Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A Midsummer's Nightmare- Kody Keplinger BOOK TALK

OMG, Kody has done it again!
It surprises me in no way whatsoever that this was a 5 star book. Keplinger is one of my favourite authors and her books are guilty pleasures of mine.
Yes, they're a bit cliché. Yes, they're a bit stereotypical. Yes, they can be a tad bit predictable.
But they are so damn good! They are quirky, funny and quick to read.
A Midsummer's Nightmare is the third book in the Hamilton High series but you can read the series in any order so it doesn't really matter.
Kody Keplinger's books- and I cannot stress this enough- are so much more than cheesy, high school books. They have so many untouched, fragile and relatable subjects dealt with Eg. divorce, cyber-bullying, stereotypes, alcoholism, sexuality and so much more!
Do not, I repeat, do not be put off by the covers (although this is probably the best one).


Kody Keplinger knows exactly how to write a funny, witty and mind-boggling book. Every single story of hers just instantly grips me in and I love them too much for words.
Yes, they're pretty predictable but deliciously so!
Whitley was a good protagonist, though she wasn't someone I really related to or would be friends with in real life. I like how Kody doesn't try so hard to make her characters likable. They have flaws, they make mistakes and I think it makes the whole story more realistic and relatable.
Nathan was a sweetheart and while a small part of me whispered that he was too good for Whit, they made a cute pairing.
And I just have to talk about Harrison! Harrison is often mentioned in The DUFF but we never actually meet him! And let me just say, he was way more awesome than I was expecting! He was fun, loyal and I just wish he was my best friend!!!!
We also got to see a very brief encounter with Bianca and Wesley!!!! Oh, my God, the feels! Bianca is probably one of my favourite protagonists because she is so like me! She's witty, cynical and I loved seeing her in this! Bianca was sassy as always and it made so so so happy!
I admire how smoothly Kody deals with serious issues within her books. She lightly brushed on sexual abuse, alcoholism and family issues. I think it's so important that writers touch upon these subjects in literature and Kody does it flawlessly.

With every Kody Keplinger book, a song comes to mind that I identify with each book. For this story Meghan Trainor's 'Walkashame' instantly played in my head. In my mind, this song embodies this story. Agree? Disagree?

Thanks for reading! Comment your thoughts! Stay amazing,

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