Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Vampire Diaries 8x14 'It's Been a Hell of a Ride' TV TALK

This was a seemingly very long episode. The action started very early on so the episode felt like it went on forever- which is totally a good thing, especially as the beautiful Kai Parker is in the episode.
We resolved many things in this (episode mashed up almost too quickly? Series being mashed up too quickly??) but it opens up another plot that's super exciting!!!

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Kai was the star of this episode for me- as he is just by being present. He's so funny- I find him endlessly hilarious. Despite him being a murderous sociopath, I will forever love him anyway. I especially appreciated him calling Stefan completely different names- it just adds to his humour.
But aside from this general and natural charisma and charm, we got a snippet of a backstory from him! We know he's a syphon Gemini twin but he made me feel super sorry for him! He was isolated when he couldn't help what he was, okay? That deserves a little pity... His whole family congratulated and fawned over Josie while they isolated and trapped him.... no wonder he got screwed up.
"Well, I chose to become a sociopath with a taste for murder and mayhem but I take it you might want to steer them in a different direction?"

We had a bit of a selfless Damon in this episode which is always pleasant to see... except now we have two people battling for the hero hair! The Salvatores are truly martyr brothers- they fight because they both want to be the one to die! I loved the 'It's been a hell of a ride' quote drop as well! Super smooth.
We killed Cade today. Yep. Just like that.
You could say that I was slightly underwhelmed? I just thought it should've taken a bit more struggle (this whole series should be longer to be honest). Bonnie has this super psychic magic now and... she did something? And it killed Cade? Just like that?
Well, that was the explanation we went with.
I love the fact that Alaric is opening a little school for syphons and magic children- it's totally something you can see Alaric doing! At least we know that Ric's sorted for the finale and afterwards.
Lucky Caroline getting proposed to, not once, but twice!!! My Steroline heart!!!
The best part of this episode was the end though. For starters, Kai being trapped in his own personal hell (being tied up and a pop song on repeat for eternity!!! Vicious!!!) was the funniest and most genius idea that Bonnie's ever had despite me feeling sad that Kai won't be in the series any longer.
I just love close-ups of Kai's face...
And of course...
The myth. The legend. The baddest bitch of all.
(God, that's so dramatic and I love it).
I'm so thankful that Katherine will be the last ever villain of TVD- she was the best after all. Damon was technically the first main villain but Kitty Kat wasn't too soon after and it gives me the greatest satisfaction that she'll finish off the show with style.
I'm so pumped!! I've been spoiled a lot so I know what happens but I can't wait for her to unveil herself in true Petrova style!

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