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The Walking Dead 3x11 'I Ain't A Judas' TV TALK

I'm super behind with these reviews because I'm actually now watching Season 4 but I'm determined to see these reviews to the end! So, these next few reviews may be very brief but I'll try my best.
In this episode, we had a lot of tension and alliances being made- changing sides and ulterior motives. And amongst it all, we had Andrea trying to be peacekeeper.... Nice try.

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I felt sorry for Rick at the beginning of this episode- he's under a lot of pressure and even Carl doesn't even believe in him! The prison is falling apart at the seams a bit really. Everyone's fighting and they barely have anyone to fight with. They're severely outnumbered and nothing is going to work if they're fighting from within!

I like how Hershel had his little talk with Merle- Hershel is so kind and good and he doesn't prejudice anyone against their past (though, I totally do understand Glenn's hatred for the guy).
The Governor is trying to create an army but with kids? He shouldn't force them to fight. And damn the Governor for lying and saying that our group were the instigators of the attack. The Governor just tries to paint a pretty of himself and little Andrea doesn't help anything by whining to everyone about how they should all be happy. I find Andrea a bit pointless because she doesn't really know what she's doing and is just blindly trying to fix everything. She's so gullible! She believes anything anyone tells her!
But I freaking love Karen- she's so sassy and I love Melissa Ponzio! She's so persistent and fierce!
We had a Carol and Daryl moment! She's happy he came back and, man, the meaningful glances!! That's right Carol, you tell Daryl that Merle will only bring him down! I freaking love them.
But, again, let's look at little Andrea trying to make peace by running off to the prison and talking sense into everybody so that we can all hold hands and be happy. Well done, Andrea.
Milton is such a spineless tale-tale. He goes straight to the Governor- I thought more of him than that.
But watching Milton try and take down that Walker when helping Andrea get a couple of pets was extremely funny- Milton definitely isn't a fighter.
Tyreese and Sasha's crew bound in! Milton takes them back to Woodbury. The Governor just goes on to try and charm Tyreese and the group and.... they don't help. They basically tell the Governor that Rick's crazy and just hand over victory to him
Is it just me that loves how Michonne literally just glares at everyone? She's not one of many words but if looks could kill, she'd be a serial killer.
I've gotta say, Andrea's 'welcome back' to the prison never fails to amuse me. They just pin her down and she looks so confused and I'm just like 'Bitch, what were you expecting? Your boyfriend just gunned down the entire prison!"
I felt bad when she was told about Lori, though. I basically forgot that she didn't know. And T-dog. And about Shane- her other bad boyfriend. It's weird, because these things happened so long ago and I didn't even realise that she didn't know. She goes on about how everyone can be happy and our group... they just don't care. They're are ready for war and it's liberating!!
I also love how Andrea thinks that Michonne has turned the group against her. Michonne is so bad-ass and puts Andrea in her place! She's so honest about everything The Governor has done and Andrea still goes back to the bastard.
I was so surprised that Carol suggested that Andrea sleep with Governor- 'give him the best night of his life'- and then kill him when he's asleep and his guard's down! Carol has certainly changed the most out of everyone.
Andrea drives back to Woodbury and I love how our main focus of worry isn't crossing a whole field of Walkers in the car- that doesn't even faze us anymore- we just get on with it. They don't even fear for Andrea's life when she leaves because we're just so used to killing and getting away from Walkers.
I can't believe she just goes back and has sex with him. He's so creepy and I really hoped she'd kill him when he was asleep like Carol said but.... no. Andrea chickens out- the one thing she can do and she hesitates!!!!
We have another singing session at the prison, instigated by the one and only Beth. Beth is such a sweetheart but when she sings, it's so eerie in this show!!!
But I am so excited for war!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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