Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Game of Thrones 2x01 'The North Remembers' TV TALK

I've started the second season and it's... interesting. We had a lot of characters stuff in this episode- especially meeting new ones which opened up a lot of opportunities and possibilities for the future.

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North of the wall, Jon Snow and co. are cooped up in a guy called Craster's residence. From what we've seen, I think Craster's a bit of a creep- marrying all of his daughters and whatnot but... each to his own! He's allowed the Night Watch to stay there for the time being and also provided some vital information- he's useful after all!
We learn that an old member of the Night Watch, Mance Rayder, is forming an army in the North that's going to head for the South. Great. Just what we need. We already have enough enemies in the south, let alone the north butting their heads in as well!

We meet Stannis Baratheon in this episode and, to me, he looks a bit cunning and brutal. He has some sort of witchy person with him- Melisandre- that worships the Lord of Light and won't shut up about it. She's already irritating me and it's only been one episode.
Stannis is the other person to know about Joffrey's true heritage- thanks to a letter from Ned Srark back in the day- and has now spread the truth around Westeros which excites me so much!! I'm so happy that basically everyone knows now!!
Over to Daenerys... well, we've seen better days. The Dothraki are starving in the Red Waste and are slowly losing energy and strength. Daenerys has sent three soldiers to try and find land and is also struggling to feed her dragons... I bet they eat people. No doubt.
We have a bit of a confrontation between Cersei and Petyr Baelish which I loved! It was so tense and I found it so entertaining. Baelish was essentially flaunting what he knew in front of Cersei- 'knowledge is power'- and Cersei was basically showing off how cool she is- power is power, bitch!
I found it entertaining, at least.
Over with Robb Stark, we're busy making plans for war! Robb wants Cat to make an alliance with Renly Baratheon to link their armies which I think is a good idea- they'd work well together in the war. Robb's also leaning towards the idea of an alliance with Theon's father, Balon Greyjoy, because we need ships and it's probably the easiest way to get them.
I also freaking loved when Robb had a bit of an intimidation confrontation with Jaime! He shoved the truth of Jaime and Cersei's relationship in his face and, with the help of his direwolf Greywind who's grown so big (!!!), they pretty much scare the crap out of Jaime. Which, of course, I enjoyed so much.
Tyrion did pretty well in this episode, He's probably the most relaxed out of all the characters because he's doing swell! He's the Hand of the King- being able to surprise and taunt Cersei a bit which looked like a lot of fun. He also enjoys some company from the whore Shae that he brought to Kings Landing with him so... Tyrion's living in his own perfect world at the moment.
And, finally, we have King Joffrey. Joffrey is being typical Joffrey- just doing what the hell he wants. He wants to see people die on his name day? Super. He wants to redecorate the throne room for the fun of it? Sure, why not.
I can't believe he doesn't believe the 'rumours' going around that he's Jaime's son! It's so obvious, mate! Cersei slapped him at the allegation and that did not make him happy in the slightest.
So, Joffrey does what he tends to resort to. He orders all of Robert Baratheon's bastards to be killed so that no one can question his claim to the throne.
But one's got away! Gendry is free and... with Arya!!! I'm really desperate to see more of Arya and want them to become really good friends!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I don't like Melisandre's character either!!

    1. My nickname for her is Manipulative Melisandre. I hope she's not in it for too long... or is that wishful thinking?