Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Vampire Diaries 8x13 'The Lies Will Catch Up With You' TV TALK

Another Damon Salvatore quote from Season One to title this episode- Damon's a wise one, isn't he?

I loved this episode- the good old quality TVD humour back and one of the sassiest characters also makes a reappearance which is, namely, the person that spikes up the humour scale. This episode was entertaining, funny and a pleasure to watch (as well as heartbreaking as always).

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With every scene that Kai was in, I was grinning like an idiot. TVD has the sassiest villains ever and Kai is living (or dead) proof of that.
Watching him come back from hell was hilarious. Why wouldn't you come back to eat the Mystic Grill out of their food stock, kill some people and take a selfie to top it all off? That's Kai for you... #CobraKai1972

I didn't even think that the compulsion would wear off on everyone that Stefan's ever compelled!! That would cause a lot of issues but we have Caroline as our backup. Caroline is always the one to clear up everybody's mess and I respect her so much (it's so easy to see that I love Caroline).
Dorian had a little temper-tantrum today and subsequently shot Stefan. Nice going, Dorian. It was pretty brutal, though, making Stefan dig his own grave. I'd have said, be done with it, shoot me. No way as heck would I be doing hard-labour if someone was going to shoot me anyway.
We had psychic Bonnie creating a whole new world (cue Aladdin song) for Enzo to hideaway from hell which is all cute and romantic and heart-wrenching and everything but.... I find all of Bonnie's new powers a bit convenient. We're nearing the end of the final season of TVD and we need to wrap things up and the only way to do that is with magic so...... out of nowhere Bonnie has powers again!
I hated the part where Stefan completely rejected Caroline. I get that he's human and it's harder to maintain a relationship but... he can't just abandon her like when nothing is her fault and she has always stood by him. And it was also such a cliche break-up reason; 'I'm leaving you because it's the best thing for you'.
Oh, Kai double crossed us?!?! Shocker... He cloaked Elena and I love him regardless. I don't care if he's a sociopath, I freaking love the guy. 'If I'm going down, I'm going out with a bang.' Yes, Kai!!!!
I always love it when the twins are in an episode because they are just too damn adorable. It saddens me so much to think that they're Gemini twins which means one will have to kill the other when they're older... The twins are going a little crazy, though, with all this syphoning and bless Josie trying to turn Lizzie into a freaking fire ball!!!
It's scary that only three episodes remain!! Commence the countdown!

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