Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Favourite Fan Art- ACOMAF Edition || ACOWAR WEEK Day 3

There is a lot of amazing fan art out there and ACOMAF has some of the best- I have countless wallpapers and pictures of them littered around my life. My favourite fan artists have to be Charlie Bowater and Taratjah (she's amazing- she's does so much- including ACOTAR, The Lunar Chronicles and so much more!).
Seeing all this beautiful artwork makes me wish I could draw but... Alas, I'll just sit here and admire.
All artists credits will be linked in their name if you want to check out more of their work (which I strongly advise!).
There are many that I didn't include in this post- mainly because some are a bit... steamy and involve a lot of paint... (I'm looking at you, Charlie Bowater) but I'd recommend just flicking through Google Images for more. They're all amazing.


The Inner Circle- Charlie Bowater- Buy her stuff!!!
These two pieces of art may very well be my favourite of all time. These are such a beautiful pieces of artwork and each of the characters are exactly as I imagine them to be- it's stunning!
The picture to the right also happens to be in the colouring book- suffice it to say, I'm terrified of doing this page because I'm scared I'll ruin it and not do it justice!

Court of Nightmares Scene- Project Nelm
This drawing is so dark and sexy! I loved this scene in ACOMAF and this is just drawn perfectly. Feyre's dress is exactly how I imagined it (I've seen multiple different interpretations but this is the best I've seen).

Royalty- Charlie Bowater 
This is an amazing piece of the High Lord and High Lady of the Night Court!! This dress is actually the one that used on the cover of Wings and Ruin which is pretty awesome in itself.

Bond Tattoo- Project Nelm
I love this one because they look so dark and epic! This is exactly how I feel the other courts view the Night Court.

Morrigan- Anna Shoemaker
I love this one. Mor is such an amazing and perky character and she's beautiful! This fan art is pretty much spot on to how I imagine her- if not a little more like Charlie Bowater's portrayal up above.

Amren- Project Nelm
I was always uncertain on how I imagined Amren but... this is amazing. It was one of those pictures that I saw and then decided that it would be my head-canon for Amren from now on. She looks so cool!

Feyre and Aelin- Unknown Artist 
We have a bit of Aelin from the Throne of Glass series shoved in here as well but I still had to include this picture. Both of their dresses are perfect- Aelin's dragon back dress and Feyre's starfall dress. They both look so cool and they would be bad-ass in a fight together!

Taratjah Lightning Round!!!! (Buy her stuff!!!- mainly ACOTAR, Throne of Glass,                                                                                                          Shadowhunters, Lunar Chronicles, Percy                                                                                                              Jackson and the Darkest Minds)

Taratjah's art has to be favourite. It's the first time I can truly say that I'm completely attracted to a drawing because... those Rhys drawings are perfection.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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