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Game of Thrones 1x05 'The Wolf and The Lion' TV TALK

I'm half way through!!! I was a bit sad in this episode because we didn't see two certain characters that are my favourites but... we'll not dwell on that.
Overall though, I quite liked this episode. A lot happened and it feels like things are building to create a nice bit of action for the second half of the series which is exciting!!

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We didn't get to see Daenerys or Jon!! And I'm not bitter about it at all.
We stared off the episode with another joust from the Tournament. How long does the Tournament even last for? Because at this rate, it will last all through winter...
We meet a new guy- Loras Tyrell- knight of the flowers (which is just the manliness title if I've ever heard one).
I love how Sansa suddenly became super obsessive and smitten with Loras simply because he gave her a flower before his joust... I sometimes don't even know where to start with this girl. Too bad he's gay- sorry, Sansa.

I don't know what to make of Loras Tyrell- he beats the Mountain (who was a very sore loser, might I add) and then tries to convince Renly Baratheon (boyfriends?) to overthrow the King aka, Renly's brother! Loras is an odd one and I think I need to keep an eye on him- he seems like one of those characters who's very charming and kind to everyone but is a bit manipulative under it all.
We had a bit of Arya in this episode and... all of her mischief begins with her chasing a cat which I find hilarious. She overhears a conversation about a possible murder attempt on the Hand of the King (her dad) and I'm assuming the Lannisters are behind this? Most probably.
We follow a bit more into Jon Arryn and find out that he kept up to date with all of the King's bastard children which... I honestly have no idea why. To be nice? I suppose we'll find out in later episodes and if not... we'll just assume that Jon Arryn was a swell guy.
We have this whole mess with Cat taking Tyrion to the Eyrie as her prisoner.
After a bit of attack where Tyrion saves Cat (!!!!!!), she takes him to her sister who... creeps me out a bit. A lot.
Her sister has a kid who creeps me out a lot more, though (why are all the sons in this show super creepy and weird?). I don't know how old Cat's nephew was but he was breastfeeding and the whole thing cringed me too much for words. I don't even want to think about it.
They've shoved Tyrion up in a high prison for now. So, at least they haven't killed him or done anything more permanent yet. Silver linings, hey!
Through this entire entertaining episode, we have a conversation between Robert and Cersei and it's... decent. It really gives the impression that Cersei has a heart which I feel is a rarity that we may not see again. Therefore, I had to point it out and appreciate the fleeting moment. Amen.
We find out about Robert's plans to kill Daenerys all because they've found out that she's pregnant with a boy... and how did they find out? I know that they heard from Jorah Mormont but I can't understand why. Jorah is Daenerys' adviser and it confuses me why he would pass on information that could put Daenerys in a dangerous position. It just doesn't add up to me.
Ned leaves his post as the King's Hand and... gets attacked by Jaime!
Word had obviously gotten out about Tyrion's capture and Jaime is doing his best to get him back- you can't truly argue with that...
But now, Ned has a sword in his leg and has made an enemy of the King! Yay for Starks! And whose fault is all this? Why, Cat's of course! She was the one who took Tyrion with no evidence! *slow clap for Cat*
(I'll never get over this).

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