Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Game of Thrones 1x03 'Lord Snow' TV TALK

We were all a bit chatty this episode. One or two 'major' things happened but it was fairly character orientated in this episode- we focused more on character development and relationships instead of the plot. Which I don't mind and I completely understand that I'm only three episodes in- I need to be a tad less impatient.

TV TALKS: 1x01 | 1x02

We learnt (or I learnt) a bit more about the whole concept of Winter in the Game of Thrones world. I was a bit confused to begin with about the whole saying 'winter is coming' but soon understood that it's different to any winter that we experience. Winters in Westeros can continue for as long as 80 years and let's just say... that's not really my cup of tea either, so I can understand why people are dreading it. It sounds like a nightmare.

Bran is finally awake (!!!) but... he's a bit useless isn't he? I feel sorry for him that he's now paralysed but I don't know if I believe him when he says that he doesn't remember what happened- that he thinks he simply fell. He sound too adamant- like he's hiding something. I don't know which is worse- him lying and being at risk of being murdered by the Lannisters or him actually having forgotten and not passing on the valuable information that he had!
Because Jaime is super creepily loyal to Cersei and even though I know that the actors aren't siblings, every scene between them cringes me out!
But Cat totally suspects the Lannisters- even though she doesn't have solid evidence. She came to the capital in this episode and has enlisted inside help- Littlefinger? We even got a bit of romantic drama as they've alluded to a past between Cat and Littlefinger- how very exciting.
And way to put even more pressure on Ned! He already had to deal with the rumour that the Lannisters murdered Jon Arryn, the fact that the Crown is in debt... sure, why not? Let's throw your son's murder attempt on top of it all! Go find out who's responsible, Ned, you can do it!
We got a small snippet of a power-hungry (aka. stupid) Joffrey chatting with mother-dearest and I completely stand by my opinion that he's a vicious little creep. I wouldn't want him anywhere near me, that's for sure.
And Arya's started training with Needle (what a name)! I'm so excited for her to become all kinds of bad-ass and put all the boys in their place. Girl power and all that.
We also followed a bit of Jon Snow and Tyrion at the Night Watch. While Jon may be super awesome and talented, I don't think the Night Watch is his place to be, I think he's slowly realising that too- let's just hope it's before he swears his life to serving them.
And, finally, we saw a bit more of Khaleesi (I'll continue to call her Khaleesi because it's far easier to spell...). I love being able to see her become more confident in her skin and in her power-position and I'll always be thankful that she embarrassed Viserys- I think he may begin to regret his decision in forcing his sis into marrying Drogo.
And we find out that Khaleesi's pregnant!!! I'm sorta excited even though I've never seen clips or heard anyone talk about her actually having a kid so... there could easily be a miscarriage, I think, or even a false pregnancy (how reliable was that prediction, anyway?)

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