Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Walking Dead 3x12 'Clear' TV TALK

This was a nice gap episode within the main plot of the season. Of course, we were still on a mission to help us with the battle but we only focused on a minor goal and a select few characters. I like this concentration of a character driven episode and the character development shines through in this episode.

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We have a little road trip run today that we focus on and I loved it! Obviously I missed seeing other characters (Daryl....) but it was nice to centre on a few characters and drive character development.
Rick and Michonne drive straight past a hitchhiker to start with and it was actually kind of funny watching him scream and run after them... I don't know what that says about me.
They get surrounded by Walkers and I'm pumped!!! I love a little action and Walker deaths but we didn't really see much of it.

But it's even funnier when the hitchhiker starts running at them for a second time... and they just ignore him again. I kind of wanted to know who it was.
All the guns were looted from the police station so that was a bit of a bust but we find a super secure house or two that's basically surrounded by booby-traps (which is awesome, by the way). and who else is it? Why, it's Morgan from season 1! I've been waiting for him to come back since the second he left.
We have a little shoot out before we realise who it is and it's epic! It's tense, gripping and it makes me so excited. (Nice shot, Carl).
I'm impressed that Morgan set up everything by himself- setting up all those Walker traps that work so well they're hilarious, but... Morgan's gone a bit crazy.
I get why; he lost poor little Duane because he was too cowardly to kill his Walker wife the first time and she's who ultimately killed Duane. It must torture him every day and he's all alone- no wonder he's gone a little mad.
Carl goes to get a crib for Judith and I love that Michonne went with him- it's nice that they're starting a bond that Michonne doesn't really have with anyone else.
Morgan wakes up and stabs Rick! Wow, he's not a happy dude. He thinks Rick is a Walker and it's so sad to watch! And when Morgan begs Rick to kill him!!! Jeez, it's so intense!
It's heart-breaking to see him grieve over Duane and how his Walker wife killed Duane. It was just painful to watch him go through that. But I'd love to see the scenes of it happening.
It's nice that Carl went back for a picture of him, Lori and Rick for Judith to have but what a palava that was! There are many many Walkers in that bar and we were okay with just distracting them... until that one stupid rat leads the Walkers to them.
It was hecka entertaining, though, because whenever Michonne gets out her sword, you know it's going to be epic.
I'm sad that Morgan isn't going to be with our group but... he is pretty crazy and wouldn't be stable or safe for the group. Plus, I don't want another bromance starting between them when I am solely on bromance Rick and Daryl.
'You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets.'  What a lovely and pessimistic point Morgan makes.
I love the little bond moment that Rick and Michonne have before leaving where they talk about Rick seeing things and Michonne admitting that she used to talk to her dead boyfriend. They even have a little joke about it! It's kinda cute!
The ending was purely beautiful for me. They find a fresh body- the hitchhiker!- and, finally they stop for him!!! To take his backpack... It creates a nice symmetry to the episode which I liked.

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