Tuesday, 27 June 2017

June Book Haul 2017

June was a decent month of collecting books which is good because I have a long long summer ahead of me and books are the things that will be through. Let's get straight into it!

Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices #2)- Cassandra Clare
This was obviously going to be one of the first books I got. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love and I can't wait to read it- each and every Cassandra Clare book gets better and better. The only thing that saddens me with these covers is that the spines are basically identical! It just looks like I have the same book on my shelf twice (which there is nothing wrong with...).

Two Hundred Very Short Stories- Helen Keeling-Marston (ARC) 
Helen was very kind as to get into contact with me and offer me a physical copy of her book for an honest review in return- a personally signed copy and everything! I read this during June- the collection of short stories being perfect for exam time- and I loved it! I have a full Book Talk up already for the book which I'll link below in case you're interested!!
Two Hundred Very Short Stories BOOK TALK

The Woman in White- Wilkie Collins 
I was given this book and there's a really nice story behind it. For my English Language exam, we're given an unseen author and text to analyse. My English teacher constantly predicted that it would be Wilkie Collins and encouraged us to read his work as prep. When the exam came up, the one and only Wilkie Collins came up (!!!) and I instantly grinned because I knew my teacher would be ecstatic! After the exam, me and my friend fangirled with her about it (we often fangirled over our love of books with her) and, as a leavers gift, our teacher got both me a my friend a copy of the text that came up! She signed it with some beautiful words and it's a book that I'll treasure for the rest of my life- who says teachers don't have favourites?

Doing It- Hannah Witton
Hannah Witton is a Youtuber that I watch and this is the first Youtuber book I've ever read- I'm usually quite against them. Hannah makes videos about feminism, equality, sex and relationships. She always raises some amazing points and encourages body confidence within our discriminating society. This book is all about sex and relationships and, as I am currently half way through, I can safely say that it's very enlightening and wise covering a range of different and important subjects.

The Sky is Everywhere- Jandy Nelson 
I've always wanted to read a Jandy Nelson book and as soon as I saw this beautiful cover, I jumped for it! I've previously read a tiny bit of I'll Give You The Sun but couldn't get into it- I'm hoping to try again in the future. I can't wait to give this book a go- a contemporary to get me through the summer!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!


  1. No denying the favouritism at all!!! If I was a teacher I'd so have favourites!!

    1. Not to brag but, on my shirt, Miss Meaney also put 'One of my favourites.' Teachers just like me I guess ;)

    2. Wow, who's showing off now miss popular!