer ever since. We'd never really talked before and this was probably the first project we ever did together.
We got given a picture (close to this one) and had to write a story about it. We, naturally, went for something more depressing.... and this was when we were in year eight! So, go easy on us.
It's not my best work but it's sweet to look back at.
Who knows? Maybe me and Kaitlin should co-write a book one day!

Kaitlin (Liber Amoris), this one's for you.
(I haven't edited any of it, so excuse us for any mistakes... we were 13. Even though all the punctuation mistakes are killing me!).

Elephant Picture- by Kaitlin Harbour and Chloe Harris

It's poor, high pitch screeches spread across the forest floor, trembling trees in it's path. The memory of comfort, lost in the ropes that tightly bound him, under his enemie's eyes.
Never before had he witnessed such loss and pain from a life he could barely remember. Where was his family? Why was he here? Would he survive? Questions that remained unanswered.
Memories flashing back, bit by bit, piecing together how he ended up here...

Only earlier that morning had he been safe in his mother's shadow when they came. His mother frantically tugged him along, away, but he had held back, confused and scared! That had been the mistake that got him caught.
They came onto him hastily, leaving no space for escape.
A slash on his ankle left him falling to the ground, ropes separating him from his old life. The last thing he saw,  before he blacked out completely, was his mother crying out for him, soon to fall to the ground after the sound of a gun shot.

Now he was here, wherever 'here' was. The days have all blurred together into one big torture. Everyday means slashing, teasing and pain from the monsters who held him captive.
On his last day he gave in to them. There was nothing left in his life to live for. He raised his head towards them, cried out in one last burst of anguish and fell motionless.
"The elephant's body is ours! We are to be rich!" Yelled the beasts that made this elephants life end so badly.

I hope you guys enjoyed that!
Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

PS. Don't support animal cruelty.


  1. Wow we were dark. I had forgotten all about this! Not bad for year 8 though.
    We should definitely write a book someday.