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The Flame Never Dies- Rachel Vincent BOOK TALK

I have loved Rachel Vincent since first reading the Soul Screamers series and was fully prepared to jump straight into- and love- this series. This book is the sequel to The Stars Never Rise and obliterated the second book slump! It was fast-paced, action-packed and heart-warming (and any other hyphenated word that I can think of!)
This series and the world that is created was unbelievably interesting and intriguing from the beginning. I've never read anything like it and the originality blew me away! There were so many plot twists that weave together to make such an ingenious story.
This novel is a unique blend of fantasy and dystopian. It has demons, soul possession, action and even a little romance. It's the full package!
Rachel Vincent has been one of my favourite authors since I first read the Soul Screamers series and fell in love with it! This new series is really exciting and I definitely recommend you go and read it if you haven't already!
My BOOK TALK for The Stars Never Rise will be linked here if you want to check it out!

To get straight into the things I loved about this book (and there were many), the family orientation of the book made it super relatable and sweet to read. The relationship between Nina and Melanie warmed my heart and I respected Nina's want to sacrifice her soul for Mel's baby. I didn't realistically think that Nina would end up giving her soul to the baby but then again, I thought that Melanie would end up sacrificing herself for her child so... I wasn't right on all accounts.

And the pregnancy scene! Boy, was that intense! I've never read a birth scene in a book before but it was written wonderfully! It was extremely well executed and had me on the edge of my seat! The tension and drama of it rolled throughout it nicely.

We were introduced to new characters in this book and, as a whole, I liked them when, you know...they weren't possessed by demons.
Eli was a good guy but we didn't get too much time to bond with him as such. But the best thing that Eli did, in my opinion, is that he, however unintentionally, made Reese hecka jealous! It was such a humorous moment when Reese got all over-protective of Grayson and I freaking loved it!

Tobias was such a cute character- or so I thought. I genuinely loved the little kid and was so shocked when he was possessed. Literally, the possibility hadn't crossed my mind. I'd been suspecting everyone- mainly Annabelle- of being possessed but Tobias was never one of them. I trust way too easily. And especially with Rachel Vincent- I should've known better! In fact, I never suspected Melanie either! How is it that the only two people I didn't suspect were the two people who were actually possessed! Life is too unfair.

I wasn't too upset when Mel died- which I feel bad about all on it's own- but I was way more worried that Grayson would die by that point. I love Grayson so much- she's such a kind soul- and I am so freaking relieved she lived.

One aspect I really appreciated in this book is the slow burning romance. In so many YA books, the relationships are mega insta-lovey and it gets old so fast- it's just not necessary. Vincent has created this lovely slow-burning romance and I completely respect that! While I did wish for some more cutsie scenes between Finn and Nina, I totally appreciate the fact that the romance isn't the sole focus of the story. This series is so unique and original that it doesn't need all the romance waffle to keep it afloat. It's not the key point of the book and it was so refreshing to read that. This book has a clever and well thought out plot which makes a huge epic romance unnecessary. You don't need blind lust and insta-love to make a book great! Thank you, Rachel Vincent, for proving that!

But, despite my little spiel there, I do love Finn and Nina together. Finina? Ship name, anyone?

Pandemonia sounded so cool to me. Obviously not to a human- in that respect it pretty much sucks- but it was set up so beautifully and was a cool creation in my eyes. My favourite part of the book was from when Nina went to Pandemonia. It was the best action-packed and exciting section of the book- the pages were turning themselves at that point!

The virus was very clever, I'll admit. And, dang, Nina went in there like a boss! She was so Godamn smug when telling Kastor about it and it amused me so much more than it probably should have. I was laughing like crazy when Nina spat in Kastor's drink and dropped her blood in too. Bless her for making sure the damn guy died. Good call, Nina.
I also love the fact that the virus, I assume, spins back on the Church. I find it quite- okay...very- ironic that the Church has basically shot themselves in the foot by creating it. Karma's a bitch!

I was shocked and disappointed in myself that I didn't figure out about Maddy and Finn! It's so obvious (at least with Finn) that he was half-demon! How didn't I see that!? It was a perfect plot twist to make me feel stupid and incompetent. Seriously, it surprised me so much.

Finn got his own body! My theories were very very wrong- painfully wrong- but it's nice that he's finally got a body to call his own. (Ah, that sounds so sweet, doesn't it?) I was kind of along the right lines when I wondered if he could 'possess'- for lack of a better word- a dead-ish body. So in that way, I'm sort of right! I'll take it.

When nearing the end of the book, I was seriously getting worried. I didn't have much left and Nina was still in Pandemonia! I was getting sceptical about how Vincent would pull it off! Oh, why did I have my doubts!

Overall, this was a quick and easy read full of action, bad-assery and romance! It was a strong sequel and definitely one of my favourites!

Thanks for reading! Comment your thoughts! See you soon,

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