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A Court of Mist and Fury- Sarah J. Maas BOOK TALK

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This has been my favourite book of the whole year so far! This is the best Sarah J. Maas book I've read to date and if you haven't read this series yet- you need to stop whatever you're doing and get on that.
This is the sequel to A Court of Thorns and Roses- a beauty and the beast retelling with fairie lore weaved right in. This series is stunning and this book definitely didn't disappoint. It deserves all the hype it has and I can't rave about this book enough.
With every Sarah J. Maas book I read, my love grows stronger and my reviews get longer. It's an inevitable cycle but I love it!!!
Plus, I have some crazy theories at the end of this review!
I can safely say that this my all time favourite book and will continue to be until.... I read the next book in the series, probably. Go figure.

I feel like this entire review will be me fangirling over Rhys and Feyre...
OMG!!! I have no chill! This book was everything and more that I wanted it to be and I have so many thoughts- I don't even know where to start. I sped through this book in two days and I'm having the worst possible book hangover because I just need the next book right now!!!!!
Be warned: this is going to be a humongous book talk, I can already feel it.

The book starts off with Feyre in the Spring Court and instantly my heart went out for her. She's struggling to get past what she did Under the Mountain and, at the beginning of the book, she has a hard time with her identity. I hate that she was pushed down and made to feel like a damsel in distress because she's not! She's kick-ass and awesome woman who shouldn't be locked up!
I understand that Tamlin wanted to protect her but he took over-protective to a whole new level! All she needed was a bit of freedom after being locked in a cell for three months but he doesn't listen to what she needs and it frustrated me so much!
It was obvious that Feyre was feeling pressured into the wedding and it hurt me to watch her struggle! Thank God Rhys came and saved her though! Rhys had such perfect timing and I am forever thankful of their bond.
The first week when Feyre went to the Night Court was so interesting and I instantly fell in love with the Night Court. If I had to live in a court, I would definitely choose the Night Court- it sounded beautiful.
It baffled me that Tamlin hadn't suggested teaching Feyre to read before but I was glad that Rhys offered and I also thought that it was good of him to teach her to shield as well. I was in hysterics though at the things she had to write. "Rhysand is a spectacular person. Rhysand is the centre of my world. Rhysand is the best lover a female can ever dream of."
Oh, it had me laughing so hard. Rhys will do anything for an ego boost!
I think it was completely obvious that Rhys cared for Feyre. He let himself be vulnerable around her and he was happy in way that he wasn't with others. This made my heart happy, it honestly did.
I was sad when Feyre had to return to the Spring Court and I wished that he had bargained for more time when Under the Mountain.
The distance between Tamlin and Feyre was so unhealthy and awkward to read. They didn't talk to each other- weren't honest- and Tamlin was smothering Feyre.
It also annoyed me when Tamlin said that Feyre would never be a High Lady but only a lady of the Spring Court. Women are just as equal!!!! And Rhys made her High Lady because he views her as his equal!!! God, it frustrated me.
The Trithe was a fantasy kind of tax in my mind and it was no surprise that the Spring Court did it but not the Night Court didn't- the Night court is built on trust and friendship, not intimidation and power.
One major difference between the courts was the views of the High Lords. In the Spring Court, everyone bows down and obeys Tamlin. But in the Night Court, Rhys knows everyones name and they call him by his first name as well. Rhys cares for his people so much that he can be a friend to his people and that is true power!
Tamlin's distrust of Feyre made me so angry! He trapped her in the house because he knew she'd come out and thought she couldn't protect herself. Seriously? When she was human she managed to catch a suriel, defend herself and survive through all three trials that Amarantha set!!!! And she was human! Bullshit that she can't defend herself!!!!
I was disappointed in Lucien too. I like Lucien- I really do- but he couldn't stand up to Tamlin and I hated him for it.
Tamlin trapping her in the house was a low blow and I freaking loved it when Rhys came and saved her. I was like 'Hell yeah!'
I feel like, in the first book, there was such a massive misconception about the Night Court. I thought it would be dark and scary and that you'd be able to hear the screams of innocents everywhere you went or something. But it was exactly the opposite. It was stunning and beautiful and I would love to live there if I was in this world. Velaris sounded so perfect.
We meet so many characters in the Night Court and we see the legendary squad form! Morrigan was so awesome and I loved her so much. I wasn't a massive fan of Amren at first but I liked how she and Feyre slowly bonded and are now friends. Azriel was a bit quiet but still pretty cool and Cassian was by far the funniest. There's always one guy in the group that acts like Cassian does and it made me smile all the time. They group was awesome and it was lovely to see how close Rhys was to his friends. (Though, I couldn't pronounce half of their names- scratch that: all of their names).
In this book we got to go back and visit Nesta and Elain. I don't mind Feyre's sisters but they don't amaze me or anything. I don't love love love them, but I have a feeling that they will grow on me in the next book- probably more Nesta than Elain.
We had a really big look into different courts in this books as opposed to being stuck in the Spring Court all the time. The Summer Court sounded pretty cool- and I did really like Tarquin- but what I love most about the different courts is how diverse they all are. All the different social structures are so interesting- even down to the outfits!
This book can be summed up in two measly words: sexual tension!
I could not deal with Rhys and Feyre!! Obviously, they are completely perfect for each other but the sexual tension was killing me!!!!
And I absolutely loved it when they were making each other jealous in the Summer Court. Feyre was being all flirty with Tarquin and was jealous of Rhysand with Cresseida! It was all so funny because...seriously, just realise that you like him already!!
Another thing I love about Sarah J. Maas' books is how important and individual the side characters are. Each and every character has an individual path and have complex, intricate backgrounds. I think it makes it so much easier to relate to everyone and it shows that the author puts in a lot of care with all characters.
I love that Rhys lets Feyre make her own decisions. He gives her freedom and doesn't change her into the damsel in distress (cough, cough....Tamlin). He treats her as his equal which I truly appreciate.
And I have to mention one specific scene that was very prominent in the book. When they got to the Court of Nightmares and Feyre had to pretend to be Rhys' whore! Oh, my God- it was unbelievably steamy!
Every moment after Feyre catching the suriel and finding out Rhys was her mate (!!!!!) was my favourite section of the book. From there, everything was so quick and amazing and I can't even!
The painting 'retreat' and when Rhys admitted everything was just so goooood!!! (I can't use enough exclamation marks to express my excitement). I will never be able to re-read A Court of Thorns and Roses the same way again, knowing everything that Rhys went through and what he sacrificed. This was such a well executed story because even at Rhys' and Feyre's first meeting- everything he said- it all lead to this point and it circled together so beautifully! How he dreamt of her and she painted the stars on her drawer at home!!! It's so damn cute!
The love declarations and sexy time were so freaking well written and Sarah J. Maas is the Queen of steamy scenes.
It was hilarious when Rhys got all protective and territorial over Feyre and I was in stitches as Cassian pulled his strings. The fist fight that lasted ages just made me smile insanely.
The final action sequence was probably the best section I've ever read in my entire life. It was freaking stunning!
The heist and them getting trapped was so well written but, side note, what's the point in being the most powerful beings if your powers are going to be trapped at every crucial moment!
When Tamlin and Lucien came out, my heart literally stopped! Love has completely warped Tamlin and he has no clue what he's doing! Take a freaking hint, Tamlin, she's not interested!!!!
From the second Tamlin came in, I wanted to shout at him that Rhys and Feyre were mates! He should know that she truly wants to be with Rhys!
It was super intense when Elain and Nesta turned and I was sorta happy for Lucien when he found his mate in Elain but.... now, she's leverage. Sorry, mate.
When Feyre 'broke the bond' I was screaming my head off and crying my eyes out simultaneously. (It was quite a sight, believe me).
The thought of them not being able to contact each other broke my heart and when they 'split' it was freaking torturous!
Seeing Feyre pretend to be weak and crawl back to Tamlin was too painful for words. I was praying that Rhys understood and I was mumbling 'no' over and over again as if I could somehow change the outcome.
Going to Rhys' point of view gave me the biggest sigh of relief. Reading that chapter made me so damn happy. The fact that he had confidence in his spy, his wife, his mate, his queen, had me jumping with joy. She's the Lady of the Night Court- his equal! This will always be proof that Rhys is the perfect person for her.
I was giddy and terrified at the same time as Feyre went back to the Spring Court. All this new information was spinning through my head and by then, I was worshipping Sarah J. Maas for her exquisite writing skills.
Lucien does not believe her at all- it's obvious. He won't do anything because of Elain but I could practically hear the voice in his head as he stared down Feyre. 'Bull. Shit.'
Tamlin is so easily tricked by his love for Feyre- it's sort of sad. But still, after all he's done, I want him to find his match and realise that he doesn't beling with Feyre.
But I'm so pumped for Feyre to come out with her plan. I can't wait for them to find out where her loyalties are- it's going to be epic!!!!!
Fere will for sure wreak hell from the inside. Just you wait, gentlemen.

Oh, and one last thing, when Rhys said 'Feyre darling', I squealed so much. Every single time he said this, I fangirled like crazy.

THEORIES (Beware- they are crazy and unrealistic)
-Someone will die and my bet is Tamlin- He'll die in Feyre's arms and she'll hold him even though she doesn't love him anymore but because he was her first love and she needs to be thankful to him for getting her where she is. She genuinely cries with him in her arms.
-Nesta and Cassian????? Can you see it? Can you?
-The next book will be in multiple point of views? Rhys' and Feyre's? It would make sense.

Thank you for reading! I'd love to hear your thoughts and theories! Stay amazing!

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