Firstly, thank you so much for checking out my blog! I really appreciate it!
My name's Chloe and, obviously, I love to read! I love to read whenever and wherever I can and I love being able to write all my fangirl feelings on a blog to share with you guys.
I've just finished studying English Language, Media Studies and Sociology in college.
I'm an aspiring author who'd love to publish my own novel one day (fingers crossed!)

When I'm not reading (which is a lot of the time), I'll be writing (aspiring author, remember?), playing the piano (or attempting to) or watching a lot of TV (guilty pleasures...).

Random facts about me:
- My favourite author is Jennifer L. Armentrout because she can do absolutely no wrong and every word she writes is perfection.
- My favourite TV shows include The Vampire Diaries, Killing Eve, Game of Thrones, Westworld and Friends.
- I'm a Marvel Studios Ultimate Fangirl (yes, that title deserves to be capitalised). Iron Man/Tony Stark is my favourite.
- My favourite band artist is Imagine Dragons (Radioactive is the soundtrack to my life).
- My favourite food is cheese and pineapple (not technically a single fave food but, together, they are what heaven is made of).

If you would like to know more about me or if you have a question please feel free to leave a comment or email me at forever.fictional@yahoo.co.uk


Rating System:

* (1 star) - Awful (Sorry...)
* * (2 stars) - Poor
* * * (3 stars) - Good
* * * * (4 stars) - Great/Awesome
* * * * * (5 stars) - Stunning!


  1. Awesome website! I like Imagine Dragons too.

    1. A fellow Imagine Dragons lover! Favourite song?

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  3. Sorry for that! I don't mean to spam.
    Anyhow, hello Chloe! I hope your current reads are going well. If I may ask, what genre do you prefer to read, generally? I know you must read pretty much everything, but what sticks out to you?

    1. Hi Tyler! I'd probably lean more towards YA Fantasy as it's generally what I read more of. How about you?

    2. Plenty of great books there. I tend toward some of the darker tones of fantasy, as well as a dash of mystery. If you've ever heard of Jim Butcher's work, it pretty much encompasses that. Also science fiction.

    3. Thanks for the Jim Butcher recommendation! I'll look into his work!