Saturday, 17 June 2017

Dear Evan Hansen Musical: Act 2 SOUNDTRACK REVIEW

Part 2!!!! (You can read my review of Act 1 here in case you missed it).

Sincerely, Me Reprise (Cut from the soundtrack) 
I hate that this was cut from the soundtrack because it is stunning! Just look it up on Youtube and, if you love Jared, you'll love this beauty of a reprise.

To Break In A Glove 
This used to be my least favourite song- I don't know why, but I just didn't care much for it. But as I've listened to it more, I love it!! I'm still not a massive fan on all of the talking (I think there's too much in this song) but it's gotten so catchy and I now can't help but smile when I hear it! It's very underrated within the musical and I think it deserves more praise.
I love how it portrays the gradual process of forming a bond- a little slow and awkward at the start but, by the end, they sing and harmonise together- a true team. Larry is the dad that Evan always wanted and Evan is the son that Larry always wanted. Their both so desperate for a father son relationship and its so evident in this!!! It's so beautiful and pure! Especially when Evan says, 'Connor was so lucky to have a dad..... a dad that cared so much.... about taking care of stuff.' Their growing love for each other is so obvious in everything they don't say.

Favourite Lyric(s):
'It just takes a little patience, it takes a little time. A little perseverance and a little uphill climb.'
'It's the hard way but it's the right way.'
'There's a right way in everything you do; keep that grit, follow through.'
'Even when around you thinks you're crazy.'
'Connor was really lucky to have a dad... a dad that cared so much.... about taking care of stuff.'

Only Us 
I like this song because it reinforces how genuine Evan and Zoe's relationship is. It's easy to think that the sole foundation of their relationship is Connor and that, if Evan hadn't lied about being best friends with him, they wouldn't be together. and while that's totally true.... it just shows that Zoe has gotten to know Evan and that she now loves him for him and not because of Connor. It's also just a naturally beautiful catchy and beautiful tune. I love the powerful parts of the song and they so smoothly fade into softer and more genuine parts.

Favourite Lyric(s);
'Try to quiet the noises in your head, we can't keep up with all that.'
'We can just watch the whole world disappear.'
'The world falls away.... and it's only us.'

Good For You 
This was one of my favourites from the beginning. I absolutely bloody love it. It's so bitter!!! You can feel the bitterness and attitude shooting from the power and sarcasm in their voices and it's phenomenal. Evan's mum is absolutely stunning in this song- my favourite of hers- and when you compare it to Anybody Have A Map? it's punches you in the heart massively- listening to them back to back is torture! I also adore Jared's part because... I love everything about Jared. The words are cutting, bitter, strong, bitter, powerful, and so deliciously bitter!!! And when Evan joins in with his part.... the tension and rage just builds and it's amazing!

Favourite Lyric(s): It was hard to to recount the entire song.
'I'm sorry I had it rough, and I'm sorry I'm not enough.'
'Well I hope you had a blast when you dragged me along.'
'You say what you need to say and you play who you need play. And if somebody's in your way crush them and leave them behind.' 
'Well I guess if I'm not of use, good ahead you can cut me loose. Go ahead now, I won't mind.'
'I'll shut my mouth and I'll let you go is that good for you?'

Words Fail 
I wasn't a massive fan of this to begin with but, again, it's turned into one my favourites. I originally didn't like it because the song is very stuttered and that made it the opposite of catchy. It was harder to learn because there was no consistent tune or melody. But having learnt the song (and being able to sing along with it) I wholly appreciate and adore how stuttered the song/melody/tune is- it portrays Evan's scrambled thoughts and emotions perfectly in that moment. Of course he's going to be all over the place in such a situation. Ben Platt sung this song so beautifully because you can hear all the emotion in his voice so clearly- so vividly- it's liked he truly lived through these emotions when he sung this. and when it repeated a refrain from Waving Through A Window? I'm always crying at this point! We've seen him progress so much through the story and suddenly we're transported to the beginning again and it's heart-breaking!!

Favourite Lyric(s):
'I'd rather pretend I'm something better than these broken parts. Pretend I'm something other than this mess that I am' (I love the emotion when he sings this line and hell if I can't relate to every word).
'Cause what if everyone saw? What if everyone knew? Would they like what they saw? Or would they hate it too?'

So Big/So Small 
This is probably my least favourite but, don't get me wrong, I still love it. This song reduces me to tears. When you contrast this song to Anybody Have A Map?, all the happiness has seeped out of Heidi and it's makes me feel deflated. I always cry when she quotes Evan saying 'Is there another truck coming to our driveway. A truck that will take mommy away?' That line in particular makes me want to cry. But the part that always makes me sob? 'You're mom isn't going anywhere- you're mum is staying right here. You're mom isn't going going anywhere- you're mom's staying right here. No matter what, I'll be here.' Just the pure emotion in her voice and the fact that she won't leave no matter what happens and that she'll still stick with him after everything.... it breaks me.

Favourite Lyric(s):
'Is there another truck coming to our driveway? A truck that will take mommy away.'
'You're mom isn't going anywhere- you're mum is staying right here. You're mom isn't going anywhere- you're mom's staying right here. No matter what, I'll be here.'

The little talk at the beginning of this song is so important, so beautiful and makes me sop proud of how far Evan has grown! It's the perfect ending! I also love the repetition of For Forever because I love that song and the calm, peace and serenity this harmonised version brings just makes my soul at ease. It's a truly satisfying end to the song.

Favourite Lyric(s):
'Dear Evan Hansen. today is going to be a good day and here's why. because today, today at least you're yo and that's enough.' 
'We could be alright for forever this way.'

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