Monday, 19 June 2017

Game of Thrones 1x01 'Winter Is Coming' TV TALK

Yes, I'm watching it.
Before, I was in the tiny percentage of the population that hadn't watched GOT but now, I'm a changed person. My brother is a total fanboy over the series and has tirelessly tried to get me to watch it.... so here we are.
The first episode impressed me a lot- if not overwhelming me a bit with all the names and places and very disturbing relationships. The show reminds me an lot of the Throne of Glass book series- different kingdoms, heirs, bloodlines trying to get their throne- so, if you like the Throne of Glass series, I'd recommend giving this a try (but let's face it, the majority of you are already watching this).

I loved the starting sequence North of the wall with the Night Watch. The set was beautiful- the forest covered in snow- and the pacing was well done. I loved the white walkers- they reminded me so much of the Walkers in The Walking Dead that I couldn't stop the smile gracing my face. The white walkers are pretty cool.
We meet the majority the Stark family first and I like them. They seem pretty decent- especially when you compare them to some of the other bloodlines.
I also do quite like Jon Snow... which scares me a little because I have the impression that he's evil? I don't know- I may have totally misheard people when they talk about him but... I must say, he's quite nicely easy on the eyes.

I also like Arya- she's cool because she contradicts every kind of sexist portrayal they have of women in this show (I'm a hardcore feminist).
Another of my favourite is Tyrion- he seems quite funny and cool- plus I love the actor, Peter Dinklage, who is a very talented actor.
We were introduced to the little Direwolves and they're so cute!!! I don't know if they become wild beasts as they grow- they are wolves- but they're so adorable as little pups.
We went away from Westeros for a little bit to get introduced to Daenerys Targaryen and that little prick, Viserys. I hated Viserys- he's a selfish bastard and has no respect at all for his sister! He basically sells her off as a pawn to Khal Drogo and doesn't care that she doesn't want to (though, that's not even the most disturbing brother/sister relationship in this show). I felt so sorry for Daenerys but have no doubt that she'll become all kinds of epic in the future (plus, I freaking love Emilia Clarke as an actress).
We saw glimpses of Joffrey Baratheon and... man, does he give me the creeps. He didn't even talk in this episode but just the look of him cringes me out! Which also doesn't surprise me seeing as though the rumour that he's Cersei and Jaime's son.... ew. But Sansa Stark seems to like him so, good luck to her.
The main plot point of this episode was the loss of Jon Arryn as the King's right hand man and Ned Stark being offered the job as a replacement. I always thought Ned would do it but it was obvious after the accusation that the Lannister's had murdered him due to him knowing about the Twins' affair. I have no doubt they did it.
And, finally, another character that I began to love was Brandon Stark. I started becoming attached to Bran because he was cute and cheeky and liked climbing.... a bit too much for his own good. As soon as he heard the moaning, I freaking knew it was Cersei and Jaime! And as Jaime caught Brandon... I knew he'd just push him. And the worst thing is, everyone's going to assume that Bran simply fell when climbing!! The Lannister's will just get away with it.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!


  1. Comparing Game of Thrones to the Throne of Glass series certainly catching my attention! I'm part of that tiny percentage that's never watched it, but maybe I should give it a try.

    Have you heard anything about Hulu making Throne of Glass into a tv series? They mentioned it last year but I haven't heard anything about it recently. Hope it happens!

    1. I have heard about the Throne of Glass TV show but I'm so scared for it!! I want the show to do the books justice but I just can't see how they could adapt such a complex and intricate world successfully. I have strong hopes, though.