Thursday, 31 March 2016

March Wrap Up 2016

The month of March was a decent reading month for me as I read a total of 11 books. My target for the year is 75 books which seems small compared to my 150 book target last year (I aced it!) but this year I'm also writing a book of my own so that also takes up a lot of my reading time. Still, I think that I did well this month and have read a good bunch of books. Without further adieu...

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Opposites Book Tag

I've wanted to do this tag for a while and it's pretty much self explanatory but, in this tag, there a bunch of questions involving different opposites that you need to allocate books to. Here we go...

1. The first book in your collection/The last book you bought
Jacqueline Wilson books/ Cress- Marissa Meyer
I can't exactly remember the first book that I got in my collection but I'm fairly sure that, aside from baby books, it would have been a Jacqueline Wilson book. She was my favourite author when I was younger, so I'm semi-sure that one of her books would be one of the first in my collection.
I bought Cress a couple of days so it is definitely the last book that was added to my collection.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

March Book Haul 2016

This is my first book haul on this blog and I'm going to be telling you what books I bought this month. March was a great book buying month (depending on how you look it) and I really did allow myself to buy lots. It's an addiction, really... I have a problem.
There's many books so let's get started.

The Power- Jennifer L Armentrout
This book was released in February and I had to get my hands on it so much that I pre-ordered it. But, just my luck, Amazon decided to screw my order up so I didn't get it until now! This book is one of my most anticipated book releases this year and it's the sequel to The Return. This series is a spin-off series to the Covenant series which is one of my favourites. I would definitely recommend reading the Covenant series first but you can go into this without. These series are about descendants of Greek Gods and basically about how they freaking kick-ass! It's so good and I can't wait to pick this up!

Monday, 21 March 2016


I have just watched the movie that has caused a lot of controversy within the fandom! It hasn't been out too long and of course I had to go see.
I think that the movie Divergent (book/movie number 1) was mainly loyal to the book and was much better than I expected it to be.
However, when Insurgent (number 2) came out, a lot of disagreements rippled out in the fandom. Insurgent did not follow the book in any means possible apart from the characters and their names (even then, we didn't see all the characters).
A lot of people were very unsure of where this film would take these characters and, in my opinion, even though it still completely veered off from the book, I thought it was pretty good. I went into this film with very low expectations because of the last film.
Yes, I understand that it did not reflect the book at all but, if you separate the book and the film like I have done, you will see that the movie was actually quite entertaining. I think that's the best way to go into it. Pretend that this isn't an adaptation but a whole new adventure for these characters; it makes it bearable and you may even find that you enjoy it.
Overall, I did like this movie and am looking forward to the next instalment... Ascendant...?
If you haven't seen the movie or read the book, I suggest that you leave as this next section will obviously contain spoilers for both. Come back when you have and then we can go through our thoughts together...

The movie kicked off with Evelyn taking over the city and, despite this opinion coming up in Insurgent, I realised again that Evelyn does not in any way look like Four's mother. She looks more like his sister- it was questionable casting.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Hexed- Michelle Krys BOOK TALK

*** (3 stars)
Hexed is about Indigo and, once meeting a mysterious stranger called Bishop, finds out that she is a witch. Getting tangled up in a centuries-old war between witches and sorcerers, Indie holds the pressure on her shoulders to retrieve a witches book that is in the sorcerers possession. If she does not achieve this, the entire witch race will die. No pressure then...
This book was really good but, overall, I was a bit disappointed with it- I had high expectations which didn't help.
It was an entertaining read, don't get me wrong but it just didn't grip me in the way I wanted to. I would still recommend reading it- see for yourself whether you like it or not- and then you can come back and see my more in-depth reasons for why I didn't love it.


I gave this book a three stars because I did enjoy it! I haven't read a book revolving around witches for a while and I think it made a nice change.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Book Blogger Memory Challenge

This book tag will basically test my memory on random aspects of books. Don't worry, I won't sneak a peak at my bookshelf- I'm a 'play by the rules' kind of person. I'm excited to do this tag so lets get started.

1. Name a book written by an author called Michael.
For this question, my answer is Michael Morpurgo. He was one of my favourite authors when I was younger and wrote books such as; Private Peaceful, War Horse and Friend or Foe.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Wolf By Wolf- Ryan Graudin BOOK TALK

***** (5 STARS)
This book was stunning! I was not expecting this beautiful read! I'm so happy I picked it up!
This is an alternate history novel. Personally, I don't often pick up historical fiction; it just doesn't interest me. I get bored, confused and lazy whilst reading them. However, when hearing the synopsis for this book, I knew that this had to be the exception. This novel is set in Germany 1956 (post world war 2) and, in this alternate reality, the Nazis won the war. Hitler has reigned for ten years and this book follows a girl called Yael who is part of the resistance. Her mission is to assassinate Hitler. She just has to get close enough to do it.
This entire book was intense, suspenseful and gripping! I flew threw it and it pleasantly surprised me. It was so intriguing. I would recommend it to anyone- even if you yourself don't like historical reads-and please come back once you've read it so you can continue reading this review.


Yael was an amazing protagonist in this novel and I loved reading about her. She was truly inspiring and I admired her, strength, courage, resourcefulness and determination. She was kick-ass and I loved that about her!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

2016 Book TBR

I know that we're already in March, so this post is a little overdue but I figured, better late than never. I've compiled a list of 12 books - one for each month- that I desperately want to read this year. I've already read a couple- it is March, to be fair- but wanted to write my list down instead of having it only exist in my head. Here goes...

1. The Game of Love and Death- Martha Brokenbrough
This is one of the books that I've already picked up and I'm really glad I did. This is a historical fiction novel- a genre I rarely pick up- that follows personified characters of Love and Death.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Meeting Rachel Caine

Last week I had the exciting pleasure of meeting Rachel Caine, the author of The Morganville Vampire series and The Ink and Bone series. This was such a great experience for me as I have never met an author before and Rachel Caine is one of my favourites.
Me and my friend drove down to the Waterstones shop that hosted the book signing and we were so excited! I could not wait! I was hyperventilating!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Mother's Day Best Book Mums

In honour of mother's day, I decided to tell you my top five favourite mothers from books. This list is in no particular order so, lets get started.

1. Rosie Dunne (Where Rainbows End- Cecelia Ahern)
I love Rosie so much. This book follows Rosie's life from a child to an adult and even though Rosie makes a lot of mistakes, I fell like she's a great mother and really has her child's best interests in heart.