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The Cursed Child- J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, Jack Thorne BOOK TALK

So, here we are! The Cursed Child recently released and the entire fandom is going crazy over it!
It was weird reading in a script style because it's not usually my go-to but I actually enjoyed this book's format. It made the story very quick and easy to read. There wasn't any waffle or over-description to slow the action of the book.
The new characters were really fun to read about and seeing the similarities they had to their parents was weirdly nostalgic and just so damn cute!
In the Harry Potter series there isn't much elaboration on time turners (they're only mentioned in Prisoner of Azkaban) but this story delves into the effects and consequences of time turners nicely.
There have been mixed reviews for this book but, personally, I would definitely recommend it. 

I was quite sceptical when going into the script-style of story because it's not usually my go-to but I ended up really enjoying it. It was quick, easy and fun to read.
What really struck me was how quickly the story moved. By the time we were fifty pages in, Albus was already in his fourth year at Hogwarts. I'd assumed the entire thing would be set out through his first year like it was in the Harry Potter books.
Albus, as a character, was okay but I didn't completely love him. I thought he was a bit too over-dramatic with his relationship with Harry and could be a bit whiny at times.
Scorpius, however, I loved. He was my favourite character just because he was so adorable, sweet and friendly. He's an innocent, introverted little geek and I. Love. It. (Mostly because I can completely relate to him).
The plot itself was interesting. I had no clue it would delve so deeply in Cedric Diggory and what happened to him but it was surprising in a good way. Cedric doesn't get much talk so it was good to see him brought up again in the story.
Obviously, it was great to see Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny again. It felt nostalgic to even see them arguing which made the book ten times better. It's really fun to see old characters and even when they mention Neville and Luna- man, it makes me so happy!!!
There were some characters that I didn't expect to see at all. Umbridge for one- I never wanted to see her face again so wasn't it pleasant when she popped up. Yay. (Sarcasm intended). And Snape, for example, was someone I was never expecting to see again- for obvious reasons. I thought it was so sweet when Scorpius met him saying that it was such an honour. Snape really took his death well and I respect him for that even if I've never really liked him as a character.
Plus... I loved seeing Moaning Myrtle again!!!
Now, what really got me about this book was how stupid Albus and Scorpius were! What happens when you go back in time and screw things up for the future? You go back and take back what you did! You don't think 'Well, hey, let's go back to a different point and try again- that will bring everything back to normal again!' It wasn't completely stupid but I'd say they were pretty ignorant with this time turner situation.
I feel like Dramione shippers would be happy with this book. To me, Scorpius and Rose as a couple would be beyond cute and in my mind, they are a mini Draco and Hermione. So, because Scorpius fancies Rose and I feel like they'd realistically get together, the Dramione ship lives on in it's own way!
Now. lets talk about Voldemort and Bellatrix!!! I still can't take this 'plot twist' seriously! The idea of Bellatrix and Voldemort getting together and having a kid is bizarre to me. Bizarre!!!! It seems like such a stretch and crazy canon and I'm not really sure I liked it- it cringed me out too much. I feel like the writers are simply trying to pluck plot twists out of thin air. Harry Potter is a huge phenomenon and it just feels like the writers are running out of ideas to soak as much money from the franchise as possible.
But that's just my opinion!
There have been many, many, many controversial opinions on this book/play but overall, I did enjoy it and loved jumping back into the wizarding world.

Thank you for reading! What were your thoughts- I'd love to know! Stay amazing!

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