Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Walking Dead 3x13 'Arrow on the Doorpost' TV TALK

This episode was very... tame. It was quite chatty and was mainly character based. Which I like.
TV shows like this are always assumed to be simply blood and gore and violence. The Walking Dead, however, revolves so much more around the characters and how they deal with the situation of being shoved into a zombie-apocalypse.

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Today was a nice chat! The Governor and Rick finally meet and, oh, it's so exciting and yada yada yada.... when are we going to get more Walker action?
I hate how chummy and reasonable the Governor is trying to seem! When he smiles I just want to smack it off his head! He's hiding a gun under the table and I was so on edge the entire time! I wish Rick had just killed him when he had the chance.

Andrea shows up- throwing a hissy fit because she's not as involved as she wants to be! It's not all about you Andrea! She gets a smooth and quick dismissal and... all I can do is chuckle.
We have Hershel and Daryl playing Rick's wingmen but they just awkwardly interact with the Woodbury people that the Governor brought. Poor Milton though- he looks like such a wimp compared to Daryl and everyone.
Hershel has a little chat with Milton and I think they would happily get on- they're both the peacekeepers of their group. I do like Milton, even if he has misguided loyalties.
Merle consistently tries to get the rest of our group to help him attack and kill the Governor but- surprise, surprise- no one wants to join- he even manages to get into a fight with Glenn! I mean, Merle must be desperate if he tries to pick up Michonne's help. Even though his assassin attempts epically fail... he gives me a great laugh.
I'm so happy that Andrea finally found out what the Governor did to Maggie all those episodes ago- now she knows what type of guy she's been sleeping with and choosing over her friends.
I'm happy that Glenna and Maggie have made up- they've been struggling ever since the Governor took them and I'm so happy that they've sorted things out. But, when they went off to have sex... no one was on watch! Get your head in the game, guys!
And then finally, we hear what the Governor actually wants. He wants Michonne. Holding a bit of a grudge, isn't he? All she took from him was... his eye. I guess what they say is true: an eye for an eye. Rick will never do it- he's way too loyal to do that.
Plus, the Governor is planning to completely disregard all of the deal because he just wants to slaughter them all. Hopefully, Rick can see through it all.
So, now we're going to war. And I'm so excited!

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