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Game of Thrones 1x07 'You Win or You Die' TV TALK

The Game of Thrones truly starts in this episode... Cersei even said it!
'In the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.'
This was another great episode where everything is starting to unravel and a lot of exciting things were shovelled in. I can't believe that there are only two more episodes left in the series but I have no doubt that they will be epic!

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We meet Tywin Lannister at the beginning and it's... okay, I suppose. It wasn't anything too drastic. He was just giving Jaime a bit of a pep talk about House pride whilst skinning an animal. Totally normal.
Jon Snow was back after two episode with no sign of him! And, of course, we also see his sidekick, Sam, who I think defines the term 'friend-zoned'. Bless him.
Jon completed his Night Watch vows and it was all a bit of a face palm moment. Now he's stuck there as a freaking steward to top it all off! He'll realise that he doesn't want to do it any longer but it'll be too late! Really, Jon, I'm disappointed in you.

Daenerys almost got poisoned in this episode but was saved by none other than Jorah Mormont... the one that got her in that position in the first place!! Jorah has had a bit of a loyalty wobble but I think that he changed his mind when he saw that Daenerys was about to be murdered. I think he had a change of heart... I hope. You can never be too wary, though, and I will definitely be keeping an eye on him.
I love that, when Drogo heard about what happened, he came straight to Daenerys to see if she was hurt.. it's kind of cute. Considering she was forced to marry him and everything, I like that their relationship is growing and that they're actually cute together now. I ship it.
Drogo then goes on to promise that he'll help Daenerys and his unborn child claim the throne in Westeros which is exciting because, at the moment, they're the ones I'm rooting for to get the throne!
I loved how Ned confronted Cersei about her affair with Jaime and how Joffrey wasn't the King's son but... it surprised me how chill Cersei was about the whole thing. She didn't even seem fazed! She went on to say that she and Jaime belonged together (ew...) and didn't even threaten Ned if he said anything to anyone else. If I may be so bold... I was disappointed. (Though, I don't really want to say that because she's probably got something up her sleeve).
We find out that King Robert got attacked by a boar and is on his death bed which... is a pretty pathetic death for a King. We didn't even get to see it! He passes the throne to Ned until Joffrey comes of age which is totally fine... except the Lannisters are psychos!
Renly Baratheon tries to get Ned to mount an attack on the Lannisters but is promptly shot down. So, instead, he decides to run off with his Knight of the Flowers (Loras Tyrell) and will probably be back to try and win the throne somehow (out of everyone, he's the least likely, I think).
In the ending scene (which was epic!), Ned tries to act all powerful by arresting the Lannisters and taking Joffrey off the throne but... it doesn't really work (which is a bit embarrassing, really).
He relied on Littlefinger to bribe the City Watch onto Ned's side but... Baelish betrays him. Which is not entirely surprising because Littlefinger did straight out warn Ned not to trust him.
And plus, the Lannisters are the richest House in Westeros- their bribe to the City Watch is always going to be better than the Starks.
So, we left the episode in a bit of rough patch. Everyone has sort of scattered away from Kings Landing and Joffrey The Creep is soon set to be crowned as King... which means the world will go to hell.

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