Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Stars Never Rise- Rachel Vincent BOOK TALK

This book and the world created was so interesting and unexpected. I've never read anything like it and the originality blew me away. There are so many plots and twists that I still can't even wrap my head around! It's different from what I've ever read before and I loved that!
I'd describe it as a mixture of dystopian and fantasy. It has demons, soul possession, action and romance. So ... everything you need basically.
Rachel Vincent has been one of my favourite authors since I first read the Soul Screamers series and fell in love with it! This new series is really exciting and I definitely recommend you go and read it if you haven't already!

This book had my mind reeling!
The idea of demons possessing human bodies and the premise that the world is running out of souls was so cool! The whole aspect of soul possession and demons reminded me of the Soul Screamers series and that alone had me fangirling from the start.
In my head, I sort of imagined the degenerates like cranks from The Maze Runner trilogy. It worked for me! I think Vincent created such an awesome world and pulled it off so flawlessly.

I liked Nina as a main character. She's what you want in a female protagonist. She has backbone, can go all badass and is all kinds of passionate about the things she loves. It's a full package!
And let me just start on Finn! I've never ever read a love interest like this. At first his body...issue was extremely weird and hard to get my head round. Just when I'd pictured him in my head, I had to change how he looked and imagine him as different people. This was so strange for me to picture and I had a bit of confusion when sorting out all his different faces in my head. I found it so hard to shove the picture of Maddock out of my head when imagining Finn. But I did it! I got used to it and I really appreciate the concept of this within the book. I think it's a nice idea that we grow to love Finn as a person and not based on what he looks like. It really shows the idea that what we look like doesn't matter and what's on the inside is what really counts. (A very nice and meaningful insight courtesy of me :) )
The whole relationship between Nina and Finn was very...quick. Finn was pretty forward but I like that. I'm a bit of a romantic so I'm all for a consuming love relationship.
The rest of the exorcist squad- minus Devi- was super cool and instantly I fell in love with them. Grayson's probably my favourite and Devi (if it wasn't obvious) is my least favourite.
Small, irrelevant thought but, Devi has black hair and I picture her with blonde. Weird, I know.
The plot as a whole was fast paced and exciting. The whole system with the Church and the revelation that they were all demons was a big shock to the system but so well played out!
Such an amazing new world and I can't wait for the next book!

(Beware- these are very strange an unrealistic theories or more...hopes that I have for future books)

-I don't completely trust Annabelle. We don't enough about her and in my head, I'm paranoid that she's possessed. I mean, where did Deacon Bennett go? Did she somehow jump into Annabelle because they didn't check!
- Can Finn jump into a newly dead body and somehow keep it from decaying? Would he be able to live in someone who died?
-The ideal outcome for me is that Devi dies (sorry, Devi) and Maddock is so distraught in living without her that he wants to die. Instead of killing himself, he lets Finn use his body for the rest of his life because he doesn't want to live without Devi. Wouldn't that be nice?

Thank you for reading this weird and frantic BOOK TALK! Comment your thoughts! See you soon,

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