Thursday, 31 March 2016

March Wrap Up 2016

The month of March was a decent reading month for me as I read a total of 11 books. My target for the year is 75 books which seems small compared to my 150 book target last year (I aced it!) but this year I'm also writing a book of my own so that also takes up a lot of my reading time. Still, I think that I did well this month and have read a good bunch of books. Without further adieu...


Solitaire- Alice Oseman
I liked this book but was quite disappointed with the ending. The protagonist was very relatable for me but I didn't necessarily approve of her character development as I preferred her at the beginning. But despite this, it was an enjoyable read.

Midnight Bites- Rachel Caine
This is a collection of short stories following the beloved characters of the 15 book series The Morganville Vampires. I loved this; it had such a nostalgic feel and was like coming home. I enjoyed jumping back into the world and seeing these characters again.

Wolf By Wolf- Ryan Graudin
This book has been one of my favourites- if not my favourite!- read this year so far. This is an alternate history novel that is set after World War 2. Hitler has one the war and has ruled for over 9 years. Yael is a major part of the resistance and her mission is to assassinate Hitler- she just has to get close enough to do it. This book was amazing and if you want to see further into my thoughts please check out my full book talk at

Hexed- Michelle Krys
I enjoyed this book and found it really refreshing to read a book about witches. This story followed Indigo who finds out that she's a witch by a sexy stranger named Bishop and she's thrust into this world. But war is brewing- witches and sorcerers have been in a centuries-long rivalry and Indie has to not only learn the struggles of becoming a witch but try and stay alive. If you want to see my full thoughts go and check out my book talk:

The Flynn and River series- Sophie McKenzie
Falling Fast    Burning Bright     Casting Shadows   Defy The Stars
I re-read this series this month just because I was in a dramatic contemporary mood and I hadn't re-read this series in a while. I felt very nostalgic when re-reading this and it was nice to comfortably jump into a series that I knew inside and out. I've re-read this series many times and I enjoyed it yet again.

The Fallen series- Lauren Kate
Fallen    Torment     Passion
There have been rumours that this series will be turning into a movie and so I thought I would start to re-read it. I'm getting through it slowly but... it's hard! I hate to admit this but it's just not as good as I originally thought. It's slow, cliché and very bland. I'm still going to finish the series but I'm quite disappointed. I first read this when I was quite young so, over the years, I'm able to see the flaws in the plot and characters. If it does become a movie I will still go and watch it but it's been a real shame reading these books and noticing the flaws.

That was all for this month. 11 books... pretty good, if I may say so myself. This month was a good reading month and I hope I do just as well next month! See you next time!