Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Omega- Lizzy Ford (Non-spoiler) BOOK TALK

This book, weirdly, both disappointed me and impressed me at the same time.
I love Greek mythology and love reading about it- when it's executed well. I thought this novel had an 'okay' premise and storyline but wasn't the best that I've ever read.
However, it had me gripped and the cliff-hanger makes me yearn for the next book so desperately.
When first going into this book, I didn't like it. It was slow, confusing and hard to read. I couldn't latch onto any characters and all the secret agendas and opposing sides had me confused as to who was who and who wanted what.
When I got about half way through the book, things changed.
The story picked up, I got immersed in what was happening and I grew to really love it. It was unfortunate that the beginning let it down but the second half definitely made up for it.
The action sequences were really well written and it was exciting and thrilling to read. The romance (????) was either non-existent and all in my head or very very slow-burning (which can be a good thing).
I'm excited to some when get to the sequel, Theta, to follow what happens!

Thank you for reading! Comment your thoughts! Stay amazing,

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