Saturday, 10 June 2017

Dear Evan Hansen Musical: Act 1 SOUNDTRACK REVIEW

I don't know what it is with American musicals, but they seem to split me open and swipe straight for the heart. I recently started listening to the Dear Evan Hansen musical soundtrack, simply fell in love with it and have been listening ever since.
I first heard the song Waving Through a Window from a Youtube cover by Thomas Sanders, Dodie Clark and Ben J. Pierce. It's such an amazing cover and got me looking into the whole soundtrack. (Link here to their video cover).
I consider this musical to be a love letter to anxiety- if that works. The story is very social media based and deals with subjects like anxiety and suicide. It's such a poignant and inspiring story, I'd definitely recommend it.

I was originally going to do the whole soundtrack in one post, but it was way too long so I've split it into Act 1 and Act 2.

(Plus, I also love that the colour scheme matches my blog so all the pictures blend in beautifully).


Anybody Have A Map?
I love this song- it's a great beginning to the musical. The family aspect is so prominent through this story and this mother's perspective is so nice to hear. It also makes everything so much more heart-wrenching when you compare this song to So Big/So Small or Good for You- there's such a contrast and it's incredible!

Favourite Lyric:
'I'm flying blind and I'm making this up as I go.' 

Waving Through a Window
This was the first song of the soundtrack that I heard and essentially why I got into the musical. I originally heard a cover of it by Thomas Sanders, Dodie Clark and Ben J. Pierce on Youtube (link here- it's amazing, trust me) and the lyrics just make me sob. I've never related so much to a song in my life- it's like the theme tune to my life. I love this musical's focus on anxiety and this song just speaks to my soul. It gives me all the feels and, damn, Ben Platt is a stunning singer! This is my favourite song from the soundtrack and always will be, I think.

Favourite Lyric(s):
'No slipping up if you slip away.'
'Step out the sun if you keep getting burned.' 
'But every sun doesn't rise'
'Will I ever make a sound?'

For Forever 
This is another of my favourites because it hits me right in the feels. I love how soft and comforting it is but then it builds and builds. It makes my heart hurt so much though because Evan is essentially re-imagining his suicide attempt and changing it so that he has a friend- someone who is there for him when no one actually was. It breaks my heart that it's actually all fake and I wish to God that it was true for Evan.

Favourite Lyric(s):
'Like we'll be alright for forever'
'I see him coming to get me...he's coming to get me. and everything's... okay.'
'Buddy, you and I for forever this way'
'Two friends. True friends. On a perfect day.'

Sincerely, Me
This is yet another of my favourites (and I promise I won't say that for every song). It's upbeat, catchy and, my goodness, the harmonies in this!!! This is the funniest track from the show and... I just love Jared. He may be my favourite character and his humour really shows in this song. The banter and jokes through this song were so light-hearted and it just plastered a perpetual smile on my face!

Favourite Lyric(s):
'Cause all that it takes is a little re-in-ven-tion!'
'It's easy to change if you give it your attention.'
'All you gotta do is just believe you can be who you wanna be'.

I've always liked this song but it's grown on me more and more as I've listened to it and thought about the context. Laura Dreyfuss has a beautiful voice and I love the lyrics in this song. It has so much power and honesty and emotion. The different layers from her mum and dad really add to the song and I love that this show doesn't just present a relative dying as grief; it's a complex mix of grief, denial, anger and bitterness.

Favourite Lyric(s);
'I will sing no requiem, tonight.'
'Cause when the villain falls, the kingdoms never weep. No one lights a candle to remember'
'Don't tell me that I didn't have it right. don't tell me that it wasn't black and white.' 
'Don't say it wasn't true; that you were not the monster that I knew.' 

If I Could Tell Her
This is the cutest song. Ever. I don't usually like all the talking in songs but if this wasn't the most awkward but adorable interaction ever. It's so sweet and the way they both nervously talk to each other makes my heart melt.
But.... there is no way anyone would really believe that a brother would say those things to a sister. My favourite line of the song is, 'there's nothing like your smile, sort of subtle and perfect and real.' but I would be real creeped out if my brother said that to me. It was just so obvious that Evan thought those things about her!

Favourite Lyric(s):
'He said, there's nothing like your smile, sort of subtle and perfect and real.'
'you looked really it looked pretty cool when you put indigo streaks in your hair.' 
'But we're a million worlds apart... and I don't know how I would even start. If I could tell her.'

This song is like a pep-talk to me- especially the first two minutes and a half. The song has such a beautiful message and it's unbelievably motivating. Yes, it made me cry because, again, it was so relatable and the feeling of disappearing is so close to home- as I'm sure it is for everyone in one way or another- the beauty of this show being that it can apply to everyone.
When Connor starts singing about falling in a forest.... it breaks my heart! Through the whole show, they continue to reference falling out of a tree and no one being there, and every time they do this,. it's a punch in the gut.

Favourite Lyric(s):
'No one deserves to be forgotten, no one deserves to fade away.'
'No one deserves to disappear.'
'Even if you've always been that barely in the background kind of guy- you still matter.'
'If you never get round to doing some remarkable thing, that doesn't mean that you're not worth remembering.'
'No one should flicker out or have any doubt that it matters that they are here.'

You Will Be Found 
Though this song reminds me so much at times of Flashlight by Hailee Steinfeld, I love the message behind this song. It's another hard-hitting song that makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry but it's so inspiring at the same time. Evan's solo at the beginning has such an important message that I just think everyone needs to hear. I love Alana and Jared part for some reason.... I just love the harmonies. The song builds beautifully with the whole cast joining in and the montage of reporters in the background works so well.

Favourite Lyric(s):
'Have you ever felt like you could disappear- like you could fall and no one would hear.' 
'Let that lonely feeling wash away- maybe there's a reason to believe you'll be okay.'
'Even when the dark comes crashing through.'
'When you're broken on the ground, you will be found.' 
'If you only say the word, from across the silence your voice is heard.' 

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts- what's your favourite song? Stay amazing!


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    1. We've got a long summer ahead of us...