Friday, 18 March 2016

Hexed- Michelle Krys BOOK TALK

*** (3 stars)
Hexed is about Indigo and, once meeting a mysterious stranger called Bishop, finds out that she is a witch. Getting tangled up in a centuries-old war between witches and sorcerers, Indie holds the pressure on her shoulders to retrieve a witches book that is in the sorcerers possession. If she does not achieve this, the entire witch race will die. No pressure then...
This book was really good but, overall, I was a bit disappointed with it- I had high expectations which didn't help.
It was an entertaining read, don't get me wrong but it just didn't grip me in the way I wanted to. I would still recommend reading it- see for yourself whether you like it or not- and then you can come back and see my more in-depth reasons for why I didn't love it.


I gave this book a three stars because I did enjoy it! I haven't read a book revolving around witches for a while and I think it made a nice change.
The witch and sorcerer politics were interesting- despite me still not knowing the difference between witches and sorcerers! Is there even any difference?
Indie was, overall, a good protagonist but at times I felt like she came across as a bit superficial and pathetic. At times she acted like a bit of a stereotypically girly wimp and that put me off a tad. It's not that I think that everyone should be strong and independent but it irritated me when she just clung to Bishop's arm or waited for someone to save her.
Yes, there were times when she kicked a substantial amount of butt, I know, but those times when she was a bit pathetic just stood out for me.
However, I did love the fact that she was stubborn, witty and sassy as I always think that they are entertaining character traits to read about. I loved her snarky remarks to Bishop and I loved their banter (trust me, it was so good I had to use that word; banter, which is a word, you'd be pleased to know, that I hate).
Bishop was an interesting character right from the very beginning. He was sassy, witty and, let's face it, sometimes a 'tiny' bit annoying. But, all in all, he was a very entertaining character that made the story a much more refreshing read.
To be honest- and that's the whole point of these reviews- I found their relationship to be pretty insta-lovey. Not 'Romeo and Julliet' insta-love but still quite quick. This didn't ruin my enjoyment for the book, though as I was kind of falling in love with Bishop at that point also.
As much as I didn't like Jezebel, she said a lot of the things that I was thinking during the book.
For example, when Bishop and Indie were having a nice hug in that tunnel thing when they were running away from a dragon! Jezebel stole the words from my mouth. "Quit cuddling and run!" Well, put, Jezebel. Well put.
And also when Bishop and Indie decide to kiss when they're running away from a dragon! "I guess I mistakenly thought we were running for our lives." Again... Thank you, Jezebel. That was exactly what I was thinking.
I'd heard before going into this book that there was a really good cliff-hanger. So, in my head, I was preparing myself for a mind-blowing ending to eventually settle with a mediocre ending. I can see how it would be gripping for some people but, for me, I didn't care enough about what was going to happen to Paige. (Sorry, Paige. You seem really nice but I never got the chance to really care about what happened to you).
I'd spent the second half of the book trying to guess and predict what would happen at the end. And, honestly, I feel like I came up with some much better scenarios.
Despite this, I did really enjoy this book. I think I'm picking up on all the tiny details that I didn't like about it and haven't added all the amazing things about this book.
It was really intriguing and I flew through it.

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