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Game of Thrones 1x04 'Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things' TV TALK

I wouldn't call this episode confusing... I'd just say that I have a pretty short attention span. I continuously badgered my brother over who was who and what was happening but I think that'll happen a lot until I really get to grips on what's going on. (I always forget what Jorah Mormont's name is... I ask who he is every single episode).

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We met Sam in this episode and... you can't not feel sorry for him! He's a lover, not a fighter- the poor guy can barely lift a sword! It's nice that Jon's got his back and is defending him- who wouldn't want Jon Snow to defend them?
They bond a bit which is nice because neither of them look like they've got many friends. And we find out that Jon is a virgin- colour me shocked! (And I'm not even being sarcastic!) Though he does have a perfectly good reason.
Bran is officially up and about now- even if he needs to be carried around by Hodor. It was sweet of Tyrion to suggest Bran learning to ride- you could see how it brought Bran's spirit up a little- the mentality of finding out you're paralysed can't be easy.

Ned spends the majority of the episode chasing leads about how Jon Arryn died and whether it was poison or not. This was the part I got a bit muddled with. There were a lot of whos and wheres and whens and they just overwhelmed my poor little brain a little too much, My brother paused the episode quite a few times just to keep me up to speed (there are a lot of names!). With a show like this, it's sometimes hard to meet new characters because you don't know if the character will be important or not. Sometimes I'll ask what a character's name is and it turns out that I don't really need to know who that person is- it takes a while to filter out who you don't need to know and who you do.
We saw little of the Stark women in this episode- simply getting glimpses of small snippets of what was happening.
I'm happy that Arya's still training- taking it pretty seriously- and that she doesn't want to be a typical wife- it's nice to have a bit of a feminist on the show.
Sansa continues to annoy me as usual. I just find her to be a bit spoilt and whiny- nothing's ever good enough for her. The biggest worry to her is whether she'll only give birth to girls and not boys (I won't even start on the prejudice that women can't become Queens and there has to be a male heir). Sansa's just all round pathetic and I couldn't care less about her story line- sorry!
But Littlefinger did have quite an interesting chat with them. We'd just started the Hand's Tournament and Littlefinger turned up to share stories on The Mountain and The Hound. The whole thing didn't really sit well with me- he acted a bit vicious and conniving when he told them the story and I don't think there was any real point of it all apart from scaring Arya and Sansa. I don't trust Littlefinger really... need to keep an eye on him.
Away from Westeros, we kept up with the Dothraki and House Targaryen (which are my favourite scenes of each episode).
And I love how strong Khaleesi's becoming! The way she stood up to her Viserys and hit him back when he thought he could just control her? That was pretty epic! Viserys has no chance of taking the thrown- his plan is sort of crumbling around him and I think Daenerys would rule over Westeros much better.
We had a little threat-off between Ned and Cersei which I enjoyed because the tension is so addictive and you can just hear everything they really mean beneath their words!
We finished off with a slight confrontation between Cat and Tyrion. Cat decides to just throw caution to the wind and accuse Tyrion and the Lannisters of the attempted murder of Bran with no evidence! What the heck does she think she'll achieve with no solid evidence! She should've waited for Ned to find something but now she's completely ruined any stealth they had that could've given them the edge.
And seizing Tyrion. Without a doubt, I can tell that Tyrion had nothing to do with the attempted murder on Bran- he was trying to help him earlier!! That murder attempt was all Cersei and Jaime- don't blame Tyrion!!!

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