Sunday, 21 August 2016

Wonderfully Wicked- C. J. Burright (Non-spoiler) BOOK TALK

3.5 stars
Wonderfully Wicked is the first book in The Dreamcasters Series by C. J. Burright. This first book follows Kalila who is a dreamcaster that gets thrust into this world of the V'alkara. In a world of mistrust, deception and lies she must figure out how to survive, who to trust and how to rid herself of her haunting and dangerous nightmares.
When she meets, Lydon- the man from her dreams- literally- she must discover what his true intentions are and whether or not to trust him.
To be honest, at the very beginning, I struggled to get my head around what was happening. It's a very mysterious novel and you don't really know much about what's going on in the beginning. It's one of those books where you have to connect the dots throughout as you learn things and that's not necessarily a bad thing- it just left
me confused with some minor details. It won't make 100% sense in the beginning but you have to kinda accept that and figure out things as you read.
I appreciated the originality of dreamcasters and V'alkara. The idea of nightmares being created and brought to life was very interesting and fun to read about.

Kalila, as a protagonist, was just great. She was stubborn, ballsy, sassy- freaking awesome! I instantly liked her from the beginning and it makes it such a better read.
There was a 'romance' in this book but I had mixed feelings over it. They kind of annoyed me at times because they would just not admit their feelings and they were constantly making excuses and convincing themselves that the other one didn't like them. It was a bit frustrating!
Lydon was okay as a love interest but I think that he was too much the flirt and not enough with his genuine side. But that's just my personal opinion.
The ending was very intense and well-paced and it generally gripped me. I would recommend it if you're into paranormal romance and new adult novels- it has those vibes to it.

Thank you reading! Please comment your opinions! See you soon,

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