Friday, 14 July 2017


I found this Book Tag on the Youtube channel Whitty Novels and, as soon as I saw it, I had to do it. Let's not waste any time and get straight into the questions!

1. Lucien- A book that fits more than one genre.
The Covenant series- Jennifer L. Armentrout
Action. Romance. YA. Mythology. It's all in there and it is stunning. Honestly, I'd recommend reading any Jennifer L. Armentrout book- they're the best.

2. Tamlin- A book with a nice cover but you don't like what's inside.
(First off, this question had me laughing out loud).
Fallen- Lauren Kate
I liked this book when I first read it... which was around when I was ten years old. So, naturally, when I'm older and try to re-read it.... I can see how rubbish it actually is. That's just my opinion, though.

3. Amarantha- A book that haunts you.
We Were Liars- E. Lockhart
When finishing this book, I needed to re-read it so simply flicked back to the beginning and started again instantly. This book was so haunting for me and you keep thinking about it long after you've finished.

4. King of Hybern- A book with a lot of bloodshed.
Blood for Blood- Ryan Graudin
I mean... it's in the title!

5. Amren- A book you don't know much about.
The Way I Used To Be- Amber Smith
For some reason, I wanted to read this book so much for ages and yet I have no clue what it's about! I don't know why I'm so drawn to it but I just itching to read the thing.

6. Mor/Morrigan- A memoir 
The Diary of Anne Frank
I'm not a massive fan of memoirs or anything non-fiction so this has to be one of the only memoirs I've ever read. I did extremely enjoy it and would recommend it if this is your type of read.

7. Rhysand- A book that you have a bond with
Other than ACOMAF.... Cress by Marissa Meyers
Cress is my favourite instalment of the Lunar Chronicles because it focused on my favourite characters and I love them! This series is amazing in general; fairytales twisted into a giant plot with a sci-fi twist!

8. Feyre- Pick a book that got you into reading
Soul Screamers- Rachel Vincent
The Gallagher Girls series- Ally Carter
I've always read books but these two series shaped my reading life; they sent me into the fangirl side of reading and I would not be where I am without them. They're the books that I've re-read thousands of times and will always go back to when I need a little nostalgia and warmth.

9. The Spring Court- Pick a book that you read in the spring
To All The Boys I've Loved Before- Jenny Han
This is just a spring book- it's light, funny and the definition of adorable. It makes you all warm and fuzzy which is the perfect feeling for getting reading for spring or summer.

10. The Night Court- Pick a book that you read well into the night
The DUFF- Kody Keplinger
I had it on my kindle and I just stayed in bed all night reading. It was perfect. I got through a few chapters and suddenly I was off and even a meteor could not tear me away from that book before I finished.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts and even do the Tag yourselves! Stay amazing!

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