Friday, 7 July 2017

Game of Thrones 1x06 'A Golden Crown' TV TALK

This has to be my favourite episode so far! So much happened and it was super entertaining! We had a bigger range of characters in this episode and a lot of exciting things are starting to unravel as well as tension starting to build. It's building up to a great end to the season.

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Let's start with little Bran. I love that he's starting to grow more confident in terms of moving and fighting on horseback but... I feel like that confidence was quickly diminished when he nearly got taken from random people... wildlings, is it safe to assume?
But good ol' Robb had his brother's back... until he didn't. Which gave Theon Greyjoy a perfect opportunity to slide in and save the day! What a lovely happy ending to that chapter in the episode.
We got to see Arya's continued training which I love seeing! She takes it so seriously and it's really nice to be able to see her character development throughout the episodes- even if it's only tiny snippets.

Her sister, however, still annoys the heck out of me. I've heard that Sansa becomes quite bad-ass at some point.... and I am counting down the days!
I'm sorry; I just can't not make fun of her. She's so pathetic! Joffrey The Creep came up to apologise for his 'monstrous' behaviour (the sincerest thing I've ever heard), gives Sansa a necklace and she's smitten! It's insane! And later, when Ned tells them that they'll be returning to Winterfell, she has a little strop and says that she can't leave because she's 'in love' with Joffrey! Screw your head on straight, girl!!! I just have to laugh at it otherwise I'd be tearing my hair out.
I loved all the scenes with Tyrion in this episode- he just makes me laugh!
He demands a trial by fighting to Lady Arryn who accepts. They each chose a champion and... it's close. But Tyrion is free!!!
We also see more of Lady Arryn's son who is just about the creepiest kid ever (even giving Joffrey a run for his money). Everything he said just made me squirm and I'm hoping we don't see too much more of him in the future.
The King's gone hunting so Ned was left at Kings Landing to sort out all the business and stuff. And he goes and makes a great big fat enemy of the Lannisters (well done). He proclaimed that Tywin Lannister had to face a trial or would be held accountable by death.
Ned also decides to send his daughters back to Winterfell which is certainly not well received (because Sansa doesn't want someone strong and brave and kind... she wants Joffrey). 
But I'm so excited that Ned has finally found out about the Lannister affair and Joffrey's true lineage! I can't wait for it all to come out!
And, finally, Daenerys was back in this episode!
She had to eat a whole heart for some strange reason... and I have no idea what would've happened if she hadn't eaten it but, she did! She decides to name her son Rhaego without even consulting Drogo but... whatever.
We also got a cool glimpse of Daenerys being... fire resistant? She picks up a dragon egg and her hands don't get burned! I'm sure this is an awesome talent (???) to be explored in the future.
And poor Viserys was feeling a little left out and unloved by this point. Oh, woe is me, everyone loves my sister and won't fight to get my rightful crown back.
But Viserys did get a crown by the end of this episode, the lucky tosser! It was so epic- just how it melted and molded onto his face to kill him.... A+ killing right there.

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