Tuesday, 9 August 2016


I finally got round to watching The 5th Wave movie yesterday and, boy, do I have some things to say about it.
The 5th Wave is based (and I use the word 'based' loosely) on Rick Yancey's sci-fi trilogy. The trilogy is decent book series though not my favourite. I would recommend reading the books over the movie because the book is so much more detailed and the movie skims over everything too quickly.
In terms of non-spoilers, I can say that I actually quite enjoyed it. Yeah, there were many parts of the book missing and the characters were in general... lacking, but as a movie it was entertaining and gripped me. There are many controversial opinions on this movie and while I did personally think it was good, I can't see a sequel movie being made in the future.

The movie started off pretty promising for me. The whole shoot scene was pretty similar to how I pictured it in the book. The main gist of the plot was mainly accurate to the book but obviously there was a lot- a lot- of detail missing.
I loved the actor who played Sam. Sammy was so damn cute in all of his scenes. Though, I do think he should've been included more- especially when he is working and training. He really isn't shown too much which disappointed me.

Ben Parish (Zombie) was also well-portrayed I thought and I did like him. One slight issue I had with him was that he wasn't as funny as Zombie was in the book. Zombie is such an amusing character- especially when flirting with Ringer- and we didn't get much of that.
Cassie was a cool character like always but I think that they really missed the sassy and feisty part of her. The whole thing with Evan and Cassie was a bit insta-lovey for my taste and was a tad bit cheesy. It was all kinda 'I didn't know love until I met you' which was pretty cliché.
The whole plot was just brushed over with not much depth. Zombie's squad wasn't very dynamic like it is in the book and I wouldn't for the life of me be able to tell you who was who eg. Teacup, Poundcake, Dumbo.
I think that the reveal of the 5th wave was quickly skimmed over and wasn't really done justice. The lines were cheesy (We're not fighting the 5th wave... we are the 5th wave) and I don't think there was enough stress put on the subject. The whole situation was that the kids had been tricked into fighting for the Others and were killing off the survivors- their own species! This fact was realised in a split second and no one seemed too taken aback by it.
I did admire Cassie's kick-assery, though. When she infiltrated the military base and went all ninja on everybody's asses- it was awesome! You go, girl!
The escape from the military was cool and basically how I'd pictured it in the book. It felt really accurate when Ringer and co. came back for Zombie in the car and drove off.
In this film, there was a narrative voice (Cassie) throughout the whole thing. I understand why this was used but I don't think it was necessary. In the book, Cassie talks to Bear the entire time and I don't see why they couldn't do this in the movie. And at the end, it all reminded me of the ending in the Divergent movie. It was all sort of cliché and it just had a Divergent-movie feel to it.
Overall, I was disppaointed with the lack of humor and how mediocre the whole film was. However, as a film it was enjoyable and I'd watch it again. I had seriously low expectations so that's probably why it impressed me so much.

Thank you for reading! What were you thoughts? See you soon,

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