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A Court of Thorns and Roses- Sarah J. Maas BOOK TALK- Post ACOMAF Re-read || ACOWAR WEEK Day 2

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Yes, I've already done an ACOTAR review and, yes, I'm doing another.
The difference is, these are my thoughts on Thorns and Roses having read Mist and Fury... and, if you've read Mist and Fury, you'll know that every opinion and view changes after reading that beauty of a book. 
So, almost to apologise for my terrible opinions in the original review (link here), I'm making up for it with my updating opinions and OTPs.
If you have not read Mist and Fury yet, I would strongly recommend- scratch that, order- you to read my other ACOTAR Book Talk without all the spoilers from the sequel that this review will contain. The link's up above! Do not read this one until finishing Mist and Fury!!!
I was super fangirling over this whole book because of all the foreshadowing that basically told us what would happen in Mist and Fury! Sarah makes it so obvious and I love pinning down the little clues that she scattered through Thorns and Roses.
I also have a Mist and Fury Book Talk which I'll link here in case you want to check it out!
(Language Warning!!!!)

I was worried going into this book because I thought I'd hate it after reading Mist and Fury and realising how controlling and idiotic Tamlin the Tool is but... it was really fun! I really enjoyed picking out all the foreshadowing and... analysing it basically. My English Language geek emerges! 
I completely forgot how much of a bitch Nesta was in Thorns and Roses. She grows on me a bit in Mist and Fury and I know a lot of people like her but... I just don't see it. I respect that she's very fiery, stubborn and opinionated but I can never get over how selfish and spoilt she is. She demands things like a child and doesn't appreciate anything anyone does for her- Feyre kept her alive for years and all Nesta can do it complain and refuse to do any kind of work.
My first little notice of foreshadowing (and I may be looking more into things that have no relevance) was when Lucien first meets Feyre and says
'You're eyes look like stars." 
Like stars!!! Like the Night Court!! Well played, Sarah, well played. Or.... nice coincidence.

It was actually quite funny to see Tamlin try and 'seduce' (???) Feyre. His opening compliment is 'Your hair is... clean.' And they say romance is dead. It's weird to think now that he's doing it simply to force a bond in order to break Amarantha's curse- but that brings up questions on the original Beauty and the Beast story that I don't really want to think about.
Thorns and Roses reminded me how much I love Lucien. Yes, he does make some mistakes but he's so funny and nice!! I love the scene where Lucien casually tells Feyre how to trap the Suriel- their team work is so nice!
And the first time we see the Suriel? I love it. The Suriel is the ultimate gossip girl and I honestly think the whole fandom loves him. And what does the Suriel tell Feyre to do?
'Stay with the High Lord'
Her doesn't mean the tool- he means Rhys! The perfection of it breaks my heart and is further proof that Sarah is a genius- she knows how to plan her stories from the very beginning. 
The first time Feyre's truly happy in the Spring Court is when she goes swimming with Tamlin... in a pool of Starlight!!! Coincidence?!?!?!
I was so excited for Calanmai because who do we see for the first time? Rhys!! He honestly is 'the most beautiful male I've ever seen.' In the first read, that line was a little cheesy but now my heart knows it's too true to make fun of it! And, after Mist and Fury, we know what Rhys truly means when he says
'Thank you for finding her for me.'
I just love the fact that he was genuinely thanking those fae when it sounded like he was just making an excuse for Feyre. Rhys is just too perfect. 
We next see Rhys when he comes to the Spring Court manor and makes Tamlin bow before him. In the first read of this, I hated Rhys and was cursing him for making Tamlin and Lucien bow. Now... I feel victorious and am yelling 'Yes, that's right! Bow before death incarnate, night triumphant, the High Lord of the Night Court, bitches!!' It's really a splendid moment.
One line I really love and appreciate...
'Rhysand brushed Lucien aside as if he were a curtain.'
It's just so beautifully brutal and I love it!!!  
I completely forgot that the glamour didn't work on Netsa and that she went after Feyre! This is such an important moment of their relationship- when Feyre shares everything that happened with Nesta. It's one of the few nice sisterly moments.
Another juicy bit of foreshadowing people!! Why are we all so oblivious and why is Sarah so wonderfully intelligent?
'[Tamlin's] family had long been tied to Hybern. During the war, the Spring Court allied with Hybern.'
*face palm face palm face palm face palm* 
I always love the fact that Rhys lied about knowing that Clare wasn't Feyre because he wanted to save her... I mean, it's not a great outcome for Clare but it's was a beautiful moment for my beautiful OTP! 
The section Under the Mountain was the best part for me because... the Feysand Feels are strong!!! 
It was nice to add in all the Rhys thoughts and 'behind the scenes' into the events Under the Mountain. 
Like, when Feyre was fighting the Middengard Wyrm, I played the scene in my head with Rhys admiring Feyre so much and him practically hearing Cassian say 
'If you don't marry her, you stupid prick, I will.'
Knowing Rhys' perspective of these events as I re-read them was so special to experience. And it strengthened my ship so damn much! 
I noticed something when reading the part where Feysand make the bargain and it makes me fangirl uncontrollably!
'"Just two weeks," he purred and knelt before me.'
He bows before her!! His mate, his equal!!! So dramatic but I love it to the very core of me. Rhys is a feminist perfection. 
To be honest, I got a tad bit over-defensive of Rhys when re-reading this... even though I hated him when I first read Thorns and Roses. When people taunt Rhys and hate him for not protecting his court and betraying Prythian for being Amarnatha's whore... When they feel disgust towards him for not protecting his court enough.... I hate it! I get so defensive! He loves his court and has done everything for them and Velaris! Don't talk about what you don't understand!! And don't think you're better than Rhys! 
The moment when Feyre and Rhys have a telepathy session for the first time... I was so giddy. 
Rhys was the only thing that kept Feyre from breaking and dying comnpletely!!!
'It took me a while to realise that Rhysand, whether he knew it or not, had effectively kept me from shattering completely.'
Of course Rhys knew what he was doing- he couldn't bare the thought of Feyre breaking and so helped her by talking, flirting, arguing and sending her music. He's such a pure soul. I also love the fact that Rhys goes to her when he's upset and wants some quiet- all he wants is to be beside his mate and it's so cute! 
It kills me too see Rhys screaming for Feyre when she dies. I just think of Rhys telling Feyre of the experience in Mist and Fury... about how he saw he die and that this beautiful gift from the Cauldron was dead... It's so sad! 
At the end when Rhys leaves suddenly on the balcony, you can so see that the bond clicks into place! Rhys feels it and is suddenly certain that she's his mate.... and is in love with another male. And that's when he goes straight home to Velaris and tells Mor, 'she's my mate!' Rhys never deserved such heartbreak! 

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!


  1. I LOVE TO READ THIS! I totally agree. Reading it again after ACOMAF is the best. That little picture there, where Tamlin has to bow, literally me!

    And yes, Sarah J Maas is a GENIUS. I felt the same about the starlight in Feyre's eyes, the pool with starlight and what about the fact that she painted stars on her cupboard for herself!?
    And also she's a genius for first making you HATE Rhys and LOVE Tamlin and then overthrowing the whole balance in the second book.

    Did you read the third already?! It's THA BEST.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I have just finished the third book and I was balling my eyes out the entire time... I became a bit emotionally unstable. I have a review coming on Sunday but, I'll warn you.... it's a long one!

    2. I'M SO SCARED. I'm almost at the end...........