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Shadowhunters 1x03 'Dead Man's Party' TV TALK

I will admit that this episode wasn't the greatest- my favourite will stay at episode two for now. But it's early days yet... for me anyway.
This episode didn't have the best dialogue and it was all very sexualised which I don't think sold very well and made the show uncomfortable at times. I would sum up this episode in one word: cheesy.

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Poor Simon was captured by the vampires for the majority of this episode... and yet he still had the best dialogue! I will be honest, though, I was hoping through the entire episode that Simon would get turned into a rat somehow. Sorry, Simon.
But we go into the vampire den and my first thought is... 'Man, this den is stylish!' I figured that their hideout would be a bit more run down and inconspicuous but, obviously, I missed the fact that these vampires are incredible interior designers! I suppose they have a lot of time on their hands... eternity and all.

Simon is freaking out because Raphael and Camille are acting all menacing and whatnot (what with Camille's magical powers to freeze mundanes...) but.... Simon throws a knife at Raphael! Not only is that far from Simon's character but how the hell did he manage such an expert and accurate throw? Oh, right... creative licence.
I quite like the actor for Raphael but I loved Camille. Even though I imagine book-Camille with blonde hair, this actress did a superb job.
We switch back to our group of Shadowhunters, jumping out of Simon's band van that has become their very own Mystery Machine, as we look for weapons. We have some forced sexual tension when Jace did the most cliche teaching of showing a girl how to use a weapon but that wasn't all of the awkward and forced sexual tension! Oh no!
This episode shoved characters together and sexualised everything they possible could.
Isabelle went off to get information from Meliorn... in a very forward way. It's not something that I would ever imagine book-Izzy doing. I know Izzy is very comfortable with her body but using sex to get information out of someone? I expect more from her.
And then with Jace throwing Clary onto a vampire, knowing that she would get charmed by him and practically snog him there and then... it was all a bit odd.
Oh, but that's not it! Camille has a nice kissing session with her captive, Simon, because why not? I think the writers just wanted to make this show really hot and sexy and.... failed in doing so.
We had the flying motorcycle which was true to the books, I suppose, but I didn't really like them in the book and so I didn't really like it in the show. It just seems a bit weird and over dramatic... and a little too like Ron's flying car in harry Potter. Or, better yet, Hagrid's bike!
We finally had the Shadowhunters bound in and rescue Simon after... a lot of dramatic walking. I swear, half of this show is Shadowhunters walking in slow-mo in cool formations. Because, admittedly, it looks bad-ass.
Raphael let Simon go for reasons that I can't even begin to comprehend and then we had ever more relationship drama.
You can just see how much Simon loves Clary- you can feel their chemistry- and Clary just drops the 'best friend' card and his face falls and it makes me want to go and hug him.
We then have Parabatai strains between Alec and Jace and I hate to see them fight. So far in the show, they haven't really acted like Parabatai. They don't have a bond at all really.
But I did like that, at the end of the episode, when Clary and Jace were 'romantically' staring at one another, Simon was glancing at Clary's neck. Is he turning into a vampire so soon?

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